Carson Wentz has fractured finger on throwing hand, status unclear for next week

Washington Commanders v Chicago Bears
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Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz has a fractured ring finger on his throwing hand that may cause him to miss time.

Wentz broke the finger on Thursday night against the Bears and is heading to Los Angeles to see a hand specialist, according to NFL Network. His status for the Commanders’ next game, on October 23 against the Packers, won’t be determined until after the evaluation from the specialist.

Given how poorly Wentz has played this season, it wouldn’t be surprising if Commanders coach Ron Rivera is actually glad to have a reason to see how his team looks with another quarterback on the field. Rivera said this week that quarterback is the reason the Commanders are in last place, although he later said that wasn’t intended to be a shot at Wentz, and lashed out at reporters after Thursday night’s game when questioned about whether he really wanted Wentz.

Taylor Heinicke is the Commanders’ backup, and rookie fifth-round pick Sam Howell is the third-stringer.

15 responses to “Carson Wentz has fractured finger on throwing hand, status unclear for next week

  1. Time to see what the rookie has. Nothing to lose. Howell probably has better pocket presence and more athleticism than Wentz.

  2. Sounds like the excuse to bench
    Carson Wentz and escaping embarrassment from admitting this was all a big mistake

  3. It’s amazing the injuries QBs can have and still play. Drew Bledsoe played a game against Buffalo, in Buffalo, well below freezing, with a broken index finger on his throwing hand. He had a pin sticking out of the end of the finger. He threw 3 TDs.

  4. Wentz is not playing well, but he is not the only thing wrong with the Washington Football team.

  5. thurmanmerman1 says:
    October 15, 2022 at 11:15 am
    Colts epically fleeced the Commodes for Wentz hahahaha


    No question. But not as epically as the Eagles fleeced the Colts.

  6. Not crazy at all about Wentz but the NFL is in short supply of strong armed quarterbacks regardless of the game time decisions…..

  7. Really, the Colts “fleeced” Washington? Didn’t the Colts pay a 1st and a 3rd rounder to get him from the Eagles?

    Now they are paying Matt Ryan, who cost them a 3rd rounder.

    They could have just kept Brissett for short money and saved themselves a 1st round draft pick

  8. My Colts need Wentz to play at least 70% of the snaps so we get a 2nd round pick instead of a 3rd.

  9. The Eagles fleeced the Colts, then the Colts fleeced Washington.

    Something happened to Wentz when he got injured in Philly and Foles took over. Up until that point, virtually every NFL expert was already crowning Wentz as one of the bests QBs in a generation.

    Wentz was never the same after that injury. It’s as if he lost his confidence

  10. Yeah, I have to laugh at the Colts fans who come into these Wentz threads calling a fleece job.

    Thanks for the first round pick, Colts.

    Signed, Eagles fans.

  11. “Status uncertain?” Dang, Carson should not play even if he IS healthy? Why is Rivera dragging his feet on this. Fine, you took a risk on Wentz. I get it, that’s cool. But don’t compound your mistake by staying with him when it’s clear he’s not worth 28 Million per year…

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