Bears GM Ryan Poles: Robert Quinn trade made too much sense not to happen

Chicago Bears v New England Patriots
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Bears General Manager Ryan Poles says his responsibility is to build a long-term, sustainable winner in Chicago, and that’s why it was an easy decision to trade a highly paid 32-year-old pass rusher like Robert Quinn.

Poles said today after trading Quinn to the Eagles that acquiring a fourth-round pick for Quinn was undoubtedly the right move.

“It just made too much sense in what we are trying to do here in building a championship team,” Poles said, via Mark Grote of WSCR in Chicago.

Poles said Quinn has done everything asked of him in Chicago and the decision to trade him is not a poor reflection on him as a player or a person.

“I know the Eagles are really fortunate to have him. Part of the tough part about this job is having to make tough decisions. You also know that you are tweaking the fibers of your locker room,” Poles said.

Quinn has a base salary of $7.8 million this year and a salary of $13.9 million next year, so it’s easy to see why the Bears think now is a good time to focus on acquiring draft picks and cap space. Still, when the Bears are only half a game out of the wild card and coming off their best win of the season, it has to be disappointing to the locker room for the front office to make a move that is about getting better in the future, while getting worse this year.

38 responses to “Bears GM Ryan Poles: Robert Quinn trade made too much sense not to happen

  1. a 4th round pick is not a good exchange for this guy. Easily could have gotten a late 2nd round

  2. Ryan Poles is the polar opposite of person he replaced, Ryan Pace. Pace gave away draft picks like crazy. Poles wants to build this team with young players through the draft. Bears will be very good in two years, and lead the North.

  3. Huge win for the Bears moving forward.

    The pick helps but the cap savings are massive. They will be in a great position to buy Fields a lot of help.

  4. the right call, just had to be done. Too good to turn down. What’s not mentioned here is does Ryan have any faith in his replacement(s) also, let’s be honest, this was a Patriot loss more than a Chicago win

  5. Reading b/t the lines: Ryan Poles is not in charge and neither is Eberflus. This is the Bears President who I assume is operating at the behest of owners and continues to run this team into the ground year-in and year-out. They drafted Fields AND THEN fired the HC and GM. Who is the one constant? Ted Phillips

  6. Good luck with that 4th round pick for gaining basically zero cap space in any year.

  7. Hard to watch as a Bears fan but yes, it had to be done. 4th rounder is where they negotiated to, Philly probably started at 5 or 6 and Poles probably started at 2 or 3 and they settled in the middle, although the Eagles got the better of it by having the Bears agree to pay most of his salary. Winning on Monday doesn’t change the reality that they are rebuilding although I disagree with commonsense about this being more a Pats loss than a Bears win. Quinn was well liked by teammates and coaches, seemed like a good guy but it had to be done. Jackson can go too in my opinion, the only other guy anybody might want is Smith but I’d keep him, try to negotiate a new contract after the season. Best of luck Robert Quinn!

  8. Don’t understand the pro-Bears downvotes. Poles is doing everything the right way. If you think this was year was essential to them and their plan, you don’t see the big picture

  9. Huge win for the Bears moving forward.

    The pick helps but the cap savings are massive. They will be in a great position to buy Fields a lot of help.

    Wrong. The Bears are paying all his salary this year except $622K. The Bears are on the hook for all his prorated signing bonus going forward as dead money. Eagles owe him nothing after this year.

  10. Come all NFC East, come all NFL
    You’ll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn.

    Worst trade ever in the history of sports. At least since Babe Ruth!
    Sends a message to the team that quiting is OK. The Bears were clearly in the mix for a playoff spot the way the NFC is shaking out.
    Completely demoralizing!
    Fire everyone involved in this ludicrous decision!

  11. Robert Quinn has 8 tackles this season. This allows the Bears to get a solid look at Trevis Gipson and rookie Dominique Robinson. Solid move. Bears are going in the right direction. 🐻 👇

  12. They need help everwhere on offense. Poole knows they arent going deep in playoffs even if they make it. You do this deal now because if he gets hurt you get nothing.

  13. Im not a Bears fan but I get what the Bears are doing. As a Giants fan I’d hate to trade Saquon Barkley, but if it happened (for an adequate return of course), I’d understand it. The Giants (dont care what their record is), like the Bears, arent winning in 2022….they are both looking to get their teams in order going forward.

  14. A good move. It was assumed over summer, I wonder if they pulled the trigger back then would it have been a higher pick or better deal?

    I also think the other DL stepped up and made it easier.

    It’s going to be weird to have picks and cap space. Future is looking bright in Chi… I mean Arlington.

  15. Must be very refreshing to Bears fans. Been a bit since they’ve had someone calling the shots that seemed like they knew w hay they were doing. Gratz on a good trade.

  16. Thanks for trading him to the best team in the conference. The rest of us won’t be forgetting your foul treachery any time soon.

  17. If he plans on building a championship team with a 4th rounder from a deep playoff team, it may be a while. Rather, any chance of a championship team will come from high 1st and 2nd rounders, and I can’t even remember if they have those from the Fields trade (maybe that’s done).

  18. Bears beat the legendary Bailey Zappy and their fans think they’re the future of the sport.

  19. bostonblows says:
    October 26, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    Huge win for the Bears moving forward.

    The pick helps but the cap savings are massive. They will be in a great position to buy Fields a lot of help.


    100% incorrect. The Bears picked up most of his 2022 salary. 2023 and 2024 were not guaranteed and he could have been released with little cap impact.

  20. Its’ more about the savings than the draft pick. 4th rd pick is decent. The savings on the cap is invaluable. Trade Montgomery too. Herbert is the future at RB.

  21. kevines255 says:
    October 26, 2022 at 7:41 pm
    Normally you tank for a QB, not get your QB and then tank…

    Quinn was going to be cut after this year. He will turn 33 next year. The Bears need young talent. The Bears will have $135 million in cap space to get them. Former GM Pace had the Bears in cap hell and devoid of draft picks. This purge had to be done to fix the Bears.

  22. They could have made this trade in the offseason, the front office just took the life out of the defense which has been the best unit on this team by far.

    A 4th round pick isn’t a sure thing, more often than not they’re never barely average. The GM acting like this had to be done and the Bears got better by this trade is laughable and disingenuous.

  23. Gained a 4th round pick, save cap save, and got a lot younger with the move. Sad so see Quinn go but it was not unexpected. If Montgomery, Smith, or Jackson goes, those I’d be surprised. Monty has shown his worth.

  24. This is the right move. You don’t remodel your kitchen and leave the old stove in place.

  25. The pick helps but the cap savings are massive. Nope, at least not this year, as the Bears are picking up most of his salary this year.

  26. With the way Philly is playing right now, this fourth round pick is essentially an early 5th round pick.

  27. Poles should’ve dealt him back when he dealt Mack. Probably didn’t because he didn’t want to be accused of tanking and the offer wasn’t good enough (but probably would’ve been better than a 4th)……….

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