Sunday Night Football: Kenny Pickett throws two late INTs, allowing Miami to escape with 16-10 win

Pittsburgh Steelers v Miami Dolphins
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Steelers rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett threw two interceptions in the final three minutes, denying them a comeback victory over the Dolphins. Miami held on for a 16-10 victory over Pittsburgh as neither team scored in the second half.

The Steelers dropped four interceptions and threw three of them. That was the difference as Miami improved to 4-3 in breaking a three-game losing streak, while Pittsburgh fell to 2-5.

The Dolphins could have had a two-score lead with 8:37 remaining in the third quarter, but Mike McDaniel ignored the analytics — it was close — and decided to go for it on fourth-and-three at the Pittsburgh 14. Chase Edmonds was stopped by Myles Jack for no gain.

That kept the Steelers’ hopes alive late.

The Steelers drove to the Miami 15, where they faced a third-and-one. An illegal shift was followed by offensive holding on Dan Moore. That left Pittsburgh with a third-and-16. Kenny Pickett tried to hit Diontae Johnson and safety Jevon Holland stepped in front of the pass at the Miami 18. He returned it 33 yards to the Pittsburgh 49 after Pickett forced him out with 2:57 left.

Pickett’s play prevented a pick-six and allowed the Steelers one more chance at a game-winner after the Dolphins went three-and-out.

The Steelers drove from their own 13 after a Miami punt to the Dolphins 25 with 25 seconds left. Noah Igbinoghene intercepted Pickett in the end zone on a pass intended for Johnson to end it.

Tua Tagovailoa completed 21 of 35 passes for 261 yards and a touchdown. Jaylen Waddle caught four passes for 88 yards and Tyreek Hill two for 72. Raheem Mostert rushed for 79 yards on 16 carries.

Pickett went 32-of-44 for 257 yards with a touchdown and three interceptions.

Justin Bethel had the other interception of Pickett, which came in the first half.

48 responses to “Sunday Night Football: Kenny Pickett throws two late INTs, allowing Miami to escape with 16-10 win

  1. I don’t see all the upside in Pickett. Trubisky probably blows Miami out tonight. They should think about lining up Pickens in the secondary…. Or anyone with a functioning hand to catch one of those 4 easy interceptions Tua was gifting them.

    Pickett is a bum, Pickens is Him.

  2. Congrats to the Dolphins first. Steelers with undisciplined penalties, shooting themselves in the foot. Too many 3 and outs, and poor execution in the red zone kills them. And when you’re playing a good opponent like the Dolphins, well you see what happens.

    Still Go Steelers! Love ‘em no matter what.

  3. Tua tried to give it to them and they just wouldn’t take it. Pickett HAS to preserve the FG on the next to last drive. You CANNOT throw THAT pick with 2:37 left and 2 TO’s on the board. They could have at least tied it on the last drive before throwing that 2nd pick at the end. Fish got lucky tonight, but it doesn’t feel good.

  4. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! Clock management and poor QB play at the end did in the Steelers.As a Biils fan, I wanted the Steelers to win.
    I’m not sold on Pickett. Are they “rookie” mistakes or bonehead mistakes. Time will tell.

  5. The Fins looked out of sync even with Tua back & obviously showing no ill effects from his concussion. It still remains to be seen IF he can healthy from here on out & with that OL it’s doubtful & the Dolphin D is terrible. Pittsburgh on the other hand is hot garbage & Trubisky should have started & would’ve given them a better chance & I probably wouldn’t want to sit next to Flores on the trip back to Pittsburgh.

  6. Run, Run, Pass. Such complex offensive game plans by the genius Matt Canada. The defense did its part today.

  7. It was hard to watch the Steelers offense. 4th quarter, down by 6, they call jet sweep (fake reverse) and then a fake jet sweep – shuffle pass. I mean they have some great WRs, it’s painful to watch these shot passes. Later in Q4, third and 3, they complete a 2yd pass. Terrible

  8. Tomlin and Flores had an excellent game plan to try and stop that offense but hard to blame them when their defenders are dropping easy INTs all game.

    The Dolphins are very fortunate to pull out with the W… they didn’t look particularly impressive at all.

  9. Fire Matt Canada. C’mon Tomlin, please, fire Him…his offense is painful to watch. Pickett will have his growing pains, but I think he’s better long-term than Trubiski. That and he needs a real OC. Matt Canada is pathetic.

  10. Kenny Pick-off is gonna be alright. He’s just a rookie after all.
    It may have been unrealistic to expect him to lead a game winning drive in his first start on national TV.

  11. Learning the Belichick lesson to be careful what you wish for cause when your QB leaves it’s a long, painful road

  12. Pittsburgh played solid defense they always do! Miami will never win anything until they understand what an offensive line is and how to build one! Pittsburgh had a bad offensive line like ours last year,and theirs is ahead of ours. We’ve been tweeting that line for a decade in Miami and it’s still bad! No QB is going to survive having 2.5 seconds to throw not even Tua with his accuracy and quick decisions.

  13. A poor game by both quarterbacks. Pickett gets a bit of a pass on it because he is rookie, but Tagovailoa missed what should be easy throws. If he can simply get the ball to Waddle in any fashion that allows Waddle to stay on his feet, Waddle has a walk-in. Instead he airmails him forcing a spectacular catch but unable to land on his feet, loses the easy TD resulting in 3 instead of 7. And what was McDaniel thinking in bypassing a field goal to go up by 9 and instead trying a hand-off up the middle? The Dolphins were gifted that win.

  14. Tua had this offense rolling in the first half but the second came screeching to a halt. Credit to the Steelers defense for being stingy across the middle. A young QB is gonna have some rust after missing multiple games but he did enough for the win. Hats off to the Dolphins defense that seems to play really loose and fast even with backups. They still have enough playmakers to turn the tide. Fins should’ve taken the 3 points in the 3rd. In a sloppy game like this, a 9 point lead would’ve been a moral killer. A win is a win.

  15. That’s what rookies do! But it’s obvious even in losing that the Steelers have their franchise quarterback! It’s scary to look at them and realize they are only a number one receiver and an offensive lineman away from the playoffs. And they haven’t spent much money to put that team together. Pittsburgh has been drafting really well for a long time and as a dolphins fan to see the picks we wasted with Grier as GM and our cap situation it’s disgusting! Even in winning we came away more broken!

  16. Florio, your Steelers didn’t win tonight but killer interceptions aside, I like Kenny Pickett’s ability to lead the offense. He will get better and when he does that offense will be really hard to stop.

  17. They gotta go back to Trubisky, right? Throwing Kenny Small Hands out there isn’t going to do anything except pile up losses.

  18. Pickett needs to find his way soon….The rest of the AFC North seem to have their long term answer at QB.

  19. 60ftlesbianoctopus
    I’m not a Steelers fan, but I don’t know what game you were watching. Picket showed a lot of talent and confidence for a rookie. No idea why you would think Trubisky would have done anything great against Miami when he hasn’t done anything much all year.

  20. I see comments saying Miami D is terrible and I must wonder, what does it take to get out of the terrible category. I mean 3 INTs and only giving up 10 points in the NFL I thought was actually pretty good.
    Not to mention when almost the entire secondary is out and staring DE is out.
    So please someone let me know how to get out of terrible category

  21. I’m really getting annoyed with new age mentality of playing football ruled by analytics INSTEAD of common sense basic football knowledge. Take the CHIP SHOT FIELD GOAL in the 3rd quarter and be up 19-10. Are these ridiculous decisions based on other outcomes they want???

  22. Hopefully, it’s growing pains with Pickett. He’s shown some serious upside, and he’s only had, what, 2-3 starts? The D kept them in it, and even the O-line look better. Much more concerned with Najee and Canada.

  23. Pickett may eventually turn into something but man, he’s got to remember he’s a rookie and stop fighting when he gets hit and looking for a flag after every incomplete pass. He’s coming off as a whiner.

  24. Pickett sucks and looks to be embarrassed to be himself on the field. Understandably.
    If that is the future of Pittsburgh, I like what I see!
    Tomlin looks like he doesn’t even care anymore.

  25. Oh I’ll bet Flores is a fun guy to be around today…not that he was ever a ray of sunshine while coaching in Miami! Lol

  26. Rookie is gonna rookie. Especially when he’s on ilike his second game. I get that Steelers fans are upset. This just isn’t the year folks. Imagine feeling like this when you had a supposedly franchise quarterback, who was making 30 million a year and played far worse than Pickett. That’s what happened to Eagles fans for a few years.

  27. It would have been a nice story, the Pitt star going on to star for the Steelers, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. At least not unless his decision making improves drastically.

  28. While it was a tough loss for us I do admire the integrity of Brian Flores not to use his insider information of the Dolphins to help the Steeler defense beat Tua. Or to help the Steeler offense to score more than 10 points for that matter.

  29. Don’t like either team but I was hoping Pitt would score a TD at the end and to give that dumb Miami coach a lesson. When you can go up 2 scores YOU DO IT. Almost came back to bite him in the ass.

  30. touchback6 says:
    October 24, 2022 at 10:15 am
    Miami just stinks. And Pickett is a bust. That kid blows! Who was he throwing it to?

    And yet, he’s still played better than Mac Jones this year despite having a far worse O-Line and RB room and Matt Canada as his OC. What does that say about Mac?

  31. phinjunky1985 says:
    October 24, 2022 at 12:55 am
    That’s what rookies do! But it’s obvious even in losing that the Steelers have their franchise quarterback! It’s scary to look at them and realize they are only a number one receiver and an offensive lineman away from the playoffs. And they haven’t spent much money to put that team together. Pittsburgh has been drafting really well for a long time and as a dolphins fan to see the picks we wasted with Grier as GM and our cap situation it’s disgusting! Even in winning we came away more broken!
    I agree with you about Kenny Pickett and completely disagree with people who say things like “Kenny little hands” or who berate his game and interceptions late in the game. This was only his 2nd or 3rd pro start, Rookies always make mistakes that’s how humans learn!
    However it’s the job of the teachers to make the process as painless as possible. That’s Canada’s and Tomlin’s responsibility yet they continue to fail miserably. The play calling continues to be inept. That’s not the player’s fault. And Tomlin’s had far than enough time to address it but hasn’t. That’s on him. They both need to be held accountable and in my view, ownership as well.
    The definition of insanity is repeating an action over and over again and expecting a different result. Hello!
    With about 6 minutes left finally Pittsburgh stopped their run on first down obsession and simply started passing an moving the ball down field effectively. Then with under 4:30 to go they have a first down on Miami’s 24, I believe, and they decide to run the ball. Harris picks about 7?. They are now 2nd and three, guess what, another run with Harris. Why two in a row, when it hasn’t worked? Who knows. He picks up 2 yards. So it’s now 3rd and 1. Now a 3rd straight run play and they get called for illegal shift. What part of stupidly and insanity do Steeler coaches not understand? Three consecutive run plays in a row. Even though that strategy hasn’t worked all night.

  32. Trubisky spent a year as backup to Josh Allen. One would think that being Allen’s Understudy and his previous game experience – with the Miami game being winnable in 4Q, that he would be the guy to finish this game. Result: Instead, Steelers handed this game to the Phins.

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