Passport issue delays Jamie Gillan’s return from London

New York Giants v Green Bay Packers
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When the Giants prepared to play in London with the potential need to add a quarterback or two, it was pointed out that they would need to sign someone with a passport. As it turns out, one of their players had a passport issue when it comes to getting back into the United States.

Via multiple reports, punter Jamie Gillan was unable to return with the team.

Via NFL Media, Gillan first came to the country with his father on a NATO visa. That designation never was changed to a work visa.

He’s expected to make it back for Sunday’s game against the Ravens. The Giants will work out other punters, just in case.

And so, as it appears, the man known as the Scottish Hammer won’t have to take a job using a hammer in Scotland.

14 responses to “Passport issue delays Jamie Gillan’s return from London

  1. Punt God is available. He’s right up Mara’s alley in terms of domestic violence.

  2. INS or whatever agency is going to make this an issue instead of dealing with those who suck out our resources and avoid any taxes.

  3. He’s not a US citizen + he’s an adult & didn’t know his visa was invalid?
    The dopes that inked his contract didn’t know if he was legal to work in the United States??

  4. The NATO-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows representatives from NATO member states, their official staff, and their immediate family members to travel to the United States. HtmlRecipients are normally exempt from inspection, and the visa is valid for the duration of the individual’s stay in the US.
    Since Gillan’s father stationed in Maryland in 2013 and had since return to England. When(?).
    Did Jamie Gillan even have a valid student visa? If he he did, his student visa would not allow him to cone back to the US since he had left school. What about work permit? How?

  5. steppinginpilesofrexryan says:
    October 11, 2022 at 8:50 pm
    He’s not a US citizen + he’s an adult & didn’t know his visa was invalid?
    The dopes that inked his contract didn’t know if he was legal to work in the United States??

    He and the Giants knew about this issue. They still chose to go for the game.

    Whether it’s legal for him to work in the US or no is something we won’t know until we know what procedures he has gone through. Which is none of our business.

    Clearly none of his employers asked him for I9

  6. Giants HR dept goofed big time….plus the punter! You didn’t realize you didn’t have a valid passport? You knew you were playing overseas 5 months ago. Geeez

  7. I would have thought the teams or league office would have helped make sure the players paperwork was in order, especially for the few players who are not citizens.

  8. The giants knew they had a london game for how long? Nobody in the NFL or with the Giants front office checked his Visa before leaving?

    Bad on the player, but worse on the front office for not double checking everything and NOT bringing the player out of the country if there was going to be an issue.

    But as an NFL player, don’t they have to verify his paperwork and visa status for his JOB??

  9. Someone in Giants team ops/security didn’t do their job, they are supposed to verify status and address any issues prior to international travel.

  10. Easier to walk in. He’s been working here and pays taxes on his salary, how come it’s so hard for this guy but so easy for people up to no good

  11. Would be interesting to know what he listed on his W4 and other employment documentation regarding his residency status. Something the Giants and the NFL clearly overlooked.

  12. Who cares whether Gillian has the proper visa? He has A visa, and he entered the US legally. He’s obviously not a spy or a terrorist. He’s not taking a job from some American, because if there was a better punter who is a US citizen that person would be on the team instead of Gillian.

    The xenophobia displayed by some people is very disturbing.

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