Tanya Snyder caps address to fans by invoking the team’s former name

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The Snyders are nothing if not brazenly defiant.

With owner Daniel Snyder facing a growing push to force him out, Snyder continues to authorize the issuance of strident, combative comments in response to anything and everything said by anyone and everyone about him. His wife, Tanya, displayed a little of that same attitude on Sunday.

Addressing fans on alumni day at FedEx Field, Tanya Snyder capped her remarks with, “Hail to the Redskins.”

The information came from Sam Fortier of the Washington Post. Per Fortier, Tanya Snyder’s invocation of the team’s former name was “well received.”

We asked the Commanders whether Tanya Snyder did indeed say what she reportedly said.

“Yes, she did, celebrating all our legends, who were here for Alumni Homecoming Weekend,” a Washington spokesperson told PFT via text message.

So, basically, the team thinks it’s OK to periodically use the nickname that was retired due to the fact that it had become a dictionary-defined slur. On special occasions only, apparently.

That shouldn’t be how it works. It’s one thing to celebrate former teams or players or whatever. But the former name is gone for one very specific reason. It shouldn’t be brought back.

While it may curry favor with some fans, it won’t help win votes among the owners who may eventually decide whether Daniel Snyder should be compelled to sell.

If/when that happens, it’s safe to say that next owner will publicly mention the former name of the team exactly as frequently as the new owner publicly mentions the name of the former owner.

14 responses to “Tanya Snyder caps address to fans by invoking the team’s former name

  1. What. The NFL and it’s fans didn’t think the Snyder’s were gonna give them all the double finger salute in response to all this hoopla. The world can be a blessed place for those that have a complete lack of self-awareness.

  2. This team needs to be sold and the new owner should change the name again to something the fans can get behind via a better process.

  3. The amounts of fake accounts that Dan Synder’s people keep making is impressive. If only they spent that amount of effort on running the team like decent humans.

  4. Save this energy for speaking out when you se 60,000 people doing the the Tomahawk Chop at Arrowhead Stadium. I won’t hold my breath.

  5. On of the names that was floating around was the Red Hawks! That’s a great name. Logo would be good too.

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