Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott is our guy, it’s nice that Cooper Rush has made people wonder

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams
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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has raised eyebrows with comments hinting that he’d like to see Cooper Rush create a quarterback dilemma by playing well while Dak Prescott is injured. After the Cowboys won their fourth straight game with Rush at quarterback on Sunday, Jones again discussed the matter, while insisting that there’s no quarterback controversy.

“Dak is the No. 1 quarterback, Dak is our guy,” Jones said, via the Star-Telegram. “But isn’t it great that somebody came in and played well enough so that we can ask that question? That’s my point.”

Jones said he isn’t sure whether it will be Rush or Prescott starting on Sunday night against the Eagles.

“Dak is going to get better this week,” Jones said. “I have no idea whether he’ll line up against Philadelphia, but he’ll get better. And what’s inspirational here is that we’ve got a lot of good players here that didn’t play today that we’ve got help on the way with. Cooper Rush and the Dak Prescott syndrome, so to speak, is a fingerprint of this team.”

The Cowboys are now 5-0 in Rush’s five career starts, with Rush stepping in for Prescott and winning one game last season, and winning four since Prescott went down in Week One of this season.

21 responses to “Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott is our guy, it’s nice that Cooper Rush has made people wonder

  1. Lets see whether or not Dak passes all the medical tests Dr. Jerruh will run tomorrow when he sees him.

  2. Was at the game yesterday. It felt like a home game. This team can do anything with this defense. As it stands right now, it doesn’t matter who plays QB. Rush didn’t have a good game. But I think you stay with the guy who’s won four in a row

  3. An NFL team # 1 goal is to win games. I don’t see any reason to upset the dynamic that has won 4 in a row.

  4. They won’t start Dak. If Rush bombs then what’d you expect… but if Dak were to play terribly vs. Philly…

  5. Eagles fan here. To beat us I believe Rush will need to play pretty well. If he does, and Dallas wins, then I can’t see JJ going back to Dak, not yet, anyway.

  6. Trade one of them to some desperate last place joke franchise with no QB and a horrible GM like the last place patriots for a bunch of draft picks.

  7. If there’s anything we know about Dak it’s there will be another “injury” just around the corner. Guy is either made of glass or no tolerance for discomfort.

  8. I would stick with the hot hand and that great Dallas defense. They are on a serious roll. It’s pretty bad when Stafford has to use a silent count at his home stadium.

  9. On the road in Prime Time against the very good Eagles might not be the best spot for Cam to make his glorious return. Stick with Rush for another week. If he wins he goes out a hero, if he loses so what…

  10. Dallas is in a great spot. They have a good starting QB and a backup that has shown that he can win.

    Dak will take over once he is healthy, but he had better start winning quickly or Rush will take over.

  11. Jerry, Then why did you say you would be happy if there was a QB controversy? I imagine talk radio will explode in Dallas if Dak loses his first game back. Enjoy.

  12. $40M dictates who will be the starting QB period. Only caveat: Dak just does horribly.
    Dallas becomes pass happy with Dak and that should be a problem for the cowboys.

  13. The team is winning because of defense and special teams, not because of Rush. He’s done a great job getting into the right protection scheme, play, etc. at the line (the ONE thing he does better than Dak) and protecting the ball. The offense was the top scoring offense last year with Dak. This year they’re not scoring many points, and they’re kicking way too many field goals. At the rate he’s going, if Rush played all 17 games, he’d throw only about 15 TD passes. In today’s NFL, that’s not enough from your starting QB.

    These last two games wouldn’t have been nearly as close as they were if Dak were playing. Yes, he has his weaknesses, but he is the best QB on the roster. McCarthy and Moore have done a great job taking advantage of Rush’s strengths while covering for his weaknesses. Maybe they’ll finally do the same with Dak when he returns.

  14. People are talking about a hot hand like Rush’s hand is hot. He’s managing games well and wouldn’t mind him holding on for a couple of more weeks. But let’s be honest. We could stay with a similar approach but better with a stronger arm in Dakota and be a way better team.

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