What’s next for Jack Easterby?

Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans
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Monday’s surprising news that the Texans have parted ways with Jack Easterby was not surprising to some in league circles. Some sensed that it was coming.

They didn’t sense that the bell would be tolling for Easterby because he was hopelessly unqualified for the job he somehow landed in Houston or because of irregularities in his online biography possibly aimed at boosting his flimsy credentials. That was old news. Water well under the bridge. Glitches with which owner Cal McNair seemed to be fully comfortable, especially after Easterby’s literal Hail Mary kept him from being trumped by a G.M. other than Nick Caserio. The notion that Easterby was on his way out in Houston came from the perception that he was tapping into old relationships as he commenced his search for a new job.

Over the past couple of weeks, Easterby had been touching base with people he knew from previous stops, for no apparent reason. Today, the reason became apparent.

Whether he finds another job with another team remains to be seen. He already has hopscotched from Kansas City to New England to Houston, and there are 29 other fish in the NFL sea.

One team that already has been mentioned by a source with knowledge of Easterby’s career arc is Carolina. It would seem, however, that owner David Tepper is sufficiently no-nonsense to see Easterby as a non-starter.

Regardless, he’ll be looking for something else. Whatever it may be, he hopefully won’t finagle the kind of influence and power he had in Houston. He simply didn’t deserve it, which meant that someone else who did deserve it didn’t get the chance to do something with that position. If he’s considered for another position that his qualifications don’t merit, hopefully that job will instead go to someone who truly merits that title and responsibility.

12 responses to “What’s next for Jack Easterby?

  1. After the way Amy Palcic was fired from the Texans, I doubt Easterby will be offered another shot at shaping a team’s culture.

  2. Well he would be an improvement in multiple ways for the Commanders.
    But i dont see why any one else would be interested.

  3. He’s a unique case. Plenty of front office guys are bad at jobs but he outright misrepresented his experience in getting the job. NFL is so insular he’d typically get a couple more chances “just because” but that may not hold in his case.

  4. Never should have been hired in the first place. How on earth was the team chaplain for the Patriots qualified to be a VP of Football Operations? Only with the Texans I guess.

  5. What’s next for him? I think it might be outside of football. He’ll probably start a “mega church” and next thing you know he’ll have his own private jet (to serve the Lord).

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