Justin Jefferson: Personal accolades are great, but we’re trying to win

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Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson posted another big day in Sunday’s 29-22 win over the Bears.

Jefferson had a career-high 12 catches for 154 yards in the victory and he now has 40 catches for a league-high 547 yards on the season. He also has 236 catches for his career, which breaks Randy Moss’ franchise record for the most catches through a player’s first three seasons.

The fact that he’s set that record with 12 games left to play in the season is a testament to how prolific Jefferson has been since entering the league. After the game, Jefferson said he’s trying to match the kind of impact Moss had on the game while also keeping the 4-1 Vikings on the winning side of the scoreboard.

“I’m trying to be like him,” Jefferson said, via Andrew Krammer of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “It’s definitely great to have the seasons I’ve been having but, you know, we got to get to that playoffs, get to that Super Bowl. That’s the main goal of our season. Not the accolades and not the touchdowns and all that.”

The NFL record for most catches through three seasons is 321 and it’s held by Michael Thomas. Jefferson is currently on pace to break that record and the Vikings’ 4-1 record is a good argument for the impact he’s having on winning games.

7 responses to “Justin Jefferson: Personal accolades are great, but we’re trying to win

  1. And it seems like you need to focus it bit more there buddy…..you almost lost to Justin Fields and the Bears.

  2. Number of receptions is a skewed stat. Justin Jefferson DOES have a pretty good yards per reception average which ultimately is more important to me but Miss and Jefferson are two completely different players. Moss may have been not only the fastest player in the NFL at one point, he was one of the fastest players ever, with a 47inch vertical. His physical talent is unmatched. I love Justin Jefferson, he has a more diverse route tree, is quick, great hands etc, but eye ball test matters. Michael Thomas for example “statistically” had one of the best seasons ever at WR, but is he not even in the same class or universe as a Randy Moss

  3. Reception count is a little misleading – Moss was catching his passes 40+ yards down-field. Still, Jefferson is a great, level-headed receiver. Stoked he’s on “my” team.

  4. The Vikings might represent the NFCN in the playoffs, but no way anyone believes they are contenders. You just barely beat the rebuilding Bears. Sorry, Kirk Cousins the spartan kid doesn’t have what it takes.

  5. Its a long season, I have seen MANY times teams start strong and fade while some start slow and develop. The Packers just lost to the Giants. Its a LONG way to January and a lot of football to be played.

  6. And the Bears go out and prove if you don’t cover a good WR, he’s going to make you pay as if that needed to be proved…..

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