Cowboys will wear their blue jerseys and silver pants in Sunday’s home game

Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys
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When the Cowboys entered the league as an expansion team in 1960, then-team president Tex Schramm decided they would wear white jerseys at home. It gave fans a chance to see the different colored jerseys of visiting teams.

Cowboys fans got accustomed to the white jerseys.

After the Cowboys lost to the Browns in the 1968 playoffs and then in Super Bowl V to the Colts, both times while wearing their blue jerseys, the Cowboys and their fans began thinking of the blue jerseys as a jinx.

The “curse” of the blue jersey has faded over time.

Now, the Cowboys are opting to wear their navy jerseys with silver pants Sunday against Chicago at AT&T Stadium, Todd Archer of ESPN reports. It is rarity for the team in a non-holiday/non-primetime game at home.

The Cowboys wore their blue jerseys at home for the first time in a non-holiday game in 2013.

20 responses to “Cowboys will wear their blue jerseys and silver pants in Sunday’s home game

  1. The only meaningful wins in those blue jersies were beating the Rams in the 1978 NFC Championship and their great come from behind win against the Redskins to start the season on MNF in 1983 …

  2. It all adds up to the Joneses trying to get another buck for different jerseys at the home game , I’m a life long cowboys fan but even I get fed up with them.

  3. I remember the Eagles wore their white jerseys during the 1980 NFCCG at the Vet. one of the fans at the game held up a sign – wearing the blue puts the hex on you. It was a frigid day, but it was glorious.

  4. Having grown up in the 80’s, it always stood out to me that there were three teams, who almost never wore the dark jersey at home. Cowboys, Redskins, and Browns. I never understood why. It just seemed weird and unless I’m forgetting another team, those three almost always wore white at home.

  5. Im an old fart and not only remember this but it still barbs under the skin. I doubt I’ll ever get to a point where I prefer the blue (over the classic white) but I doubt I’ll ever even get fully comfortable with seeing them in blue.
    Does anyone have Pavlov’s number? He’d get a kick out of this.

  6. So, if the Bears pull off the upset then the “Curse of the Blues” is back?!?

    I would be curious to see the blue top with the soft blue (usually) home pants.

  7. Will Zeke’s belly be exposed? That’s the detail I always need as to whether I tune in or not.

  8. I know people who believe in the “jinx” wholeheartedly. I see the conviction and n their eyes…..

  9. This particular uniform color combination reminds me of the “original Dallas Cowboy” QB “Dandy” Don Meredith.

  10. I love how many teams will choose white when hosting the Cowboys, forcing them to wear the “cursed” jersey.

  11. The Cowboys didn’t start wearing white at home on a regular basis until 1964 when they switched to the blue and silver/bluish-gray/bluish-silver/greenish-silver/whatever-Tex-Schramm-felt-like-making-the-silver-color-each-year uniform set. When they wore blue and white with the stars on the shoulder pads from 1960-63, they wore blue at home the majority of the time.

    The idea of a jinx because of uniforms is idiotic. The Cowboys removed the stripes from their socks in 1995, and that’s the last time they won a Super Bowl. It’s the curse of the lack of sock stripes! They got rid of the silver numbers on the navy jerseys after the 1994 season. Only one Super Bowl since. It’s the curse of the lack of silver numbers.

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