Tom Brady fined $11,139 for kicking Grady Jarrett

NFL: OCT 09 Falcons at Buccaneers
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The NFL has issued a fine related to the controversial roughing the passer penalty from last Sunday’s Buccaneers-Falcons game, but it didn’t go to Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett.

Jarrett was flagged by referee Jerome Boger for tackling Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady on the play, but Brady was not penalized for kicking Jarrett on the fourth quarter play. As noted earlier on Friday, the kick earned the attention of the league and Brady has now heard from the NFL about the play.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Brady has been fined $11,139 by the league for kicking Jarrett. It’s not the first time that he’s been fined for using his feet as Brady was also fined $10,000 for kicking former Ravens safety Ed Reed in a 2013 game.

Brady also kicked at Jarrett after the Falcons lineman hit him during a first quarter play, but it appears he has avoided any penalty from the league for that.

51 responses to “Tom Brady fined $11,139 for kicking Grady Jarrett

  1. So the Bucs get the benefit of the call to ice the game and Brady gets a fine equivalent of $11 to the common man. Sounds about right for today’s NFL!

  2. $10,000 to $11,139…..Seems inflation hits everything. Strange though, I always associate Tom Brady with Deflation.

  3. Tommy didn’t realise that you are actually allowed to tackle him. Refs have been trying to prevent that his whole career.

  4. I’m truly shocked. This being his final year, coupled with his marital woes, I figured they would coddle him more than usual.

  5. Has the refs not missed the BLATANT P.I. on Scotty Miller the play before, the sack never would have happened because Brady would have taken a knee 3x in a row at the 13 and ended the game

  6. Very embarrassing for Tommy he shouldn’t do this but he’s a real baby and poor sport. Not shaking hands with Foles was pretty funny too. Great to see the NFL do this just for optics really.

  7. dfweditor says:
    October 14, 2022 at 12:45 pm
    Where does the NFL get the $139 part?

    Its a 1.25% NFL convenience fee.

  8. It’s no wonder Gisele feels the way she does. If he acts the way he does on the field at home, i.e., throwing temper tantrums constantly like a 3-year old when things don’t go his way, who would blame Gisele? Does he also pout and ignore her like he refuses to shake opponents’ hands when he loses?

  9. So at the very least the league is admitting it should have been offsetting personal fouls.

  10. Now that Tom knows he’ll be fined for kicking, he will resort to scratching, biting & hair pulling to show his displeasure of being allowed to be touched by defenders

  11. Wasn’t Boger the guy that botched/fixed the Ravens NinersSB. love the phantom pi call on chris culliver that put balty in FG range for their final points (on 3rd and long)….contrast that to crabtree getting fully grabbed in the endzone. joke.

  12. An $11,139 fine for kicking? That’s peanuts to Brady. Imagine if you could go into work and pay $1 to kick someone that made you mad. NFL fines are a joke 99% of the time.

  13. The refs being solely focused on the Qb’s is a problem. At the very LEAST the play should have resulted in off-setting 15 yard penalties and then replay the down (it actually should have just been a sack and a 15 yarder on Brady). This brand of football stinks.

  14. He make 15 mil per year

    This fine is like 44 dollars to your average guy making 60,000 grand. Or basically a speeding ticket.

    I’m not even joking, do the math.

    This is the biggest BS penalty I’ve ever seen, just to seem like they’re being fair.

    Should have been a no call, no fine, both ways. Let them play.

  15. It’s hilarious that Jarret was flagged but not fined…and Brady was fined but not flagged.

    This is the NFL’s way of admitting that Jerome Boger screwed up in the worst way possible by calling a roughing penalty where there was none while turning a blind eye to the blatant personal foul that occurred right in front of him.

    For years Jerome Boger has been recognized as the most bumbling and incompetent referee in the NFL ranks…but year after year, the league keeps bringing him back to make the same appalling, mind-numbing mistakes and influencing the outcomes of games with his incompetence.

    But it’s all about player safety and the integrity of the game…right?

  16. beej says:
    October 14, 2022 at 1:15 pm
    Has the refs not missed the BLATANT P.I. on Scotty Miller the play before, the sack never would have happened because Brady would have taken a knee 3x in a row at the 13 and ended the game.

    You complain about this? The Refs WALKED Brady down the field against the Saints. Two third down stops, with long yardage, negated by VERY questionable calls.

  17. For the millionth time to all the people complaining about the amount being a random looking number, it’s because when the NFLPA and NFL negotiate a collective bargaining agreement, they agree to fines being percentage based so that they don’t have to negotiate new fine amounts every single year as revenues increase or decrease. As a result all the fines are random looking numbers, and all the fines go to charity, but they’re the exact same percentage of revenue each year so that it is a fair punishment from year to year for the same crime. It’s the only thing related to NFL punishment that is fair so please stop complaining about it.

  18. I don’t think Tom landed either kick, that’s why they fine for the second and not the first. You might be able to dismiss the first as a weird accident, but the second showed a pattern or intention. Glad he got fined. The sack never should have been roughing.

  19. You can’t make up for a bad call by fining the guy who benefitted from that call. The Falcons missed out on a comeback try because of it. Brady whining to Boger and trying to kick Jarrett made him look like a baby, but 11 grand is nothing to him. The Falcons lose all around.

  20. Im sorry, but I spit my coffee when I read that headline. After all else that was a cherry on top.

  21. Essentially Brady did the hokey pokey.

    He shook his leg about and hit nothing.

    But let’s fine him.

  22. “all the fines go to charity,” That’s what I thought and thus are a tax write off. Poor (no pun intended) babies.

  23. Seems like it should have at least been unsportsman like conduct. Guess those type things dont count when its Tom brady.

  24. Hope he takes a swing at Aaron Donald and Myles Garrett later this year.

  25. Brady plays football, just for kicks.
    11 Grand fine for a guy who was complaining about spending 85 hundred for a swimming pool cover.

  26. A paltry fine, the equivalent of a parking ticket in the league. I am sure Tom Brady is not losing much sleep over this fee. If anything, Brady feels even more brazen and childish in preview of Sunday’s game. Although since it is the Steelers, the defense will do whatever it takes to get Tom Brady off the field; perhaps even permanently if they or other defense players feel similarly. The proper thing to do would be to draw a larger fine and possibly even a suspension of activity for at least the next time the Buccaneers face the Falcons. This behavior continues to be prevalent in Tom Brady and, I must say, the NFL overall. Indeed, Brady needs to treat every game going forward as if it will be the last time playing. It just might be.

    I would not be surprised if, as I said earlier, a pro football startup similar to LIV Golf is announced along with financing and signing of NFL players before the year is finished. As we know with golf, and before that in football, nothing changes unless there is competition. The league is imploding. Something and someone will need to pick up the remains and create a new league if need be.


  27. So the end result is the official who threw the flag is still officiating, Tampa Bay still won the game and Tom Brady is out the the monetary equivalent of 10 minutes of what his divorce attorney is charging. Seems like a fair fine

  28. Defensive Linemen talk, so don’t be surprised if Brady get his bell rung later on this season!

  29. Brady has all the NFL officials in his back pocket. If they don’t throw a flag when he asks for one, he’ll cry until they do. He’s always been a cry baby and the NFL should be ashamed!

  30. Jerome Boger is the NFL equivalent of Marty Springstead, hand-down the worst baseball umpire in my lifetime (I’m 71), Just ask legendary Orioles manager, Earl Weaver. I wonder if Boger will get any playoff assignments?

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