Roger Goodell: Deshaun Watson has complied with all terms of his suspension

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
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Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has missed six games. After five more, he’ll be able to return to action.

But it’s not simply a matter of missing the games. He also has to comply with the other terms imposed upon him by the league.

On Tuesday, Commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters that Watson has complied to date with all requirements. They primarily relate to evaluation and treatment.

Last week, another lawsuit was commenced against Watson. More could still be filed. Although the league has said it will monitor the case, Watson’s camp will argue that he can’t be punished for any similar conduct happening before the date on which the settlement was reached.

Currently, Watson is due to return on Week 13, when the Browns visit the Texans.

22 responses to “Roger Goodell: Deshaun Watson has complied with all terms of his suspension

  1. So basically, Watson actually has enough brain cells to know enough not to be getting massages right now. What a joke.

  2. As much as I’vs loved the NFL in my life and how much enjoyment it has brought me and my family, it’s appeal gets less and less with each passing year, with how the league defends the disgusting behavior of a few players and owners and the steady decline of the quality of officiating. I can’t imagine my life without the NFL in it, but everything has a breaking point. Tighten it up Roger.

  3. Has he admitted that he did something wrong yet? That was one of the terms to come back. After the suspension deal with the NFL, he was pretty adamant that he never did anything wrong.

  4. So apparently since Watson has more pending lawsuits he has met the NFL suspension guidelines. Rodger you are an embarrassment, Watson should be suspended until all these allegations are ajudicated.

  5. Roger Goodell: Deshaun Watson has complied with all terms of his suspension……….And Watson has kept status quo, racking up another lawsuit.

  6. “Is this the made up NFL version of Double Jeopardy?”

    Soon to be triple, then quadruple…. Everybody wants to pretend that new accusations won’t keep cropping up.

  7. touchback6 says:
    October 18, 2022 at 9:52 pm
    No, he hasn’t. A fresh filing has occurred.

    If you want to call a filing “fresh” with an alleged date of wrongdoing in December 2020 filed by a person under the name Jane Doe. Then I guess it’s a fresh filing.

  8. Does that suggest he’s taken responsibility in therapy? Last we heard from him, he was a completely innocent man who has never disrespected a single woman his entire life. Wasn’t a mea culpa part of the reinstatement conditions?

  9. He complied with the terms but still hasn’t even admitted any responsibility or guilt whatsoever. To me, that’s the most damning thing about all of this.

  10. The comments sections is exactly why there needs to be stiffer penalties for defamation of character. The guy has been cleared of any allegations that he forced himself on anyone yet people are still treating him as if he was even though the lawsuits on him that were settled do not even suggest he did.

    He was guilty of being a weirdo, not a molester. And this “new” case is two years old and anonymous. Punishing people based on old accusations because the general public learns about them and are making incorrect assumptions based on bad info and hearsay shows how corrupt the general public is.

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