Amon-Ra St. Brown did not suffer a concussion, was removed because of new protocol

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys
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The Lions announced during Sunday’s game against the Cowboys that wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown had been ruled out with a concussion, but today the team said St. Brown actually did not suffer a concussion.

Lions head coach Dan Campbell said today that St. Brown was removed from the game because of the new league rule that all players who exhibit ataxia, which is poor muscle control that causes clumsy movements, are automatically taken out of the game. Campbell said medical staff watched tape of St. Brown’s motion on the field and took him out.

“They look at the video, and so when the video, plus what they saw there, it’s automatically you’re out now,” Campbell said.

Campbell said St. Brown will remain in the concussion protocol and continue to be evaluated, but from all indications he’ll be clear to play on Sunday against the Dolphins.

10 responses to “Amon-Ra St. Brown did not suffer a concussion, was removed because of new protocol

  1. I don’t know what they are supposed to do… but I don’t like that very much. If he doesn’t have a concussion, he shouldn’t be “forced” out of the game.

  2. I think the rule is now “Better safe than sorry”. Only problem is the potential for gambling related corruption. If someone gets to one of the officials in charge of this kind of thing…can you imagine what it could cause? Especially if it were in a playoff game, or *gasp* the Super Bowl. Pull the start player out at a crucial moment and the whole game can change. Slippery slope for the league.

  3. Curious to see if they”notice” if this happens to a star QB during the playoffs. My guess is they are cleared and returned to the game

  4. If he doesn’t have a concussion, why does he have to remain in the protocol? It seems that now the NFL is going too far the other way with this issue. St Brown is one of the few bright spots of watching a Lions game.

  5. This is sheer insanity. So Teddy Bridgewater and Amon-Ra St. Brown have no concussion symptoms, do not have concussions, but have to not only miss the rest of the game but are forced into the concussion protocol so have to miss practice time the next week. This is not a sustainable way of running a multi-billion dollar business with multi-millionaire employees. Can the NFL just once react to something in a normal way without going way overboard?

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