Mike McDaniel: QB injuries can’t be excuse for losing

Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins
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The Dolphins had to make an in-game change at quarterback for the third straight game on Sunday and they wound up losing for the third straight week as well.

It was Skylar Thompson who had to leave the game this time, which meant Teddy Bridgewater returned to action after being put in the concussion protocol in Week Five. Bridgewater was playing in place of Tua Tagovailoa, who could return from his concussion to start for Miami against the Steelers next Sunday night.

That’s a lot of shuffling to deal with at a key position, but head coach Mike McDaniel said on Sunday that he does not want the team using the revolving door at quarterback as an excuse for the losses.

“You can look at it as a reason for X, Y or Z — I challenge the guys not to,” McDaniel said, via Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN.com. “We have a lot of faith in all the players that we have on this team, and the quarterbacks that we’ve been working with since last April, any one of them we have high expectations to go execute and succeed. Now, of course it’s not ideal. You want the guys that get all the reps during the week to play, but you always know that that’s a possibility. I’m going to demand that the team does not point at that to be a reason for what’s happened or a reason for the loss. I think that’s the easy thing to do. I think that’s the path of least resistance, and generally the path of least resistance doesn’t lend the results that an ambitious, convicted, all-in players’ team, organization wants. Yeah, there’s always difficulties and adversity within NFL football games. I thought we had the capability to overcome that, and we didn’t.”

The Dolphins were one of the hottest teams in the league through the first three weeks, but they have come down to Earth during their three-game losing streak. Shifting their trajectory will be a big task for McDaniel as his first year as a head coach continues to unfold.

10 responses to “Mike McDaniel: QB injuries can’t be excuse for losing

  1. Tua’s 2nd concussion falls squarely on this clowns shoulders. He had 4 full days to watch his franchise QB’s knees buckle over and over again on video replay and then let him go out there 4 short days later and get his skull smashed into the turf for a 2nd, disturbing concussion.

    The Blame pie on this disaster for Tua is 100% owned by McDaniel. He should’ve known better and his inexperience is on full display.
    Who’d want to play for this guy anymore, knowing he’ll sacrifice your health and future well-being to be in the cool guys club?

  2. McDaniels & his GM Grier signed that washed-up QB Bridgewater as their No.2 QB and he’s shown he’s not worthy of even being on the sideline. Their 7th Rd. rookie Thompson is better in many ways than BOTH QB’s ahead of him on that Fins roster!
    Not saying Tua is a bad QB, he just still makes bad decisions & he’s one good hit away from retirement( see Trent Green Oct.7 2007 Miami vs Houston).

  3. @ phinatic29 – I’m agree, you guys have a great coach & I’ve never said he’s the problem – but he had heavy input to who he wanted on his roster & for whatever reason (GM Grier?) someone refused to address the biggest issue – your OL.
    It doesn’t matter who’s under center if your OL is horrible & your QB is getting smashed.

  4. Injured QBs aren’t the excuse. Playing players in the wrong position however can be. They need to take their QB killing linemen and switch them from offense to defense. See if those turnstiles can kill other teams QBs for a change. I’ve seen pudding provide more resistance than these so called professional lineman. But there’s an intensity missing in Miami in the entire team. They don’t need to play dirty but there’s a lot of room between soft and dirty. Having a little attitude and nastiness could help them.

  5. What is wrong with Miami? The glow is off the incompetent and unethical head coach and now he’s just coaching at the level of his ability…

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