Mike McDaniel praises Dolphins’ captains for removing ping pong table from locker room

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The Dolphins can no longer play ping pong in the locker room.

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel revealed today that the ping pong table that had been added to the locker room this year has been removed, at the team captains’ request. McDaniel said wide receiver Tyreek Hill informed him that he and the other captains had agreed they think the ping pong table is an unnecessary distraction.

“Tyreek and the captains decided that they wanted to take a step forward with all their opponent prep with regard to the team and with their preparation with our game plans in general. So he made the move to take the ping pong tables out of the locker room. That, to me, is leadership,” McDaniel said. “To me, leadership is acting, not talking. There’s a bunch of different examples from those guys and that’s why they’re captains. That’s why we rely on them. Because it’s about solving problems, not complaining about them. They collectively as a group of players wanted more time investment during the week on their jobs for Sunday. So instead of just saying it, they did something about it and that’s the whole reason that I really have a lot of love for those guys.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, Hill and other Dolphins players were saying that the ping pong table was good for the locker room, saying that it enhanced team camaraderie and introduced some competitiveness to the team even when they weren’t on the field. But a couple weeks ago, the Dolphins were 3-0. Now they’re 3-2.

On a two-game losing streak, the Dolphins are going to change whatever they can to make their locker room a more businesslike atmosphere.

29 responses to “Mike McDaniel praises Dolphins’ captains for removing ping pong table from locker room

  1. Hahaha yeah nothing says leadership like taking away your teammates Pong Paddles. Whats next no card playing on the team flight? Tyrek gonna get them all matching t-shirts when they travel?

  2. LOL so McDaniel being so unconventional puts a ping pong table in the locker room and even his players think that’s too much.

  3. vaster says:
    October 12, 2022 at 11:49 am
    First they take away your ping pong, then they take away your strip clubs. Next thing you know you’re playing in Cleveland.

    Rodney Dangerfield called; he said he wants his joke back.

  4. It sounds like they’re drawing at straws, like when I adjust my position on the sofa to change my team’s luck before an important 3rd down play. Getting back on track should be so simple as removing a ping pong table, right?

  5. It doesn’t scream leadership to me it screams frustration and if Tyreek isn’t happy isn’t anyone going to be happy in that locker-room.

    I’d wager that starting a 7th round rookie at QB will have more impact on this Sunday’s game than making your teammates miserable in the locker-room and all the ping-pong tables in the world won’t change that.

  6. It’s amazing the foolishness that accompanies two straight losses. Ping pong is good when we are winning and bad when we are losing. Ping pong is wholly irrelevant.

  7. Good teams NEVER have to deal with this corny stuff. The Phins are not going anywhere a total mirage. I hope for Tua’s sake he doesn’t play football anymore. One Dr. said its was in his best interests to not play again.

  8. The Punxsutawney Dolphins poked their heads out of their joke-status hole for a few weeks and were frightened by what they saw.
    It is time for their annual nosedive.
    Same thing every year.

  9. Yeah it’s the ping pong tables fault, not poor coaching, poor execution and a laughable medical staff.

  10. Not sure this will have a major effect but at least they’re trying to do something to change I like it

  11. That’s exactly what I was thinking after they got stomped by the Jets, these guys are playing way too much ping pong.
    The roller skates are next.

  12. I came here for the negative comments, & the negatives didn’t disappoint. In a world that is full of people shifting the blame to others, these guys step up & take their jobs seriously, & of course, people will find fault with that. Amazing. I’d rather see a ping pong table removed by a team, rather than players shifting the blame. They sound like stand up guys to me.

  13. Coach McDaniel was clear and concise on this rather trivial matter, but stammered and blathered like a guilty man after Tagovailoa was sent back in.

  14. TheFinalSay says:
    October 12, 2022 at 1:56 pm
    “. . . They sound like stand up guys to me.”
    Really? Stand-up guys don’t punch pregnant women in the belly.
    That is your team leader.
    Just sayin’.

  15. Of all the things wrong with the team, this is what they come up with?
    It’s like saying, “I’m gonna be a better parent by taking away my kid’s toys.”

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