Judge declines to stay Jon Gruden’s lawsuit against the NFL pending appeal of arbitration ruling

Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders
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Jon Gruden officially has more wins this year than the team he used to coach.

Daniel Kaplan of TheAthletic.com reports that the judge presiding over the former Raiders coach’s case against the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell has refused to stay the litigation pending appeal of the denial of the league’s effort to force the case into arbitration.

The NFL filed its appeal last week.

Here’s what it means. Barring an immediate appeal of the decision to not stay the case pending the other appeal, the litigation will proceed with the discovery process. Documents and other information will be requested by Gruden. Depositions of key individuals, such as Goodell and Commanders owner Daniel Snyder, will be arranged.

The NFL undoubtedly will try to fight that through any means available, as the league challenges the decision to keep the case out of the secret, rigged, kangaroo court into which the league tries to direct any claims ever made against the NFL and/or its franchises.

One of the most important pieces of information that will come to light if/when the litigation proceeds is the identity of the person who leaked the emails sent to former Commanders executive Bruce Allen.

17 responses to “Judge declines to stay Jon Gruden’s lawsuit against the NFL pending appeal of arbitration ruling

  1. Hope Gruden gets all the info he wants.
    Nothing about the leaked emails looks or sounds right.

  2. Beginning of the end for the NFL. It was good while it lasted… well that is until the QBs were not allowed to be tackled.

  3. It’s all fun & games till the leaks come out. NFL is scrambling faster than Dan Synder on his yacht.

  4. The day is getting nearer where I walk away from sports. It’s not what happens on the field. But the off the field stuff, greed and arrogance… will end my love affair with sports at some point

  5. At some point the owners will make Rodger Goodell fall on the his own sword to save the shield . It’s long past due the NFL gets a new commissioner.

  6. Personally, the NFL ended for me when they protected Ray Rice and his assault on his gf. Whoever found that video deserves a medal. It showed just how much the shield is compromised.

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