Jim Irsay doubles down on his position regarding Daniel Snyder

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Jim Irsay will not keep quiet.

Irsay spoke out on Tuesday about Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. And Irsay more recently doubled down in comments to Jay Glazer of Fox Sport, even as Commissioner Roger Goodell hopes that owners will wait until the current investigation has ended.

I don’t not feel it’s in the best interests of the shield and the NFL,” Irsay told Glazer regarding Snyder’s ongoing ownership of the team. “This is not how we should be represented, and it’s regrettable that we have to be in this position.”

Is Irsay worried about any backlash?

“I’m gonna talk about it,” Irsay said. “I will not be muzzled, and I will stand by it.”

Irsay also believes that the owners have an obligation to the NFL’s customers to take action.

“We’re bound as owners to listen to the fans, and we cannot put our heads in the sand on this,” he said.

He thinks that the Mary Jo White investigation, whenever it concludes, will be the catalyst for a real conversation about Snyder’s future.

“I do believe that the concerns I have will merit a serious discussion among all the owners,” Irsay said. “I don’t want to see this swept under the rug again.”

That last comment may be the strongest. Irsay doesn’t want it to be swept under the rug again. It was swept under the rug when Beth Wilkinson completed her investigation.

It was swept under the rug by the league office, which didn’t ask for a written report from Wilkinson — presumably since the league knew Wilkinson would have recommended in writing that Snyder be forced to sell.

15 responses to “Jim Irsay doubles down on his position regarding Daniel Snyder

  1. Goodell will probably get a raise for all his sweeping under the rug as well. A sorry state of affairs.

  2. Dear Jim Irsay: Stay away from Dallas. And if you must go to Dallas for business, don’t go anywhere near Dealey Plaza.

  3. Same guy got his driver’s license revoked for a year for dui and possession of oxy…

  4. What does that have to do with anything in regards to Snyder’s disgusting behavior? This is the same crap conservatives do, don’t even bother denial or addressing the point, just go straight to “what about you?”

    jerrystrashcan says:
    October 23, 2022 at 4:13 pm
    The Irsay’s were no saints either

  5. I’m from MD. First NFL game I ever attended was an exhibition at Memorial Stadium where the entire crowd chanted “Irsay sucks! Irsay s-head!” the whole game. He’s done some things that in his personal life. He’s a… character. None of that means he can’t be right about this.

  6. Too bad Irsay won’t call out Robert Kraft for sucking up to his best friend goodell to keep him as commissioner due to the fact goodell has provided the Patriots with their own personal referee crew to rig games in their favor since goodell took over. Comical how other owners won’t bring that up

  7. Well it takes a dirtbag to know a dirtbag.
    Make it a BOGO…ban one get one and get rid of them both.

  8. The irony of Jim Irsay being the voice of reason here is amazing. When the pillhead owner who isn’t well known for his solid decision making is the guy saying that Dan Synder is completely unfit for an ownership role you know old Danny has been screwing up in a royal fashion.

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