Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have too much for the 49ers

Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers
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The 49ers have a good defense. But not good enough to stop Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes, the Chiefs’ superstar quarterback, ran wild in San Francisco today, passing for 423 yards and three touchdowns as Kansas City cruised to a 44-23 win.

The Chiefs got off to a slow start and fell behind 10-0, but after that, Mahomes controlled the game. He could do whatever he wanted, finding open receivers downfield and spreading the ball around to Marquez Valdes-Scantling and JuJu Smith-Schuster, both of whom topped 100 receiving yards.

It was the San Francisco debut for the newly arrived running back Christian McCaffrey, and he made a few nice plays, but not enough to make much of a difference for a 49ers offense that made mistake after mistake. Jimmy Garoppolo threw a costly interception before halftime, took a sack in the second half, and then lost a fumble to end the 49ers’ last desperation drive in the fourth quarter.

The 5-2 Chiefs bounced back nicely from their disappointing loss to the Bills last week, and they’re in great shape in the AFC West. The 3-4 49ers demonstrated with the McCaffrey trade that they’re all-in to win this season, but today they came up well short.

45 responses to “Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have too much for the 49ers

  1. If you told me that Patrick Mahomes and the KC offense would be up by 21 pts against the #1 overall defense – I would have believed you.

    That guy is something to watch (and endure for opposing fans). The killer 3rd & long conversions weren’t even the difference. KC just has too many weapons to scheme against with Mahomes under center.

    As for Shanahan, the difference in coaching was glaring. One team was bold, innovative and confident – the other was the 49ers.

    3-4 isn’t the end of our season but we have a week to get it together against LA who aren’t a cake walk.

    Go Niners

  2. I fully expect these two teams to face off in the Super Bowl again if not this year, but in the coming years.

  3. Rough loss for the football media, you guys still got the 3-4 Niners in your top 10 power rankings? Best 3-4 team in the league at least I’m sure right?

  4. IF the Chiefs offensive line would turn in that game each week they’ll beat anyone, including the greatest team in NFL history, the 2022 Buffalo Bills.

  5. The worst thing you can do when playing Reid/Mahomes is get a 2 score lead. They just start doing things that aren’t natural.

  6. Chiefs recievers and Mahomes are starting to get comfortable which is bad news for all the “they can’t win without Tyrek” crowd. Mahomes leads the NFL in passing TD’s, highest scoring offense in the NFL, put up another 400+ game, also helped that they had Willie Gay back.

  7. As great as Mahomes played, PFF will still rank him #12 or #13 for the week according to their inane system. Wait for it…

  8. Maybe the 49ers should have sent those picks for an upgrade at QB instead. Just about anyone would be better than Jimmy Turnovers.

  9. Hildave15 says:
    October 23, 2022 at 7:48 pm
    IF the Chiefs offensive line would turn in that game each week they’ll beat anyone, including the greatest team in NFL history, the 2022 Buffalo Bills.
    No they wouldn’t.

  10. Over 500 yds passing, 10 different recievers…I think it’s fair to say, they don’t miss Tyreek.

  11. “The 49ers have a Great Defence” NO all I saw was a pathetic joke getting torched for multiple big plays. I know Simms thinks he’s some kind of genius but Shanahan needs to be Fired. You give Belichick this SF roster he wins two rings .

  12. Shaping up to be a Bills-Chiefs AFC Championship game & the Bills will most likely be playing it at home with the Super Bowl opponent being….I can’t believe I’m gonna say this… Minnesota with the Bills winning 34-3!

  13. Chiefs OL is the MVP of this game; first time 15 had a consistently clean pocket this season. Good to see the new receivers having big games as well as Hardman. Hopefully Chiefs develop a consistent running game. Great win coming of the tough loss to Buffalo. Bye coming at a great time for KC.

  14. Wow. Talk a bout a “get right” game for the Chiefs. They just poured it on the 49ers today.

  15. Good things Niners gave up four picks for McCaffrey.

    What would you have done without his 38 yards?

  16. Hats off to the chiefs. They along with buffalo are the best teams in NFL and the way they are playing no one NFC stands a chance.

    Till niners have a really good/great QB all the talent, kittle, Deebo, Aiyuk, CMC are being wasted. Too bad.

  17. Can the league setup a ranking system for the championship games? Rank the top 4 remaining teams, seed them, then KC doesn’t have to play Buffalo for what should be the super bowl again.

  18. The outcome would have been different if the 49ers had a competent qb. They had opportunity after opportunity. Eventually down 2 tds, Jimmy g was still throwing underneath. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about Jimmy, I don’t what will. How many weapons does he need—cmc, aiyuk, Deebo, and kittle. Good grief.

  19. San Fran now has arguably the best RB/TE/RB combo in the league. Too bad their QB is about 25th… He’s all that will hold them back.

  20. Isn’t it nice as football fans that we have maybe a decade of GREAT QB play (Allen, Mahomes, maybe Burrows & Herbert and who knows who else) to look forward to right after the Manning Boys, Brees and others have retired and Brady and Rodgers look all washed up?

    Been watching football for almost 60 years now and this happens time after time after time. So don’t get too hung up on your “guy” he’ll be gone before you know it and just enjoy that others will step up to keep the game great.

  21. Rumor has it Mecole Hardman even ran for two more jet sweep touchdowns on the way back to the locker room.

  22. Everyone knows any given Sunday the chiefs offense will look amazing, what impresses me lately is how their defense is doing even though they basically have no CBs at the moment. When they get healthy, plus if they do trade for a decent DE, like the media is saying, they will be an impressive team.

  23. Clara fan sure has had a lot of wind in their jaws about how good their defense is…44 points is a bit of an attitude adjustment, eh?

  24. springfield says:
    October 23, 2022 at 9:41 pm
    San Fran now has arguably the best RB/TE/RB combo in the league. Too bad their QB is about 25th… He’s all that will hold them back.
    Spot on. How many weapons have the niners have to get to get better? Answer is zero. Thry have Deebo, Aiyuk, kittle and cmc. They need a QB. Hopefully we’ll find out that Lance is the one. But who knows.
    To think this team has been a good QB away from winning it all a couple of times. Disgusting…

  25. this could be the last year for Shanahan and his GM. Not a #1 or #2 draft pick next year and lost a 3 and 4 next year.. If the niners finish last in their division those two could be out the door.

  26. Just spitballin here, but is it possible, just maybe, that Shanahan isn’t quite the genius, and the roster isn’t quite as talented, as everyone thinks?

  27. wearitclara says:
    October 23, 2022 at 10:14 pm
    Clara fan sure has had a lot of wind in their jaws about how good their defense is…44 points is a bit of an attitude adjustment, eh?
    Yup – it’s quite humbling. Although I (somewhat) like the rams because of McVay, I seek solace in the fact that they got drubbed by the bills just about as bad. KC is coming your way.

    As I’ve been saying for a while, the talent on the niners rosters is second to none except at the most important position- it sucks

  28. Agreed that Shanahan is NOT the genius everyone seems to think. I keep seeing them hit the wall on offense. But KC’s first half coaching left a lot to be desired: 1) Dave Toub putting Sky Moore back to drop YET another punt inside his own 10; 2) Reid bringing on the FG unit with 11 seconds left in the 1st half on 3rd down– really, you couldn’t give Mahomes and Kelce one more shot at the endzone there and then they rushed Butker on to miss a 39yd FG. 3) Spagnuolo in the 1st half gives up the TD on another zero coverage on 3rd down, leaving his rookie DB one-on-one with Kittle. Why? Why does he keep doing that? KC is lucky this wasn’t close.

  29. When Mahomes and the CHiefs olay like they did yesterday, No Team in the NFL can beat them.

  30. No matter what skilled players the Chiefs lose, it’s still a QB league. No matter what skilled guys the 49ers add, it’s still a QB league.

  31. Niners fans are funny.

    So first, Trey Lance was going to tear up the league with his super strong arm and running ability.

    Then it was OK Trey got hurt because Trey was too inexperienced and Jimmy Glass went to the NFCCG last year. With his leadership the Niners were going to roll.

    Now Niners have the best TE in football (oh, except that he only plays about half the games), the best receiver/rb in Deebo (which could very well be correct) and the best pure
    RB in McCaffrey (his 38 yards rushing were indispensable and he hasn’t been good since 2019) and Jimmy Glass is the problem.

    Guess what, none of them play on your great defense that gave up 44 points on 535 yards.

    Oh and the 23 points you scored was against the 8th worst defense in the NFL based on points allowed.

  32. I will keep saying it until peoples start seeing the Truth.
    Kyle Shanahan is not very good coach. He is just a pretty good coach. He well above average game planning and play design. But, he is a below average coach during the game, and he always seems to get worse as the game goes on.

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