Bears send Robert Quinn to Eagles

Chicago Bears v New England Patriots
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It’s Dream Team, Part Two.

As the 6-0 Eagles emerge from their bye, they’re doing it with a new addition at pass rusher. Per multiple reports, the Bears are trading Robert Quinn to the Eagles.

Quinn set a team record with 18.5 sacks in 2021. He has one sack through seven games in 2021.

Quinn has a salary of $12.8 million this year. He’s signed through 2024, at salaries of $13.9 million in 2023 and $12.9 million in 2024.

The Bears reportedly weren’t “actively shopping” Quinn in the offseason. Apparently, some passive shopping has recently occurred, and the Bears continue to tear it down (in the aftermath of a signature win) and the Eagles keep trying to build it up.

30 responses to “Bears send Robert Quinn to Eagles

  1. More cap room for a spending spree and draft picks. Plus give him a shot to get the Lombardi now before he gets too far over the hill.

    Thank you big guy!

  2. Trading your best player to a conference (and regional) rival, right after the first sign of hope all season in last week’s win? Wow.

  3. What an uneven career Quinn has had. He’ll be completely dominant one season and then completely disappear the next.

  4. Nice score for the Bears. Picks plus extra cash. They are going to have a Field(s) day in free agency next year.

    He will be one and done in Philly.

  5. Great trade for both sides. Surprised the Bills wouldn’t make this move to pair Quinn with Von Miller.

    The Bears will have a stupid amount of cap space and picks next season to build a nice foundation to compete in the weak NFC.

  6. Eagles can have him. He retired after last season at least on the field. Looking at his career this is what he does.

  7. Quinn for a 4th and the Bears are eating most of the contract. The Eagles made out well. The 4th sounds about right but I was worried about his impact on the cap going forward but with the Bears paying most of his money, this could be an A+ trade for Philly.

  8. Even if this is a one and done situation, you can take those risks when you have a chance to win a superbowl. Good move by both teams.

  9. Knowing how Howie operates, he will find a way to trade another scrub like Reagor and recoup the 4th round pick back

  10. Love the trade. Bears aren’t even in the neighborhood of competitive, and RQ won’t be around when they are!

  11. Added a guy who can’t buy a sack to a bunch of other guys who can’t buy a sack Make it make sense ….

  12. Bears are rebuilding & Quinn won’t be back next year, so this is a good trade for both teams. Quinn has been a nice piece & great teammate here with Bears & hopefully he can get that ring with Philly before he’s done.

  13. Wouldn’t be shocked if Quinn’s production increases in Philly, as the interior D line there can be pretty disruptive.

  14. Brothaman says:
    October 26, 2022 at 4:10 pm
    More cap room for a spending spree

    That’s not going to happen

  15. All that’s missing now is a return specialist for the Eagles. Hate to see Tarron Jackson(6th round pick) released. Hope he makes it through to practice squad. I would love to see a WR/Returner added and Covey cut.

  16. mackcarrington says:
    October 26, 2022 at 4:43 pm
    Bills vs Eagles in February?
    If that happens or even if it’s the chiefs, the eagles would get spanked. They are not good enough to slow down either of those two teams and hurts is good but not on Mahomes or Allen’s level

  17. Quinn is a great player and he deserves being on a winner to finish out his career. He seemed to be a great team mate and a total team player. I think he did good for the Bears.

  18. My question is if Quinn left as a free agent would the Nears have received an equivalent or greater comp pick?

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