Tua Tagovailoa not ready for “football stuff,” Teddy Bridgewater still in concussion protocol

NFL: SEP 29 Dolphins at Bengals
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Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel offered updates about quarterbacks Tua Tagovailoa and Teddy Bridgewater at the start of his Monday press conference.

McDaniel was asked if Tagovailoa has been ruled out for the team’s Week Six game against the Vikings because of the concussion he suffered in the team’s Week Four loss to the Bengals. McDaniel didn’t rule Tagovailoa out and said the team is constantly re-evaluating how the quarterback is feeling before adding that he’s not ready to get on a field yet.

“He’s not ready to take the step to do some football stuff yet,” McDaniel said.

Teddy Bridgewater started in Tagovailoa’s place against the Jets on Sunday, but he was knocked out of the game after getting hit by Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner on Miami’s first offensive play. Bridgewater did not exhibit concussion symptoms, but was ruled out under the revised rules of the concussion protocol that were put in place after Tagovailoa’s injury.

McDaniel said Bridgewater remains in the protocol on Monday.

“No symptoms today, no symptoms yesterday but, per the rule change, he’s being treated as if he has a concussion,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel said on Sunday that a spotter saw Bridgewater stumble and he was asked Monday about a number of videos on social media that don’t show Bridgewater stumble after getting up from the hit. McDaniel said he didn’t see Bridgewater stumble either, but added that “the rules are the rules” and that he’s “not in the business of grading and coaching spotters.”

21 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa not ready for “football stuff,” Teddy Bridgewater still in concussion protocol

  1. Pretty sure this is the league penalizing the Phins for the Tua fiasco.

  2. Teddy Two Gloves never exhibited concussion symptoms, passed all protocols, but some random spotter said he stumbled. Garret Wilson got his bell rung early in the game, hands on helmet to gather himself, and the spotter must have been at a concession stand.

    The NFLPA is out to punish the phins or the spotter had money on the Jets. The league is jumping the shark. Dominique Foxworth and JC Tretter are apparently more educated and smarter than the independent neurotrauma doc they assigned to the phins. This is a joke.

  3. Rough couple weeks after the September Lombardi parade but you can only look to the last 3 season(s) to see how this group handles adversity and it’s pretty easy to find a bright-side. NOBODY has dealt with as much as this group and they still have won a ton of games.

    Teddy will clear the protocol for the Vikings revenge game. Thompson will get a ton of valuable reps and recall over the next few weeks as he develops and QB1 is getting healthy and coaching them up. Hate on Haters.

    Go Dolphins.

  4. I really believe McDaniel went on what the “experts” & Tua told him on the sidelines in the Bills game – that being said watching the Cincy game he showed ZERO signs of a concussion right up until he got slammed on his head –
    at that instant there was no doubt!

  5. If Bridgewater did not suffer a concussion Sunday and had never had concussion symptoms, why is he in concussion protocol? That being said since Bridgewater never had a concussion, what does he have to demonstrate in order to be released from concussion protocol?

  6. I just watched it again, I see nothing from Bridgewater. He if anything is more concerned about his elbow. I think the official does need to be able to show what they are reacting to. This is too ripe for exploitation if a guy can just arbitrarily rule out a player without being required to point out why. Its not like these guys aren’t getting recorded on video. With the addition of gambling to the picture I think they need to watch out for gaps like that.

  7. Think it’s BEST for Tua (and the fans) to put him on season ending IR. Let him heal.

  8. I rather see Skylar for the next few weeks. Reps reps reps.

    As for the league, they better get this cleaned up real quick.

  9. Bridgewater head touched the ground that was it. I’ve never seen a player removed from a game like that with no evidence of concussion. Zero! These calls are going to be inconsistent. Brady would never be pulled after a play like that!

  10. What is does mean is every team needs to have a legit backup and if the starter goes down a legit 3rd QB.

  11. Not many legit 3rd string QB’s out there, are there? I hope Teddy is ok, and Tua too! I think Teddy starts. He’s definitely a legit QB… has his faults, but a good backup. I read the Vikings haven’t won in Miami since 1976. That’s awhile back. Can’t say I remember that but I do remember parts of that season. Hey…that’s the last time Minnesota made the Super Bowl!

  12. I understand the NFL is trying to fix (or improve) this concussion protocol problem I’m real time, but handing a spotter the power to change the outcome of game could be very attractive to shady people who wish to profit from this newly gifted responsibility.

  13. shut Tua down for the season … you can never be too careful with player safety.

    also end Thursday Night Football immediately and permanently.

    Player safety > Revenue

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