NFL-branded slot machines are coming

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The NFL keeps leaning farther and farther into gambling.

Once upon a time, the league reluctantly put team names and logos on scratch-off lottery tickets. Now, with legalized sports wagering spreading from sea to shimmering sea, NFL-branded slot machines are coming.

Via McKenna Ross of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the new machines were teased this week at the annual gaming industry convention and trade show.

Aristocrat Gaming has the license. The company’s senior V.P. of commercial strategy and business analytics, Joe Hanlin, sam that the slot machines will be tailored to each of the league’s 32 teams.

“We’ve taken a very specific approach to regionalizing the art and skins so that the Green Bay Packers game has the cheese hats — it has the flair that a fan of that team will feel like it’s a fun experience,” Hanlin said.

It’s the latest step in the league’s willingness to evolve away from its longstanding aversion to gambling, driven by the massive revenue that accepting the inevitable has generated.

13 responses to “NFL-branded slot machines are coming

  1. I’ll be looking forward to seeing that older lady sitting in a casino,smoking a cigarette(with the 6 inch ash seeming to defy gravity) yankin’ the arm on an NFL coin slot machine hours on end.

  2. It’s true…they will do anything for money

    It’s also true that I’m losing interest in their product every day

  3. Does anyone other than me think that the NFL I bed with the betting world is a really bad idea?

  4. So let’s review, shall we…

    The NFL is is a very upstanding and noble enterprise, according to it’s personal conduct policy. But, it’s okay to promote gambling and beer guzzling commercials if it servers their bottom line. Hypocrites anyone?

  5. This Pandora’s box of gambling the NFL insisted on allowing will only lead to the final tailspin to impact in the an already downward spiral of questionable integrity or lack of in the NFL with refs, players & higher NFL officials.
    Tell me again how hard it is NOW to “throw” a game or move a points spread!

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