Jerry Jones makes another run at blocking a Roger Goodell contract

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The ESPN headline focuses on a profane message from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to Patriots owner Robert Kraft. The far more important point is that, five years after Jones tried to keep Commissioner Roger Goodell from getting a new contract, Jones is at it again.

PFT has confirmed that the owners, by a vote of 31-1, concluded on Tuesday that the league’s compensation committee is authorized to negotiate a new deal with Goodell. Jones was the lone dissenter.

And Jones, via Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta, Jr. of, told Kraft, the chair of the compensation committee,”Don’t fuck with me.”

“Excuse me?” Kraft said.

“Don’t mess with me,” Jones said, modifying his language.

In 2017, Jones tried to block Goodell from getting a new deal. Jerry’s allies at the time included Washington owner Daniel Snyder and, of all people, Papa John.

As one source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT, Jones’s frustration likely comes from the fact that he’s not on the compensation committee, and due to the fact that no other owner joined him in opposing the measure. Per the source, Kraft wasn’t the only subject of Jones’s ire. Both Giants owner John Mara and Browns owner Jimmy Haslam caught some flak, too.

Last time around, it became a major fight, culminating in Jones threatening litigation and Jones ultimately paying for the legal fees incurred by the league in dealing with his threats. This time, it’s far less likely that Jones will die for a second time on the same hill.

79 responses to “Jerry Jones makes another run at blocking a Roger Goodell contract

  1. So now we are reporting billionaire business men swearing at each other? Man this happens in every boardroom, big or small, in the world. Hasn’t anyone watched Succession?

  2. Jones is doing it for his own selfish purposes but in reality he’s the only one doing the right thing by voting against him. Goodell HAS to go. But he won’t. I believe there are major missteps everywhere during his tenure, got Gruden blackballed, and probably enough corruption to get anyone fired. Why do the owners want to keep him? Probably because during his tenure, the NFL has reached profit margins they have never seen. Like politics, it isn’t about right and wrong, but what someone can do for someone else in the same game. Unfortunately corruption is everywhere and will continue until something so egregious comes out in the public forum that there would be no other choice due to public pressure and mostly media coverage. And what are the odds he would be replaced with someone uncorruptable? Probably zero.

  3. I became a fan of the NFL in 1979, and I dont like what the game has become. Goodell has been in charge of this downward spiral since 2006.

    The owners want their money….and Goodell is getting them that, so I get them wanting to keep him.

    As a fan of the game, I want him gone.

  4. Except you have to ask why 31 owners go along with Goodell.

    What is it? He’s a known liar by everyone who covers and follows the league.

    Jerrah is angry and jealous of Kraft that he is not in control of that committee, but why do the owners love and reward bad leadership when the fans know it? That’s the question.

  5. Jerry’s usefulness to other owners is nearing its expiration date. He can still threaten cheerleaders and probably intimidate Cal McNair but he is a paper tiger to most of the rest of the club.

  6. Kinda proves that Kraft was never truly upset over deflategate. Why? Because owners only care about making money. Making money>winning superbowls as it pertains to the owners.

  7. The owners don’t need to pay goodell more, he has no other job offers.
    It’s supply and demand, and he likes his job and there are no other NFL commissioner jobs available elsewhere.

  8. Owner Jerruh ain’t too bright. Getting scared of not winning a Super Bowl before he passes — just like Al Davis before him. Listen to what Jerruh says each day. His desperation grows stronger by the moment. Where’s Jimmy Johnson when you really need him? Oh right. Just like Al, nobody can be bigger in Cowboy Nation than Mr.Jerruh…

  9. If only their wealth was stripped away. How humbling that would be (for too many) when they reflected upon the person that they had become and how they have the ability to influence so many. I wouldn’t say those 4 words to a stranger.

  10. I imagine all the owners are upset with Haslam due to that fully guaranteed Watson contract.

  11. Why does he have a stick somewhere concerning Goodell? Seems like Goodell has contributed to the owners making a whole lot of Dinero. He also takes the biggest brunt of criticism when the NFL gets in the cross-hairs of something negative or damaging to the NFL brand.
    Lighten up, Jer.

  12. Papa John should be the last guy you’d want to hitch your wagon to. Jerry is over the hill. His future is in the rear-view mirror. He doesn’t really care about anything. Certainly doesn’t care about the NFL. If there’s one guy the NFL could do without, it’s Jerry Jones. Papa John, Dan Snyder. Nice company, Jerry.

  13. Jones reportedly wants any new agreement to include metrics of success for Goodell to continue. Presumably the metrics will be more challenging than, say, winning one playoff game a decade like the Jones family. New rule! If you suck at achieving your metrics you shouldn’t be in charge of someone else’s metrics.

  14. Does Jones have a reason to be angry at goodell? Roger has done exactly what he is hired to—be the bad guy? If Jones had to do the dirty work himself, he wouldn’t have a weekly radio spot cause nobody would like him.

  15. Robert Kraft told Jerry Jones that his ego was out of control. Jones responded, “Thats impossible, because for it to be true it would mean I have faults, and I am far too perfect for such a thing to be true.”

  16. The fact that all the owners (except Jones) wants Goodell back seriously scares me. The guy has single handlely (media doesn’t count in this case) made fans lose their minds over the league. If I have to deal with him being commish again for years to come, I swear I contemplate being a football fan.

  17. Sounds like Dr Jerry sides with this site, and I’d say most, if not all, fans, wanting a Roger OUT. Clearly none of you will get your wish.

  18. Jerry “Glory Hole” Jones is once again showing his ignorance. You can make your point without resorting to threats and you’re much more likely to others supporting you too.

  19. I understand that Jerry probably still has anger about the Zeke Elliott fiasco. And he should. Dealing with player punishment in the random & rigged manner that he does is not what Goodell does best.
    What Roger does best for the owners is make them more money. Now, all the things that he’s done (more streaming platforms & revenue, the games in foreign countries) don’t really make fans happy. But as proven over & over, they don’t do anything with the fans as their first consideration.
    It’s all about making the Shield bigger.

  20. Just think how mad he’ll be if Detroit beats Dallas Sunday!! He might just full on Gargoyle and sit on a watch tower.

  21. Maybe because Goodall hit Dallas and Washington with the salary cap fine in an uncapped year. That’s why they teamed up against him before, as payback Goodall went full force with the zeke suspension even though league investigators determined nothing was found. That investigator was fired by Goodall and zeke was punished without cause. Goodell is shady as all get out and it’s clear Mara is his favorite owner being only a few blocks from giants HQ. Jerry has a right to want him out and there is nothing wrong with that.

  22. Just a guess, but jerry jones might be one of the owners Dan synder has dirt on. Meanwhile, the dirt on jim irsay is already public, so he doesn’t have to fear reprisals. Only way to explain the opposing comments from the two owners.

  23. The Cowboys are the leagues cash cow. Hate as much as you want, but look at the ratings when the Cowboys play in prime time. If we where actually good Jerry would be commish by now.

  24. There are some major issues going on behind the scene with the league. I just have the sense something is a about to break wide open.

  25. This is the only I thing I agree with Jerrah about. Roger is way over paid. The same or better results would be available for a fraction of the price and less controversy than this commissioner attracts.

  26. Good for Jones although I would prefer if he did not want Goodell extended at all; instead it sounds like he just wants the grossly overpaid liar Goodell to not get quite as overpaid.

  27. Think it’s safe to say Jerry wants the Commissioner job. If it gets him out of ownership, give it the old college try. They can always fire him afterwards and the league would be rid of him.

  28. I think Jerry is finding out that other owners don’t really care what he thinks any more.

  29. Too bad the other owners don’t care about the lies and corruption the NFL propagates so they can vote Goodell out.

  30. Both Jones and Kraft got screwed by Goodell but only Jones has the balls to want to oust him. Jones has my respect in this matter.

  31. Jones is probably the only owner Goddel doesn’t have dirt on… Goddel shows how the owners lack moral fibre, just like Goddel 😡

  32. Goodell is making them all rich(er) while acting as their personal Piñata. Why would they want to get rid of him?

    Even Jerry ants to keep him, he just wants his salary better tied to his performance.

  33. From a business standpoint Jones is absolutely correct — you need specific goals and metrics before paying the type of bonuses they are talking about. I believe a large majority of the owners just want the $$$ to keep flowing and Goodell has made that happen.

  34. naturallawandselfownership says:
    October 18, 2022 at 10:32 pm
    Kinda proves that Kraft was never truly upset over deflategate. Why? Because owners only care about making money. Making money>winning superbowls as it pertains to the owners.

    20Rate This


    That doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what happened and who was behind the framejob?

  35. Cowboys have a lot of good likable players

    the reason a lot of people hate the cowboys is their owner

  36. cruzcowboy says:
    October 19, 2022 at 2:21 am

    The Cowboys are the leagues cash cow. Hate as much as you want, but look at the ratings when the Cowboys play in prime time. If we where actually good Jerry would be commish by now.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Untrue. The only reason the Cowboys get as many games as they do is because the team is force fed down the throats of people as part of the broadcast schedule. I live in an area with very few Cowboy fans, but yet they are on almost every Sunday on Fox or CBS. Thank god for Redzone so I don’t have to watch them.

  37. Goodell’s compensation is too high. At this point he’s worth an estimated $200,000,000.00 and is paid $63,000,000.00 / year. Why??? Why do they have to pay that much money for the commissioner’s position??? I think they could have multiple HIGHLY QUALIFIED candidates that would be willing to do the job for a fraction of that amount.

  38. Goodell has actively made football only better for the owners pocketbooks while making it worse for the fans. But anything that makes Jerry Jones angry is pretty nice. Watching billionaires squabble only goes so far. They’re still billionaires, after all.

  39. Breaking: Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones have been spotted in team training facilities working with personal boxing trainers

  40. A broken clock is correct twice a day. Jerrah is right on this one. Goodell has damaged the shield more than anyone during his tenure as commissioner.

  41. Jerry mad because Roger handed Robert all those super bowls It won’t be much longer before it starts to come out

  42. Goodell is a waste of time and money. Time to go bye-bye with all that money you were paid, but don’t deserve.

  43. Goodell needs to go but Jones is a weakling ; only a stronger owner like Kraft can get it done.

  44. I have theory that Roger Goodell is actually a really good guy. The kind you could invite to your BBQ who brings a killer potato salad and a six pack of your favorite beer.

    But he is paid the big bucks to play the part of the corrupt and incompetent commissioner to shield all the owners from the criticism the rightly deserve.

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