Mike Tomlin: Game came down to Steelers dropping interceptions, Dolphins catching theirs

NFL: OCT 23 Steelers at Dolphins
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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin says Sunday night’s loss to the Dolphins came down to one team’s defense being able to catch the football, and one team’s defense not.

“You’ve got to compliment the Miami Dolphins,” Tomlin said. “They made the necessary plays to secure victory and we didn’t. Oftentimes when it’s a defensive battle like that developed into, it’s about who catches their interception opportunities and who doesn’t, and that’s the lens in which I see it. The Dolphins caught theirs and we didn’t catch ours, and that’s probably the difference in the game.”

Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett threw three interceptions, including the game-ending pick at the goal line in the final seconds to secure the Dolphins’ 16-10 win. Steelers defensive players had their hands on four different Tua Tagovailoa passes and dropped all four of them as Tagovailoa finished the game with no interceptions.

“We had some interception opportunities and we’ve got to catch them,” Tomlin said.

But the Steelers didn’t catch them, and that was the difference in the game.

11 responses to “Mike Tomlin: Game came down to Steelers dropping interceptions, Dolphins catching theirs

  1. Coach, get an Offensive Coordinator who can call plays that work with Pucketts skill set. Run, Run, Pass. Run up the middle, Run up the middle, Pass. A 2 year old can figure out the game plan. Get rid of Canada.

  2. The difference in the game is that the Dolphins are a winning team and the Steelers are a bunch of sad losers.

  3. As bad as the Steelers offense was, he’s right. They had at least 3 Ints which should have been caught and at least one might’ve been a pick 6.

    If they had good hands they’d probably be WRs instead of defensive backs.

  4. It wasn’t just they they dropped interceptions. Some of those were the easiest interceptions they’ll ever encounter.

  5. If the Steeler defense had come up with a dozen key interceptions of Tua, Tomlin thinks the Steelers could have gotten out of Miami with a 10 – 0 win. The Steelers are not in the blinking business! GO STEELERS!

  6. Ok, it’s easy to say there were some dropped interceptions by Pitt and that was the difference in the game. Maybe. The Dolphins also had dropped passes and a dropped TD. They also failed to convert on 4th down at the 14 and could have taken the field goal to go up by 9 points. So to say some dropped interceptions were the difference in that game is subjective.

  7. One game, two mediocre QBs. Game decided by the best hands in the secondary exactly like NBC was hoping.

  8. What about the quarterbacks that threw the easy to intercept balls.QBs get all of the credit when they win and none when they lose. That’s not right. QBs need to be held accountable for bad throws. What separates a lot of DB and receivers is the ability to catch.

  9. I think that you have a football “team culture” problem in Pitt. These guys just don’t looked ready to play, and the OC is limited to calling plays for a rookie QB

  10. Funny that Tomlin thinks the defense catching the INT’s was the difference. You still have to convert points with your possessions, so what makes you think that would have changed anything Tomlin aside from the other 7 possessions resulting in punts. The Steelers defenses held them pretty good despite the fast start. This is 100% on our offensive play calling. Matt Canada needs to go. You have a mobile qb. Run a sneak on 3rd and 1. Quit designing routes for 3rd and 4 where a RB or WR catches the ball at or behind the line of scrimmage. Canada is killing this offense.

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