Todd Gurley hasn’t officially retired but says he’s “most definitely” done

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Todd Gurley has not officially retired, but he is done playing.

“I don’t think there’s any question about that one,” the former running back told Andrew Siciliano of NFL Media.

That much was obvious even without Gurley saying it.

Gurley, 28, has not played since 2020.

He repeated that his career is finished in a follow-up question from Siciliano.

“Yeah, most definitely,” Gurley said before later adding on Twitter that his unofficial official retirement wasn’t breaking news.

His career shows how quickly a running back’s career can end. The Rams made Gurley the 10th overall selection in 2015, and he won offensive rookie of the year honors with 1,106 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns.

Gurley earned All-Pro honors in 2017 and 2018 and was offensive player of the year in 2018 when he ran for 1,251 yards and 17 touchdowns. Then, it was over.

He never had another 1,000-yard season as knee injuries prematurely ended his career. The Rams moved on after the 2019 season, and Gurley had a final season with the Falcons when it was obvious he wasn’t the same back he once was.

Gurley finishes his career with 6,082 rushing yards, 67 rushing touchdowns, 2,254 receiving yards and 12 receiving touchdowns.

12 responses to “Todd Gurley hasn’t officially retired but says he’s “most definitely” done

  1. This article needs some context. Todd Gurley at 28, who hasn’t played in 2 years, has earned according to Sportrac, about 49 million.

    Sweet gig.

  2. That’s basically what it is at for running backs 90% of the time it seems, if someone uses one as a lead back that takes most of the snaps, they’ll break down by the end of their first contract a lot of the time. Some guys like Gore somehow play forever, but even if guys split snaps most of the time, it seems like a 5 or 6 year career is usually the most they’ll be a legitimate contributor.

  3. I think sometimes they wait for 2 years after not playing to retire because they vested in the NFL pension plan. Smart to do.

  4. If someone could find a way to stop all the knee injuries I bet the NFL would pay them a billion dollars.

  5. Timing is everything. If his knees had lasted one more season, the Rams would have won that SB against the Buc’s.

  6. I think we’re going to need a separate Hall of Fame for all the running backs who were Elite for a handful of years and then blew their knees out.

    That list is growing quickly.

  7. It’s decisions like the Rams made to give him the bag that confused everyone last season signing all the great players without using there draft picks to get 4 year cheaper options. That contract should’ve had a big impact on there salary cap.

  8. In the Rams failed Super Bowl run was impacted by two season ending injuries. Cooper Kupp and Malcolm Brown. Brown would spell Gurley and come into block on passing downs. When Malcolm Brown went down, Gurley had to become an every down back. Eventually got injured and was never the same. He continued to play hurt. That’s why he wasn’t able to do anything in the Super Bowl. He was never the same

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