Matt LaFleur on Aaron Rodgers’s comments: Sometimes, the truth hurts

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On Tuesday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made some comments about chronic player mistakes that necessarily pointed a finger at the guy responsible for the entire team, head coach Matt LaFleur.

On Wednesday, LaFleur was asked whether Rodgers’s remarks hurt LaFleur’s ability to communicate with his team.

“I think that, you know, we have to be truthful with one another, and sometimes the truth hurts,” LaFleur told reporters. “And it’s no different than when your kids make a mistake, right? You tell them about it. And you make sure that — I don’t think he publicly called out individuals, I don’t believe. I didn’t sit there and listen to the whole thing. So I just think you have to get to the root of the truth. And that gives you an opportunity to learn and grow. And we can’t run away from that, ever. And no different than when we’re in those team meetings. You always call it how it is. And I don’t think anybody’s off limits, starting with myself.”

Lost in that response is the fact that Rodgers took the dirty laundry from the meeting room and told the world about it. Even though he called out no specific players, the message generally calls out the man responsible for the team.

LaFleur also was asked whether addressed Rodgers’s remarks with the team.

“We definitely addressed just accountability and how we’re all accountable to one another, and we need everybody, you know, doing everything the right way,” LaFleur said. “All the little things will add up to big things. And it’s how you prepare. It’s, shoot, it’s how you treat people in the building. It’s all of that. Everything we do matters.

“And so I think what he was trying to get across, and you guys can obviously talk to him about that, but is just everybody’s got to be on top of their game. And it starts with us as coaches, first and foremost. Making sure we’re on the details. Making sure that not only do we communicate the finer intricacies of whatever it is, the fundamentals, the plays, but putting our guys through those, so that when you get into a game situation, it’s not the first time they’ve ever seen it.

“So i think collectively everybody’s has to got to pick up their game. And we’re not doing a good enough job obviously as an entire football team.”

He’s right. The 3-4 record says it. But the question for now is whether it’s helpful for the quarterback to so bluntly share concerns that the players aren’t doing what they need to be doing, and whether they shouldn’t be playing because of it.

And whether the head coach shouldn’t be tolerating the status quo.

23 responses to “Matt LaFleur on Aaron Rodgers’s comments: Sometimes, the truth hurts

  1. Aaron has made plenty of mistakes this year. Do you think he’ll be alright with having his reps cut, after suggesting himself they should be? Something tells me he won’t be.

  2. You really don’t believe he would not agree with everything Prince Aaron says. If he did, Aaron would have him fired. LaFleur is an average coach without Rodgers.

  3. Lafluer needs to spend more time taking charge of the packers and less time manscaping his brows.

  4. So, nobody is going to mention the elephant in the room? The one in the corner not practicing and getting high.

  5. Something really strange has been going on in Green Bay, and we’re all left out here guessing. What we know is the Packers traded away quite a bundle to draft a QB two years ago. Since then, their existing QB has won back-to-back MVPs. They have been in contention for the championship, but they traded away the draft picks that could have added the missing pieces. The best player in the league the last two years has been their QB, so why did they draft a QB, and pay through the nose when they had other needs, but no need for a QB? It’s beyond crazy that people aren’t asking questions about all this. Now, with all that under consideration, we’re beginning to make the back-to-back best player in the NFL the scapegoat. Like I said, strange things are happening. It isn’t making sense. Nobody in the front office has been asked about this, and there’s no team owner in Green Bay. Maybe we should start asking. I admit, Rodgers has been acting very strange, but it all started after the team traded away a ton to get a backup QB when they had one of the best ever, and still in his prime. We’re being asked to ignore a lot of facts. We need some tough media people who are willing to ask those tough questions. Step up to the plate Mike.

  6. Rodgers is a 50 mill a year player. He’s won multiple MVP’s, including the last 2. He’s won a SB. He’s a first ballot HOF’er. Rodgers isnt the one who will be losing any reps. To say that he should is ridiculous.

    He has views that go against the current mainstream so everyone wants to bash the guy at every turn.I want to read an article that tells me about all of his current/former teammates that bash him. I doubt I’ll ever be reading anything like that though because there arent any players bashing the guy.

  7. LeFefur is scared of Rodgers so he bows to his every demand which must be so degrading for a HC to
    do that.

  8. Truth be known, Matt LaFleur is scared of Aaron Rogers. What a difunctional team that lets the QB run the show. Ten and on half point underdogs, and Las Vegas usually isn’t that far off. Without an owner they are floundering.

  9. Rodgers isnt wrong. The team, outside of Aaron Jones, is total crap. Adams, MVS, and others just gone. Throwing to hasbeens and rookies. He tried to make it work and be a team guy but he’s over it. They are wasting his last years.

  10. Also painful is the toxic brew of of Matt LaFleur’s earnestness and Monsieur Rodgers’ smugness.

  11. Well that escalated quickly. it’s still a talented team but they’re gazing at 3-5, unless they can pull off a pretty big upset.

  12. Imagine the uproar had Mahomes just called out his Oline, one of his wide receiers, or any of his running backs.

    Let alone anyone on defense or special teams.

    Thanks for this deflection, Aaron!

  13. Matt LaFleur has a high pain tolerance, and virtually never criticizes any player publicly….least of all Aaron the Great. It’s probably one reason he’s a great coach. Time will tell if he’s able to rescue a season that’s pretty close to circling the drain and it’s not even November.

  14. LaFleur has no ability to call out Rodgers for his poor play or his detrimental public comments. Lafleur is Rodgers doormat and all the packers players know it.

  15. I would love to hear that LeFleur called Rodgers into his office and told him that dirty laundry is to be aired IN HOUSE, not on the Pat McAfee Show every week. It would happen if he wasn’t so intimidated by him.

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