Monday Night Football: Chiefs hold off Raiders 30-29 in thriller

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Chiefs rallied from an early 17-0 deficit, overcame a controversial roughing the passer penalty and held off the Raiders 30-29 on Monday Night Football.

It was the Chiefs’ fourth consecutive victory over the Raiders.

Kansas City moved to 4-1, and Las Vegas fell to 1-4.

The back-and-forth game was one of the most entertaining of the season as the teams combined for 746 yards. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce scored a career-best four touchdowns, while Raiders running back Josh Jacobs ran for a career-high 154 yards and Raiders receiver Davante Adams caught touchdown passes of 58 and 48 yards.

The Chiefs took their first lead with 3:20 remaining in the third quarter on Kelce’s third touchdown and never relinquished it.

The Raiders had a chance to tie with 4:27 left in the fourth quarter after Derek Carr threw a 48-yard touchdown pass to Adams, who beat Bryan Cook and Jaylen Watson. Josh McDaniels, though, chose to go for two, and Jacobs was stopped just short of the goal line to keep the Chiefs in the lead, 30-29.

The Raiders stopped the Chiefs and forced a punt, getting the ball back with 2:29 left. Analytics said the Chiefs should have gone for it on fourth-and-three at the Las Vegas 46, but they won anyway.

The Raiders gained 39 yards before Adams caught what initially was ruled a 15-yard gain to the Kansas City 39. Replay overturned it with Adams failing to get his left foot down after securing the ball. That set up a fourth-and-one at the Las Vegas 46, and Carr’s pass fell incomplete after Adams and Hunter Renfrow collided.

The game was not without controversy.

In the first half, Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones sacked Carr on third-and-eight at the Las Vegas 46 with 1:07 remaining in the half. Jones knocked the ball loose and pulled it in as he was going down. He braced his fall with his left hand, keeping his entire body weight off Carr but was flagged for roughing anyway. The Raiders ended up with a field goal out of the drive.

The Chiefs made the most of their second chance in the second half. The Raiders stopped Kansas City and Matthew Wright missed a 37-yard field goal, but Raiders defensive end Malcolm Koonce was called for defensive holding on the field goal attempt. It gave the Chiefs an automatic first down, extending the drive, and Kelce scored his fourth touchdown on a 1-yard reception.

Kelce’s other three scores covered 1, 4 and 8 yards.

Patrick Mahomes completed 29 of 43 passes for 292 yards and four touchdowns, and Carr was 19-of-30 for 241 yards and two touchdowns.

70 responses to “Monday Night Football: Chiefs hold off Raiders 30-29 in thriller

  1. “Controversial roughing call against the chiefs that everyone is talking about.

    No talk of the “defensive holding” a missed FG to give the Chiefs a fresh set of downs inside the red zone that immediately leads to a late 4th quarter touchdown.

    The holding call was an offensive lineman got a rusher off balance and the rusher holds onto him to avoid falling backwards….

    Joe Buck and Troy Aikman replay it and didn’t even see where the penalty could have been. Never seen that in my lifetime of watching football.

    How many 10’s of millions in revenue was the NFL about to lose if the Chiefs fell to 3-2?

    Analytics loses another game.

    Davante Adams has been eating Russell Wilson’s cooking….

  2. Im gutted, you play to win the game so im not mad at the 2 point decision. We had a chance and like the entire season so far we fall short at the last second. These less than 4 point losses are so brutal. I personally think Davante caught the ball with one hand but i get the ruling, thats my only real gripe about the last drive besides maybe a poor playcall per-usual to convert. GG cheifs fans.

  3. Mark Davis should be on the phone right now begging Bisaccia to come back. Why in the world did they let him go?

  4. ANALYTICS ladies and gentleman. “Statistics”‘I mean Las Vegas casinos, say go for the win…

    Common sense says take the points, tie the game up.

    In the super bowl against the falcons, my patriots took the field goal at the end of the half down 21-0. Fellow patriot fans RIPPED belichick claiming we needed touchdowns.

    Belichick said, take the points in front of you. Guess what?! That field goal ended up being a huge factor down the line.

  5. Any other doubters have to be convinced that Kelce is the best pass catching TE ever at this point. This whole season he has been the focus of defenses and still gets open time after time. Not to mention his YAC, unbelievable. There are other TEs who maybe more physically gifted but they can’t stay healthy. So it’s no contest.

  6. Adams had both the toes down……not sure why they even have camera reviews if they aren’t going to look at them. Btw , not a raiders fan but let’s keep the games on the up N up.

  7. I think it was a totally stupid decision for the Raiders to go for 2 rather than tie the game at 30-30 with the extra point. If that was analytics, then throw analytics away. How about some common sense instead?

  8. McDaniels is Nathaniel Hackett Jr. Going for 2.
    He’ll be back in New England within 2 years.

  9. Adams should face some sort of discipline for pushing the camera guy to the ground. Take the loss like a man…

  10. This was a devastating loss for the Raiders.

    And after what Adams did to that cameraman, he’s gonna get suspended.

    And the Raiders season will be over.

  11. That 2 point conversion attempt was the worst call ever. Take tge tie and hope u get the ball in OT first.

  12. Did you guys see Davante Adams shove a cameraman down to the ground? Wow. What a tough dude. No wonder Green Bay didn’t want him around. Any time a team lets a good player walk out the door, there’s a good reason. I’ve been hearing it. Now I’m seeing it.

  13. Adams needs to be fined and suspended minimum 4 games. Go push your coach who cost you the single point that would’ve sent this to OT. You want the big bucks then deal with the camera when things are good and bad. It’s like marriage dude. For better or worse. I will no longer cheer for that man. This is the stuff that needs to be punished severely. Who’s next the older guy holding the chains? The water boy? Pink plain and simple. And don’t give me emotions. Control then like everybody else on the field did. You’re a chump.

  14. and since i guess everyone needs help with the rule, here it is again in this thread:
    PULL AND SHOOT The pull and shoot is a tactic used by defensive players (usually linemen)
    designed to create a gap in the offensive line. The defensive lineman grabs
    the offensive lineman and pulls him to one side, allowing a teammate to
    rush through the opening and rush the quarterback or block a kick. It is
    illegal and is considered defensive holding
    you can clearly see him grab the OL and pull him back and not let go

  15. Stupidity is not thrilling. You take the points on the road. They gained nothing by going for 2. They were still going to have to stop the Chiefs final drive, which would have left the game tied, and then they had their own drive that would have still given them the win, had things worked out. Instead they lost when they could’ve gone to OT.

  16. What’s with all the coaches not taking the points? You still had more than 4 minutes left and you refused to tie the game? Smh…

  17. Everyday I appreciate tennis more and more. Technology and very little official intervention.

    Holding call that gives fresh downs? When most sensible thing is to retake kick 5 yards closer. This isn’t spirit of sport.

  18. (A) at full speed the roughing the passer play WAS a good call. Landed on top of him. That’s the rule. ESPN is. Super slow mode … “ blah blah blah”

    (B) the MAKE UP call , def holding on a FG attempt. 1st time I’ve seen that in 34 years watching football. Gave the Chiefs a 1st down and a touchdown. ESPN … “ blah blah blah”

    With gambling now being the NFLs primary focus it’s going to tougher and tougher for fans to believe what they’re seeing, the angles the networks choose to show, and the words these “analysts “ say.

  19. So the Chiefs offense is totally dependent on Kelce since they couldn’t afford to pay hill, that’s not going to work out for very much longer, teams will start to key on that!

  20. Poor execution going for two by the Raiders. Forget analytics and kick the extra point. Take your chances tied at 30. We’ve seen so many teams fail on the 2 point conversion. Yes,the Raiders got the ball back,but wasted it. Game over.

  21. Adams assaulted a harmless cameraman, on national television, let’s see how the NFL reacts to that kind of abuse.

  22. If Gay got a 4 game suspension for breaking a cell phone in an argument, how many games does Adams get for assaulting a cameraman after the game?

  23. saturn22 says:
    October 10, 2022 at 11:42 pm
    I think it was a totally stupid decision for the Raiders to go for 2 rather than tie the game at 30-30 with the extra point. If that was analytics, then throw analytics away. How about some common sense instead?
    _______________________________________________. It’s pretty much the same odds either way. 50% chance of converting and 50% chance of winning the coin toss. The question really becomes can we get two yards or can we stop Mahomes from getting a TD in OT? It’s only the right or wrong call in retrospect.

  24. The experts and Chiefs fans said this was going to be a blow-out and it ended up being a 1 point game against the horrible Raiders, what does that really say about the Chiefs? ANY CLUE?

  25. um on the adams catch yeah to the naked eye it looks like a clean catch the problem when he put the first foot down he bobbled it therefore no clean control and he only had 1 foot down when he caught it, plus again the raiders had a 17 point lead it shouldn’t have come to that

  26. no at full speed it was a bad call why it’s because jones had already stripped the ball and he also braced carr’s arm so he like joe buck said was is supposed to do disappear, as he had already taken the ball away from carr

  27. Two points convert was stupid.

    If you make it the chiefs are in four down territory with 4 mins left. If you tie the chiefs are punting on virtually and 4th down.

  28. Raiders other than Jacobs and Adams didn’t have much going for them in the game. They could only rely on them for so long. Chiefs were eventually going to catch up given that they chose not to cover Kelce. Mariota and Brady in the same game got bull crap roughing the passer on them but at least they got hit Carr had the ball stripped from him and flopped. NFL needs to get rid of the Anthony Barr rule.

  29. All these ridiculous penalties and not called penalties and things are called fair and square my 🦶.

  30. A) The Shover did not have control of the catch when that left toe hit–pretty easy call B) Had no idea The Shover was so weak mentally C) The Raiders locker room has got to be in complete disaray, as I’m sure The Shover is mad at Renfroe and the 1-4 start is a mild disaster D) Raiders still have time to salvage their season E) The league will make sure the Raiders salvage their season–this is just a little early season drama for gambling houses and talking heads

  31. Steve Erkel says:
    October 10, 2022 at 11:39 pm
    I’m not good with numbers but I do know 1-4 is not very good. Raiders are done.
    Have you looked at the Raiders’ schedule … 6 Wins in a row easy unless the refs/NFL decide the outcome.
    I would bet my last dollar if millions of dollars were bet on the Raiders missing the playoffs … the refs would call the Raider games evenly.

  32. these analytics are way overblown (that is what she said.. haa)


    in football you take the points and enjoy – the chiefs should not have gone for 2 and been up 8 points.. then the raiders should have tied it up by not going for 2

    STOP THE ANALYTICS – it is stupid

  33. KC wins with help of the officials! Terrible officiating and it cost the Raiders. They will turn it around!

  34. Son of Al .. was quick to be intrigued by the patriot dynasty allure and hired McDaniels.

    I saw him suck down the Broncos and pass twice tonight on. 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1.

    The same regime that extended no production, No show waller, and denied the show Jacob’s 5th year option.

    My team is ran by idiots.

  35. This is why you should never hire a Patriots assistant coach to be your head coach.

  36. every year there are more and more calls that decide or deeply influence games. If you don’t thiunk some form of tigginmh is going on, you are not using your eyes and your brain, there are millions, if not billions of dollars at stake, do you really think they are going to call a fair game?I’ve got some beautiful ocean front property in Iowa to sell you…..

  37. Going for 2 was plain stupid in that situation, on the road and with that much time left vs. an offensive juggernaut. Instead of giving himself a chance McDaniels went with the ego play.

    Astonishingly, Adams also caught the ball but they put themselves in a situation to have a bad call kill them. Now the Raiders season is over.

  38. SAS721 says:
    October 10, 2022 at 11:39 pm
    Any other doubters have to be convinced that Kelce is the best pass catching TE ever at this point. This whole season he has been the focus of defenses and still gets open time after time. Not to mention his YAC, unbelievable. There are other TEs who maybe more physically gifted but they can’t stay healthy. So it’s no contest.


    Its not anout doubters, its obvious Kelse is elite and in the ‘one of the best ever’ conversation. But I think Kelse fans might have forgotten to respect some of the other greats when they say that. Enjoy your guy, he is at that level, but hes not the only one in history to play TE at that level.

  39. Dales
    That was this game, prior games they’ve been spreading it out quite a bit.

  40. if everyone is soooo outraged by the BS calls (and i agree with you) and thinks the nfl is rigged…..just stop watching. i dont see any other way to send the nfl the message. STOP SPENDING YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THE PRODUCT FOLKS!! fans gotta unite against the money machine. one week of major boycott would be huge!

  41. directdriver says:
    October 10, 2022 at 11:54 pm
    What’s with all the coaches not taking the points? You still had more than 4 minutes left and you refused to tie the game? Smh…


    That’s the part that get’s me, the 4 minutes left and the Chiefs scored on every drive in the 2nd half. The 1 pt was not going to make a difference. The only reason the Chiefs punted the following drive was because you let them have the lead and they didn’t need to score.

    The Raiders got extremely lucky the Chiefs weren’t better at running out the clock to even have a chance.

  42. Rule change: Whoever goes for 2 and doesn’t get it loses their TD. That will stop this nonsense we’re seeing from coaches lately.

  43. The Raiders are a complete clown show. Even with the refs giving them gifts left and right all game they still choke. Adams and Renfrow crashing into each other is a perfect metaphor of the Raiders incompetence.

    1-4 through week 5 LOLOLOL

  44. Adams caught that ball, how do you get a defensive holding on a field goal? but they did get away with the sack fumble. good game all around but the 6 points or less losses are killing me inside slowly.

  45. Analytics said the Chiefs should have gone for it on fourth-and-three at the Las Vegas 46, but they won anyway.


    Utter BS. Do analytics have a feel of momentum, weather and how the referees are calling the game? Looking to stir the pot. Stop.

  46. I thought it will be a blow out against the Raiders. Maybe there’s still hope for the Raiders if they get this close to winning against the Chiefs.

  47. After the Chris Jones penalty, the balance of calls went against the Raiders. What a shocker!

  48. Going for 2 was stupid. Had they made it, it would have just puts the Chiefs in a must score situation with plenty of time and timeouts. If the game were essentially over after the attempt, then fine…it’s an all or nothing move, but it wasn’t. The Raiders had much more to lose than gain and I suspect the analytics would say it wasn’t to their advantage to go for it there.

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