Al Michaels jokes that he may retire, if Commanders-Bears plays out like Colts-Broncos

New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens
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Last Thursday night, Al Michaels said was all of us were thinking, as we collectively suffered through the misery of a very bad game between the Colts and Broncos. Al, one of the very best to ever call a game in any sport, has no interest in doing it again tonight, when the Commanders visit the Bears,

“If we don’t have a better game than we had last Thursday then I may retire,” Michaels said in an appearance on Waddle & Silvy on ESPN Chicago, via “I’ve done pretty close to 800 NFL games, and with all due respect, guys are trying I understand and we all know that, but that was grim.”

Indeed it was. And it has all of us bracing for another stinker tonight at Soldier Field. Still, we assume Al is joking about returning if Week Six ends up being as bad as Week Five.

“It was a terrible performance and a bad game,” Michaels said. “Hopefully that’s a one-off.”

At one point in the second half last Thursday, Michaels said that, sometimes, a game can be so bad that it’s good. Although Kirk Herbstreit disagreed, Al was right. It became compelling to see something that bad continue to stay bad.

And there was a payoff, eventually. We got to see an exciting moment in overtime, when the Broncos’ offense had a chance to win the game but, characteristic of the entire contest, failed to deliver.

Hopefully, tonight’s game will deliver. With nearly one third of the season over, keep in mind that, come February, we’ll be wishing for an NFL game to watch on a Thursday night. Even if it’s a bad one.

24 responses to “Al Michaels jokes that he may retire, if Commanders-Bears plays out like Colts-Broncos

  1. Seattle fans are experiencing Schadenfreude as we watch all these Broncos games during prime time.

  2. Some of us like seeing Mr. Fake struggle, Al. The only thing Russ has been cooking is rotten eggs.

  3. Sadly, you are right about February. Those who say people who are becoming less religious are ignoring football.

  4. Well, he sure doesn’t need the money. I think when the game stinks they should have a comedian standing by-like Dave Chapell. Dennis Miller on MNF was not a good idea but imagine having someone like Dave Chapelle to come in and riff if the game sucks. Especially if he’s been drinking!

  5. geez guys… everyone agrees that was a boring offensive game; but guess what: there was also a bunch of really good defense being played by both teams. It’s a little-known fact, but perhaps you’ve heard (and should pass the word to old Al) that Defense Wins Championships. Ask Mahomes. THE REAL ISSUE IS (again, someone clue Al) that as long as the NFL insists on playing on Thursday nights, he and we will continue to see bad, football.

  6. Welcome to the modern NFL. The product isn’t better for the majority of the teams, especially in the early season with preseason limitations. If it wasn’t for fantasy football & now gambling the NFL would be losing viewers. This “modern game” is nothing compared to the game I fell in love with years ago – although I do appreciate some of the adjustments for player safety. Too much “extra” – whether that be some analytics stupidity, falling on a QB the wrong way or sitting through a hundred commercials because teams can’t sustain a damn drive for more than 6-7 plays because they don’t know how to run the damn ball anymore. No way in hell do I watch this junk tonight.

  7. Thursday Night Football is a bad product. Teams don’t have time to prepare and recover and the gameplay suffers as a result. An occasional good game does not change that general truth.

  8. Say what you want about that game, but Al Michaels was beyond annoying already huffing and puffing by the second quarter about a second FG being scored. Someone tell that old dude that there’s more to football than touchdowns.

    His commentary seriously reminds me of the chicken little stuff an uninterested family might say as they pass through the room.

  9. I really love Al but I miss John Madden. It was like watching any game with THAT uncle. He could make a boring game passable.

  10. So, he’s saying that if he has to work harder he will retire? Amazon not paying him enough? Jeez Al, try watching this crap for free!

  11. The only people that care about the game tonight either live in the cities competing, are gambling on the game, or have fantasy players on the teams

  12. If he though this is bad, he should have done the games before they went to Amazon, every week was like that. At least Amazon for their $ got decent games on paper compared to previous

  13. How many billions would it take for Jeff Bezos to go bankrupt from the Thursday Night Football package for Amazon? People aren’t gonna pay to see football games with baseball scores.

  14. I’ve loved you for years, Al, but you are starting to get cranky, and frankly a little arrogant. Appreciate the full game. It’s not just about acrobatic touchdowns and turnovers. I’d like you to be around a bit longer if you can cut the negativity.

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