Sean McVay: Odell Beckham Jr. hasn’t gotten our final offer

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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Free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham hasn’t been impressed by what he’s heard from the Rams about re-signing with the team, but head coach Sean McVay says he hasn’t heard the last from the team.

Beckham went on Twitter Wednesday to say that he wants to return to the Rams, but that the team has only extended him the “lowest of low offers” to return in 2022. Beckham tore his ACL while playing for the Rams in the Super Bowl earlier this year.

At a press conference later in the day, McVay said he was aware of how Beckham felt and promised that the final offer was not yet on the table.

“Not the last one that will come from us,” McVay said, via Gilbert Manzano of the Los Angeles Daily News.

McVay also reiterated that the Rams love Beckham and there’s “nothing but good things coming from me,” but the chances that Beckham will eventually wind up playing elsewhere will only increase the longer he’s waiting to hear what he wants from L.A.

26 responses to “Sean McVay: Odell Beckham Jr. hasn’t gotten our final offer

  1. Well, that was dumb.

    Low-ball the guy who freed up Copper last year. Interesting strategy Cotton. Let’s see if it works out

  2. After watching Stafford trying to pass with a DL on top of him I’d bet OBJ might want to look around a bit more. Or it’s all about the coinage. Film at eleven…

  3. All this noise over a guy who MIGHT be recovered enough from ACL surgery to play in January. He tore it for a SECOND time in the Super Bowl. Be a hell of a trick if he gets on the field this season at all but, by all means, keep speculating.

  4. Not a Green Bay fan but why not go get that man (Rogers) some WR help and keep Odell away from the Rams at the same time?

  5. rams really need him. They got zero running game anybody fears and Allen Robinson is completely washed.

  6. LA “won” a Super Bowl. Also, their owner looked like he’d rather go on a bender than celebrate the “win.”

  7. “Odell, we’re going to present to you our first offer but not our final offer.”

    I’ve never played in the NFL, but something tells me that’s not how contract negotiations work.

  8. Why would anybody want to play in the rams offense right now, who cares what the offer is.

  9. The chances of OBJ re-signing with the Rams dwindle as time goes by. That’s because as time goes by, the Rams appear less and less like a contender.

  10. McVay is a unloyal talking head who says nothing. He loved everything about Goff, until he didn’t. He shipped Robert Woods out after saying he was amazing.
    He’s heartless and his word is naught

  11. What you see with the Rams now is what happens to teams when you ignore “team” needs. Other than Haverstein (who is good but not dominate) the rest of the line are just guys. Lower round draft picks and free agent pickups. They went after other perceived needs and ignored the 0-line, which protects the QB and helps the running game. In the short term it worked but in the long term average players get exposed and you have what you see now. Unless ODB can block this will not help much, if any.

  12. He’ll call your bluff and refuse it. He sees that disintegrating team and you aren’t good enough for his traveling me-me show.

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