Troy Vincent on controversial roughing penalties: “We support those calls”

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The NFL basically admits that business interests supersede getting it right.

Appearing on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, NFL executive V.P. of officiating Troy Vincent was questioned about last week’s controversial roughing the passer penalties. Said Vincent, “We support those calls.”

Vincent explained that the league supports the calls because the rule gives the referees the latitude to call roughing if they think they see it. Again, the rule expressly requires the flag to be thrown “when in doubt.”

That’s what the league wants. For one specific reason. To keep quarterbacks healthy. And the league wants to keep quarterbacks healthy to keep games exciting. Indeed, Vincent rattled off the statistics regarding the vast majority of the most-watched shows on TV being NFL games. They’re widely watched because of quarterback play.

“If you don’t have a quarterback, you don’t have a chance to win,” Vincent said. More accurately, the NFL won’t have a chance for people to watch.

During PFT Live this week, I mentioned the firewall that media companies must have between business interests and the integrity of their journalism. The NFL needs a firewall between business interests and the integrity of its game. In this specific case, business is driving the bus, and the integrity of the game is suffering.

More accurately, games are potentially being decided because the league wants referees to protect quarterbacks so aggressively that the league accepts mistakes. The league welcomes mistakes. The league is willing for specific games to be decided by a bad call, if it means avoiding having the ratings (and revenue) diminished by a bad schedule due to backup quarterbacks.

That’s exactly what’s happening. Vincent, on Sunday morning, admitted it.

26 responses to “Troy Vincent on controversial roughing penalties: “We support those calls”

  1. Welp there you have it NFL fans. Expect every one of your teams to get royally screwed by one of these calls at some point. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened to my Niners yet with the pass rush we have.

  2. Sure having starting QBs helps the games be more exciting but having games where it feels like the NFL refs are fixing games and changing outcomes will have people turning off these games for good.

  3. If I’m a pass rusher, I’m aging like it’s 1970 again. Just hit them as hard as possible and take the 15 yards and pay the fine. Especially if you play one team with a lesser talent at QB.

  4. If I’m a pass rusher, I’m playing like it’s 1970 again. Just hit them as hard as possible and take the 15 yards and pay the fine. Especially if you play for a team with a lesser talent at QB.

  5. Some very powerful interests won’t tolerate the NFL’s referees determining the outcomes of games… Unless, of course, those same powerful interests financially benefit from the outcomes.

  6. Obvious need to protect the QBs from cheap shots. That said,are QBs football players or not? If yes they should be fair game as anyone.

  7. But if your quarterback doesn’t get hurt you may never know if you have another Cooper Rush.

  8. Football is popular in large part because it’s the only major sport with tackling. That’s being sacrificed in the name of scoring, which the NFL deems more important. Rules have also deemphasized other parts of the game (defense, running) and put too much value in the QB position. In soccer and hockey, and even basketball, a low scoring game is perfectly fine if it’s played well.

  9. Well there you have it NFL fans! Expect to see quarterback Tom Brady playing until he’s 55 years old with possibly another wife! I may be exaggerating however did we ever expect to hear such honesty on the subject of roughing the passer from Troy Vincent.

  10. NFL might as well implement “two hands” touch to down the QB. That’s what it is coming to.

  11. I don’t like the calls any more than the next guy does, but Montano, Elway, and Marino probably wish they got those calls. Even Troy Ache-man, despite his remarks, probably wishes he had gotten those calls deep down. Undoubtedly would have had a longer career.

  12. This is the same guy that broke his own QB’s leg in training camp. I guess he was OK with not having a QB back then.

  13. We’ve gone from Al Davis saying “the quarterback must go down and he must go down hard” to this nonsense.

  14. I bet my bottom dollar those RtP calls aren’t made against geno Smith and winston…

  15. as they should because NOTHING was wrong with the calls “as the rule is written”!!!!

  16. new name for the QB position would most likely be the 1/8th back..

    a mere fraction of what that position used to be.

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