Broncos had 151 penalty yards, Chargers had 89, for most-penalized game of the season

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The Broncos and Chargers played one of the sloppiest games of this NFL season on Monday night.

Denver finished with 10 penalties for 151 yards while Los Angeles had nine penalties for 89 yards. The Broncos’ total was the most of any individual team this year, and the combined total of 240 penalty yards was the most in any game this year.

Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett said he’d have to go back and look at the tape before he knows precisely what went wrong.

“I think both teams had a lot of penalties in this game,” Hackett said. “We’ve just got to play cleaner football.”

Broncos rookie cornerback Damarri Mathis had four pass interference penalties for 87 yards. He acknowledged after the game that he needs to improve. But he’s hardly the only one, as the two teams combined for some ugly football.

9 responses to “Broncos had 151 penalty yards, Chargers had 89, for most-penalized game of the season

  1. When will the NFL fix officiating? It’s long overdue to apply even the most basic computer and statistical analysis to how officials train and operate and implement consistent rules application across all ref crews and all games.

    The job needs to be made more competitive so that officials who are inconsistent get weeded out. It’s 2022, tens of millions of dollars are riding on each game. The clock is ticking on Roger to do something, anything to make the officials better. Every other aspect of the game is improving, officiating hasn’t for years.

  2. The flags were nuts how many kept flying. But the replays kept showing that these were mostly good calls and all the yellow is really on the teams.

  3. And just think … the Broncos mortgaged their future for this. They make the Seahawks look like geniuses.

  4. Look at the tape? 151 yds in penalties…NO look in the mirror – bad coaching = bad team discipline!

  5. The TV pundits who raved about the NFL schedulers the first two weeks have quieted down. Who’s bright idea was it to give the broncos so many prime time games?

  6. Imagine what that game would have been like if all the penalties that didn’t get called were called. It was a horrific night by the striped shirts.

  7. Worse foul you can make of defense, passer interference. Worse on offense is holding. That is were most of these fouls came from. Terrible game.

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