Dak Prescott plans to play Sunday vs. Lions

NFL: OCT 16 Cowboys at Eagles
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Dak Prescott is ready to return.

Prescott, the Cowboys quarterback who has missed the last five games, told reporters after the Cowboys’ loss to the Eagles on Sunday night that he expects to play this week against the Lions.

“Yeah, for sure, that’s my plan,” Prescott said. “I’m preparing myself for the Lions, getting ready to play this week.”

Prescott took the field for pregame warmups Sunday night in Philadelphia and said his injured hand felt great as he threw the ball to teammates.

When the Cowboys lost Prescott in Week One, it appeared to be catastrophic, but the team came together and won four straight games with Cooper Rush at quarterback before losing on Sunday night to the Eagles. But while Rush exceeded expectations, his limitations were on display on Sunday night. There’s no doubt that the Cowboys want to get Prescott back. And it appears that they will get him back in six days.

4 responses to “Dak Prescott plans to play Sunday vs. Lions

  1. I’m pretty sure last week he said his plan was to play against the Eagles. Regardless, it does sound like he might be back this week. Dr. Jerry Jones will finally be right after being wrong 5x saying Dak was day to day and might play each weekend.

  2. Perfect for Dallas and Prescott. Against this years Lion defense Prescott can play poorly and win. Perfect week to come back.

  3. I’m not a Cowboys fan, so IMO this is a mistake. The Lions are cooked at this point in the season, I think the Cowboys could beat them even if Zeke were the starting QB and Dak is the Cowboys best chance at making a playoff run . . . I understand players want to compete but this is a situation where the team leadership needs to do what is in the best interest of the team and not the player. The problem in Dallas is that JJ looks at every game as if it is a playoff game and he looks at players as consumable resources . . . so he is not fit to make this type of decision.

  4. It is good that the Lions are a weak opponent although coach Dan Campbell did play for the Cowboys and his own Lions players still appear very loyal to him. But the Cowboys should still win which will make Prescott look good and weaken the whole “quarterback controversy” thing and allow the Cowboys to get back on a positive track.

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