Mike McDaniel: I can say with certainty Tua Tagovailoa won’t play this week

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa will take a step toward returning to the lineup on Wednesday when he throws at the team’s practice, but he won’t complete the journey back to action this week.

Head coach Mike McDaniel acknowledged at his press conference that there is a chance that Tagovailoa could be cleared from the concussion protocol ahead of the team’s Week Six game against the Vikings, but noted that he has not played football in two weeks and said that he did not “see a scenario” where Tagovailoa could get on the field this weekend.

“I can say with certainty that he’s not playing this Sunday,” Tagovailoa said.

When asked about Tagovailoa returning in Week Seven against the Steelers, McDaniel said that he wanted to see how Tagovailoa responds to his increased workload this week before considering the team’s approach for that game.

12 responses to “Mike McDaniel: I can say with certainty Tua Tagovailoa won’t play this week

  1. McDaniel showing some leadership now but it’s too late. He is responsible for Tua suffering two severe concussions in four days.

  2. With that type of double hit (the whole reason for the concussion protocol because of the caused brain damage) it would be smart (not that the NFL, players or teams actually care) he shouldn’t play the rest of the year, then decide next spring if he can actually continue his career.

  3. How brave…. If only you would’ve been so cautions after his 1st concussion…. The overreactions continue.

  4. I just watched a video on YouTube about Michael Oher and the fact he suffered a terrible concussion which effectively ended his career. There was also an Instagram post from him (since deleted) showing all the meds he had to take for his issues. Scary, scary stuff. Tua needs to go on IR so that he recovers as well as possible.

  5. Yeah, I’m with everyone else here. Tua really should just be put on IR for at LEAST another month. He had two concussions days apart from each other and it was REAL bad. Why even take the chance unless you really don’t care about the players and only care about winning games at all costs?

  6. And just to think, last season Tua would’ve already been back on the field. The way his first concussion was handled was terrible, but the silver lining is that it completely took away plausible deniability from the NFL’s disregard of player safety. It’s forced teams to take head injuries seriously.

    It feels like more serious head injuries have occurred this season, and the NFL has been forced to treat them properly, not just rush the players back onto the field.

  7. Says the guy who stuck to the “bad back” story and kept sending him back out there to begin with.

  8. @stinkman –
    The NFL & NFLPA in no way blamed McDaniel for ANY wrongdoing – that fell on the medical “experts” & what his QB told him during the Buffalo game.
    During the Cincy game he was sharp on all throws & wasn’t showing any signs of post concussion motor skills, however there was ZERO doubt he got concussed later in that game.
    If McDaniels is guilty of anything it’s being a rookie HC & making a rookie mistake by not seeking some advice from his other coaches – but then again he went on what his QB told him.

  9. “‘I can say with certainty that he’s not playing this Sunday,’ Tagovailoa said.”
    I can also say with certainty that McDaniels is not playing this Sunday and according to McDaniels neither is Tagovailoa.

  10. Aren’t we well past the time to see Guardian Caps in real games? At least give the players the option.

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