Brian Daboll wants no one in the Giants organization to rely on “built-in excuses”

New York Giants v Green Bay Packers
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The Giants have fought through various forms and fashions of adversity to win four of five games. Their signature victory came on Sunday in London, when they erased a 17-3 deficit to beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Coach Brian Daboll has helped spark the great start by eliminating excuses.

“Anytime you have games like this people call them ‘built-in’ excuses, and I don’t want anyone in our organization to make an excuse about anything,” Daboll told PFT by phone after the game. “It’s not just always about X’s and O’s. It’s about leadership, about talking about resiliency. This league will humble you really quick. You get a two-game losing streak and no one’s gonna be happy, and it starts with me.”

When Daboll talked about eliminating excuses, it sounded like something he learned from his time with Patriots coach Bill Belichick. But Daboll already knew to resist built-in excuses longer before ever meeting Belichick. For Daboll, “no excuses” was instilled in him by his grandmother.

It’s a great approach. It’s the right approach. The standard is the standard, no matter what. No fretting or whining or whatever. Poor you. Just shut up and get it done.

We all would benefit from that attitude. That attitude has helped the Giants to fight through injuries and other adversity to get to 4-1.

9 responses to “Brian Daboll wants no one in the Giants organization to rely on “built-in excuses”

  1. Very savvy take. The other reasons for Daboll’s success so far? A mentality of just get it done, no days off, and next man up. Some of these he learned from his grandfather.

  2. Love this attitude, although if there’s a team that has a legitimate “built in excuse” it would be the Giants. I get how all teams are dealing with injuries, but the number of guys hurt for this team is truly unbelievable. Today the Giants were playing 2 CB’s who were just picked up from another teams practice squad this week. Same story for this team year after year. At least this year they’re pulling through. I know the Giants aren’t legitimate contenders yet but it feels damn good to be 4-1 after the last decade of being a disaster

  3. All I know is this coach {and I go back to Alex Webster} is making the players feel like there part of the overall staff, coaches, and really part of ownership and it gives them plenty of room to feel good about that period. He has them playing for the team not just him, and like Xavier McKinney said, “We play hard for this guy because he treats us like men
    part of the the process”

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