Commanders place Carson Wentz on IR

Washington Commanders v Chicago Bears
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Washington quarterback Carson Wentz is officially out for at least the next four weeks.

The Commanders elected to place Wentz on injured reserve on Saturday after he underwent surgery to repair his fractured finger.

Wentz suffered the injury in Washington’s 12-7 victory over the Bears last Thursday night. He played through the injury during the game.

In being out for the next four games, Wentz won’t play against his two former teams. The Commanders have the Packers, Colts, Vikings, and Eagles as their next four opponents.

Taylor Heinicke is slated to start in Wentz’s stead. He compiled a 7-8 record as a starter in 2021, completing 65 percent of his passes for 3,419 yards with 20 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

The Commanders also have rookie fifth-round pick Sam Howell on the roster, but head coach Ron Rivera said this week Heinicke gives the team the best chance to win.

11 responses to “Commanders place Carson Wentz on IR

  1. Heinickie has spark, that’s for sure. Wentz will be back when he’s healthy but I don’t see him being a long term deal for the Commanders. Heinickie has another chance to make some noise until then.

  2. And depending on how well Heinicke or Howell do, here ends Carson Wentz’s career as a starter in the NFL; and developing on how well Carson responds to that, there ends his NFL career, period.

  3. This fan of the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles is, unfortunately, not surprised by the Wentz injury. We had such high hopes for him as our franchise quarterback.
    It was a minor miracle that we were able to foist him on the Colts.
    It is almost unfathomable that the Washington Football Team/Commanders gave up as much as they did after he failed in two places.
    What a sad fall from grace for this once proud franchise.
    That is all.

  4. He’s done! Stick a fork in him, turn out the lights,pull down the shades, let the air out of the tires,however you would like to phrase it, Carson Wentz is done as a starting QB in the NFL and once again Taylor Heineke will drag his coach and team across the finish line to either a respectable season or the unemployment line for a lot of Wash. Personnel.

  5. …and all of the sudden, things are looking up for Washington… at least for a few weeks.

  6. The timing couldn’t be any better for the commanders….they got thier Rb back and they do have decent WRs……I also think Hemnick brings a much need enthusiastic presence to the huddle .

  7. Heinecke is going to play like he’s going to beat the Packers. Rodgers is going to play like he hopes he doesn’t lose to the Commanders. He learned that mentality from McCarthy.

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