Report: Carson Wentz to miss 4-6 weeks with finger injury

Washington Commanders v Chicago Bears
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It looks like it is Taylor Heinicke time in Washington.

NFL Media reports that Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz is expected to miss four-to-six weeks after fracturing his finger in last Thursday’s win over the Bears. Given the timeline, an injured reserve stint is on the table for Wentz.

Wentz joined the Commanders in a trade with the Colts this offseason and he’s completed 144-for-232 passes for 1,489 yards, 10 touchdowns, and six interceptions so far this season. He’s also been sacked 23 times during a 2-4 start to the year.

Any missed time for Wentz could impact the compensation that the Colts receive from the Commanders. They will receive a 2023 second-round pick if Wentz plays 70 percent of the team’s offensive snaps. If he falls short of that total, the Colts will receive a third-round pick instead.

Heinicke started 15 games for Washington last season. He’ll be backed up by rookie Sam Howell.

21 responses to “Report: Carson Wentz to miss 4-6 weeks with finger injury

  1. Good. Let Taylor play 3 games, and if he struggles, throw in Howell just to kick the tires on him.

  2. At least they won’t have to score many points to have a chance at beating Green Bay next week.

  3. Report: Ron Rivera incredibly relieved that he doesn’t have to talk about Carson Wentz anymore.

  4. Heinike should be able to light up the Packer defense since it doesnt really exist. This could be the final “bell tome” for the Packers Org, signaling, the HOF QB era has ended. If they play like they did against the Jets, then Washington should be favored.

  5. expected to miss four-to-six weeks huh….. thats cool because with the way he’s played the 1st four to six weeks it feels like we’ve had no qb anyway

  6. And with that the Carson Wentz era in Washington has come to a close.

    I wondered how they were going to ease Carson out of Washington. Now we know.

  7. Thats a wrap on his career he wont be back under center for them again. Clipboard time for the rest of his career. Nice work really if you can get it.

  8. Wentz is so snakebitten. His hand accidently hit the helment of another player. His last injury was his first playoff appearance and it ended a few plays into the game with a cheap shot concussion.

  9. As NFL careers go, Wentz’s is circling-the-bowl.

    Think he scored $60 million in cash and a ring over his run.

    No tears for Carson.

  10. Maybe GM’s should push more for that draft escalator to be based on win percentage instead of time played, as of know Wentz is maybe worthy of a 6th round pick, not a 3rd and definitely not a 2nd…and the market for Wentz as a starter looked to be limited to Washington versus the Colt’s/Wentz’s agent fake news to create a market.

  11. This is more about the Commanders not playing Wentz so they draft pick is lower than it is about the injury. If Wentz was on fire and the Commanders were winning, you would see him out on the field with a splint on his finger.
    Heinicke is no savior…his play will be worst than Wentz. That offensive line for the Commanders is bad, and Heinicke will be running for his life.

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