David Tepper: Steve Wilks could be Panthers’ head coach “if he does an incredible job”

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The Panthers have appointed Steve Wilks as their interim head coach after firing Matt Rhule today, and Wilks has a chance to become the head coach on a permanent basis — but Panthers owner David Tepper suggested that Wilks won’t have an easy path to the job.

“He’s in a position to be in consideration for that position,” Tepper said of Wilks. “I had a talk with Steve, no promises were made, but if he does an incredible job, he has to be in consideration.”

That sounds like a fairly high bar has been set for Wilks to earn the job on a permanent basis. What would constitute “an incredible job” with the current Panthers roster? Tepper didn’t say, but the Panthers are one of the worst teams in the NFL right now, so it won’t be easy for Wilks to get “incredible” results.

Tepper said that Wilks was the clear choice among Rhule’s assistants for the interim job.

“Steve is a leader of men,” Tepper said. “He has experience as a head coach, and I thought he’s the best candidate in the building for that role.”

Wilks has one previous season as an NFL head coach, going 3-13 with the Cardinals in 2018.

14 responses to “David Tepper: Steve Wilks could be Panthers’ head coach “if he does an incredible job”

  1. Um, No he isnt hence he was fired in AZ for being terrible at his job. NOT a leader of men.

  2. That roster is an abomination. An incredible job would be getting roster into the playoffs. That would earn Wilks coach of the year. It ain’t happening.

    So expect the short list on Carolina for 2023 to be Raheem Morris, Shane Steichen and Brian Callahan. Maybe DeMeco Ryans.

  3. Friendly reminder that Tepper’s claim to fame was betting that the government would bail out Bank of America in 2008 (surely there was no insider trading of any sort there…).

    Panthers are so screwed with this guy.

  4. The Raiders had an interim head coach in 2021 who got this team to the playoffs
    (never happens) and he was fired.

  5. Steve Wilks is a good man and could be an outstanding coach but it not likely happen in Carolina where a major house cleaning is needed. Top five pick in the draft at best or the top pick at the worst.

  6. The 2018 Draft is a reoccurring nightmare for Steve Wilks. Baker, Darnold and Rosen. Yuck

  7. He has to do an “incredible job” with that roster just to be “considered”? He should resign immediately. “No promises were made…” Oh, brother!

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