Ron Rivera: Quarterback the reason why rest of NFC East is ahead of us

Tennessee Titans v Washington Commanders
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Commanders head coach Ron Rivera pushed back at unfair narratives he felt were attached to Carson Wentz after the team traded for him this offseason and said he was spreading confidence to his teammates during offseason work, but he wasn’t nearly as warm toward the team’s quarterback on Monday.

Wentz’s interception at the goalline ended Sunday’s 21-17 loss to the Titans and he’s now thrown six of them during a 1-4 start to the season. The other NFC East teams all have at least four wins at this point, which led to a press conference question for Rivera about the biggest difference between those teams and the one he coaches.

Quarterback,” Rivera said, via Ralph Vacchiano of Fox Sports.

Rivera went on to say that the other three teams in the division benefit from having continuity with their quarterbacks while Wentz is in his first season with the Commanders, but Daniel Jones is playing in a new Giants offense after three uneven seasons and the Cowboys have won four straight with Cooper Rush playing in place of the injured Dak Prescott. Rivera also said that he has “no regrets” about the decision to trade for Wentz.

“Our QB’s done some good things and he’s had a couple games where he’s struggled. . . . Most of the time he’s very solid. . . . But the way he performed yesterday? Just shows you what he’s capable of. We chose him because we believe in him,” Rivera said.

The Commanders are in their third season with Rivera and they did not draft a quarterback in either of the first two years to develop the kind of chemistry that Rivera believes is behind the success of the other clubs in the division. That’s left them to go with Wentz, Taylor Heinicke, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Alex Smith, Kyle Allen, and Dwayne Haskins as their starter and there’s not much to like about how that process has played out for them.

40 responses to “Ron Rivera: Quarterback the reason why rest of NFC East is ahead of us

  1. When youre a last place team with no QB, the best you can hope for is beating other irrelevant QB-less teams like the Lions and Steelers.

  2. Quarterback, garbage OL, horrendous secondary, terrible play calling, incompetent clock management.

  3. Maybe it’s that Offensive line too. Ron sounds bitter that D Jones and Cooper Rush ballin and his team is Fallin.

  4. Washington’s problem start at the top with the little criminal Snyder. Bad upper management tends to trickle down.

  5. He’ll need to present a real plan to ownership like drafting and developing or he’ll like follow his successor in Carolina.

  6. realfootballfan says:
    October 10, 2022 at 3:54 pm

    Anyone notice that this guy has exactly three winning seasons?


    Yep, Riverboat Ron needs go be DC for 3 more years before retirement.

  7. It’s not that Carson Wentz has struggled… it’s that it is the SAME thing for the last five years with him. He holds onto the ball way too long. He cannot or will not change.

  8. Sounds like the Ron Rivera I know. His me-first attitude got him jettisoned from the Bears. Does he make through the end of the season?

  9. I’m trying to figure out when Ron Rivera became some great coach. Oh that’s right he’s not.

  10. Poor QB plus they are capped out and still have a HUGE talent deficit relative to the other teams.

  11. Nope , it’s the defenses of the other teams that are the difference… how many turnovers do we have on defense this year ? 1 maybe lol No scores on defense either kinda tuff to have to drive the length of a football field every drive ! Del Rio needs to go 🔥

  12. Matt Ryan has to be the most disrespected QB to ever play the game. 101 likes on the suggestion that Wentz is a better option than Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan has been a top 10 QB for 10 years plus. Hard to do in the NFL.

  13. Of course it has zero to do with Rivera’s coaching or lack thereof – per Rivera

  14. I’m a Giants fan but I’ll admit that Daniel Jones is a bust – it’s over and the fact that we have 4 wins doesn’t change that. That being said, I’d take Danny Dimes in a heartbeat over Wentz, absolutely no question about it.

  15. They should have won that game. He’s right about his QB, though. Dude lost that game for ’em.

  16. Ron Rivera had 3 winning seasons out of 9 in Carolina. Gonna have to step it up to even get to that in Washington.

  17. Rivera doesn’t even do any actual coaching he just stands there with his arms crossed all day.

  18. That’s pretty cold. It’s not like that o-line is giving Wentz much time in the pocket before he’s running for his life. Rivera has probably lost the locker room at this point. Maybe his job will be next.

  19. DC fans have seen this movie before with Mike Shannahan. Snyder – show Commander fans some mercy and fire this coach that’s too proud to admit that he is in over his head.

  20. Rivera threw his whole team under the bus last week. Working for this franchise must be getting to him. He should be careful. He’s making himself an unattractive candidate for other coaching jobs with these scorched earth statements.

  21. QB’s that can run and throw are successful…until they can’t run anymore. Previously when he couldn’t find an open WR he’d take off, but since that knee injury when he doesn’t see an open WR he just holds the ball because he can’t take off running with it the way he did his whole career. It’s a shame but if you take away the ability to run from Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson or Jalen Hurts could they be successful?

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