Joe Judge: Mac Jones is doing everything he can to get back on the field for us

Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots
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At this point in the week, the availability of Patriots quarterback Mac Jones for the Week Six game against the Browns is still unclear.

But what’s not so murky is Jones’ effort to recover from his ankle injury, at least according to New England quarterbacks coach Joe Judge.

“All I can speak on is how I see him work and the attitude and enthusiasm for his team he brings every day. So, this guy’s doing everything he can physically to get back on the field full-time for us,” Judge said on Tuesday, via “He’s doing everything he can possible mentally he can to prepare for the game. He comes in every day focused. He does a great job in meetings, he does a great job on the field in what he can do out there when he’s with us.

“So, very encouraged by how he’s worked and we all know he’s doing everything he can to be back on the field. So in terms of how he handles it from a mental standpoint, all I can speak on is I know he’s mentally preparing himself and helping mentally prepare the other quarterbacks for Sunday every week.”

Jones has been out since suffering the ankle injury on his last play in New England’s Week Three loss to Baltimore. So far this season, he’s completed 66 percent of his passes for 786 yards with two touchdowns and five interceptions.

13 responses to “Joe Judge: Mac Jones is doing everything he can to get back on the field for us

  1. High ankle sprains are typically a 4-6 week injury, and unlike a conventional ankle sprain there’s really no way to tape it or hurry it along. If he can’t plant his foot and move in the pocket, he’s no good to anyone. He’ll likely miss another week or two…

  2. Where’s Stidham? Wasn’t he the next GOAT before this GOAT?, or is Zappe the new GOAT?

  3. Zappe is so much more fun to watch than Hoyer that it’s just fine. Heal up Mac, and when you come back, stop throwing it to the other team or Zappe will be the starter.

  4. Mac was making bad decisions before the injury going back to preseason. Not sure what happened because he didn’t do that as a rookie. Now it’s Bailey Zappe time.

  5. As a Pats fan I have to ask, is this a good thing? Zappe may not be lighting it up, but isn’t turning it over a lot either.

  6. I’m not saying that New England found another draft gem like Brady in Zappe, but it’s hard to argue they’re doing a lot better with him playing right now.

  7. I wonder if Dak and Mac are texting advice and/or sympathy to each other since Rush and Zappe continue with wins to call into question Mac and Dak’s starter positions?

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