Report: Gisele Bundchen tells Tom Brady to retire or she’s “gone for good”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady reportedly has gotten an ultimatum.

According to US Weekly, Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, has informed him that “either he leaves football to spend time with the family or she is gone for good.”

It’s not specified whether he must leave now or next month or after the current year ends. Brady has recently said, more than once, that he won’t be retiring during the 2022 season.

Based on the report, she presumably wants it to happen sooner than later.

“She doesn’t want him to continue to get injured and not be able to enjoy life in the future,” US Weekly reports. “She is doing it for her family.”

She publicly raised such concerns five years ago, in an interview with Charlie Rose.

“I just have to say, as a wife, I’m a little bit — as you know, it’s not the most — let’s say [it’s] an aggressive sport,” she said in May 2017. “Football, like he had a concussion last year. I mean, he has concussions, pretty much, I mean, we don’t talk about [it] but he does have concussions. I don’t think it’s a healthy thing for your body to go through like — you know, to that kind of aggression all the time. That cannot be healthy for you, right? I mean I plan on having him be healthy and do a lot of fun things when we’re like 100, I hope.”

Recent reports have indicated that the couple is living apart, and that they have hired divorce lawyers. Thirteen days ago, Brady attended alone the wedding of Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Brady’s Buccaneers host the Ravens on Thursday Night Football. A loss would drop Tampa Bay to 3-5 for the season.

136 responses to “Report: Gisele Bundchen tells Tom Brady to retire or she’s “gone for good”

  1. This is just mortifying to watch.

    Why BB walked.

    They’d just had enough of this in Foxborough.

  2. Brady must have very few regrets about his life, but not retiring after the last SB win is probably on his mind lately.

  3. Hey Gisele if Tom doesn’t I’ll be more thank happy to retire now and spend my life with you.

  4. I would be shocked to see Brady play beyond this year. It’s very tempting when the roster is high quality. Tampa’s team has dropped off, probably the result of having the gas pedal down the last two years.

  5. After season maybe but he is not quitting during the season. No better lesson to kids than sticking with commitments.

  6. Honestly, Tom Brady could learn a lot from John Hughes. “Like your job, love your wife!”

    I don’t get Brady at all. And please don’t give me the “competitive nature” stuff. He’s got nothing left to prove on the field. And I get the love of football; but he can make tons of money in the studio or broadcast booth, still hanging around football. Your family is most important.

    It would be one thing if he was 25 years old and in his 3rd year of playing…and his wife just wanted him to give up the sport. But that isn’t the case.

  7. Brady must be crazy…..Gisele with a come hither look, in a nice little nighty with a glass of his favorite beverage or football with the guys??? I know what I would take…..

  8. Dude, just go home to your family and hang em up… You and the Bucs aint goin anywhere anyway this year.

  9. Been married 32 years….he basically lied to her when he said he was retired. He lied and it was no small lie She’s giving you one more ‘out’ because she loves ya Tom and doesn’t want to see you hurt …take one for your family, pull a hammy in practice, and skip the Ravens game and announce your retirement.

  10. If true, that marriage is doomed anyhow. She doesn’t get to tell the GOAT when to call it quits – it’s for better or worse!

  11. Tom Brady is a genius. He’s in 1st place with 3 wins and 4 losses. He’s already living his personal life “on the road” since his wife has kicked him out. This is all preparation for this year’s playoffs run. Tampa Bay may win the division … but they’ll have to play all their games … on the road! LOL. Brilliant!

  12. Like, you know, he should…like retire because.. well, like, you know he should right?

  13. None of us can imagine what is going on in Brady’s mind, but if I were him I would be gone. He has seven Super Bowls, more money then a person could ever spend, and a beautiful wife and family. What more does a man need?

  14. So she wasn’t scared of Brady getting injured all these years? Why can’t she wait until the season ends? Too much drama

  15. Let her go Tom. Women will never be satisfied. Wonder how this story would play if Tom told Gisele to quit modeling or he’s gone?

  16. Gisele has never been told No in her life. She’s replaceable to Tom, which kills her. He could get a woman half her age if he wished. It is sad though.

  17. Personally I am tired of hearing about Brady. It is nothing personal, he’s been around waaaaay too long. I am just sick and tired of hearing about him. Don’t go away Tom, just please go away.

  18. Hang it up Tom, you had a great career; now is the time to look at all the future has to offer you. Go get your wife and family back while you have a chance.

  19. The way Brady has been playing this season, he looks like he should have retired at the end of last season. He looks like he’s done.

  20. She is saying basically ‘spend time with me now or never’. That ultimatum cannot work. If she is ready to leave now, she won’t suddenly be ready to stay if he retired today. And her comments expose her total unwillingness to be with Brady during his latter years as Tom deals with a lifetime of head trauma. Tom Brady can do much better than “like” Gisele Bundchen “like totally, you know.” Like, for real.

  21. I know celebrities like Brady invite media scrutiny because his life is his brand to some extent. That said, I think this goes way too far. This is also most certainly not what happened and it is likely way more nuanced than this report, even if it is true.

    Leave the guy alone to sort out his marriage.

  22. It’s one thing to push everything to its limit to get that 7th ring away from your original team. But the last couple sorry seasons would be a sad epitaph and a terrible trade for losing your family.

  23. This seems like a scripted move, which will allow Brady to step away from the team mid-season without looking like he quit on the team. I think the ultimatum from Gisele might well be real, but making it public allows Brady to have a graceful exit.
    Dude has been one heck of a QB and very entertaining to watch. I wish him well.

  24. Imagine being one of the best, if not the best, person to ever do your job and your wife, who you met after you started doing that job, gives you an ultimatum saying “it’s me or your job”. Sorry Gisele, park your ego and chill.

  25. What more does he have to prove? Good grief, retire and go enjoy the rest of your life Tom.

  26. I know that there will be many saying all kinds of things here because they don’t like Brady or they love him or whatever, but let me just say – this is sad.

  27. Gisele is being selfish. Not many men are expected to retire at 45. And Yes, there are plenty of men (and women) who have jobs that take them away from their families for business for long periods of time throughout the year.

  28. “…if my baby don’t love me no more,
    I know her sister will…”

    ~Jimi Hendrix~

    Tommy gonna be alright. Sucks for the kids though. But on the upside, they dbl their Xmas presents.

  29. Tom, you have nothing more to prove, everyone knows you have played Q B as well or better than anyone else in history. You have a lovely family, its their time now.

  30. Even if he does retire tomorrow he has the network deal. He isn’t going to be home with Mama and the kids. It’s dumb, but that’s what he’ll do. Money and family and why??? Why wouldn’t go home?? Tom, take it from me a nobody, you’re a dummy.

  31. Gisele is angry she had to pause her career trying on clothes for Tom to continue playing a kid’s game. They’re worth a billion dollars, but can’t work it out. Ti hell with both of them.

  32. Brady can’t retire. He still has more 3rd-string QBs to lose against.


    The Bucs don’t play the Partiots this year

  33. What if he gave up football and she is like ha ha made u do it but nah I still want a divorce

  34. Can tell Sparky has been in a successful marriage. Brady’s time as the best has passed and he has other responsibilities. Brady is the one being selfish here. Lets not act like she is just hitched herself to his wagon and hasn’t been a big part of his life. She is just asking to do what he said he would but has now decided football is more important than the family. Time for him to reevaluate. He can decide for himself and Gisele can do what she likes. She doesn’t need him for anything.

  35. A wife telling you stop doing the thing you love is no wife. Brady should earn that eighth ring. Then, he can step away if he chooses to. This Bucs team is more than capable of winning another super bowl.

  36. My wife says I love the Vikings more than her, I said no I love the Packers more than you.

  37. Giselle should park HER ego? What about him? He told the world he was retiring, then after Tampa kowtowed and pushed Arians out, he reversed course, presumably with no consultation with his wife or a second thought for anyone but himself. And you think SHE’S the one with the ego problem?

  38. Watchoutnfl – totally agree re: a “scripted move”.

    And just in time for Thursday night football!

  39. Gisele, if the refs continue to protect him like they are now he doesn’t have to worry about getting any more concussions.

  40. Hmmmm, I don’t remember Tommy terrific EVER being in the concussion protocol. Mr. Bellichek?

  41. So, we’re to believe they’ve each hired divorce attorneys because he hasn’t retired? They both look to be WAY past past the “honey please retire, I’m worried about you” phase. Unless of course this is to been seen, in the public eye, as a way to quit mid-season…

  42. Lots of poorly-thought-out comments here. As if your career means anything at all compared to your family.
    Time to end the 1950’s mentality.

  43. This guy needs to go home and be a Husband and a Father to his children. He has nothing to prove on the football field. If he doesn’t, I bet he will regret the rest of his life.

  44. Well, sir, last time I checked, there were no 295 pound linemen trying to knock Gisele off the runway with a blindside hit.

    austinspencer says:
    October 27, 2022 at 3:46 pm

    Let her go Tom. Women will never be satisfied. Wonder how this story would play if Tom told Gisele to quit modeling or he’s gone?

  45. You gotta feel bad for Tom. Other big celebrities have marital problems all the time and those somehow stay mostly private. Tom’s issues seem to be getting play be play announcements by the media. I don’t care how used to fame he is, this can’t be fun.

  46. System QB with a little arm and the only QB in NFL history to be suspended for cheating.

    No loss to the league when he retires.

  47. If he chooses football over a 13 year marriage, at his age, he’s a fool. She gave up a lot to support his career and raise his kids. What a raw deal that would be for her. He really should retire.

  48. For the record, the NFL has a lot more in common with the WWE than fans would admit. Watch Brady win an eighth ring this season and then retire.

  49. Honestly I don’t think the Bucs have a chance this year. They have the worst rated offensive line in football, no running game, no speed at receiver, tons of injuries at key positions, and a really poor defense that can’t stop the run.

    I’m not sure what Tom gets by finishing out his career this year on this team. I seriously doubt they make the playoffs and no chance they can win a Super Bowl. If you look at their remaining schedule I doubt they won even half the games. It’s looking like 6-7 wins, maybe 8 if they are lucky.

  50. Giselle is right. He doesn’t really have anything more to achieve. He’s a shoe-in for Canton. At a certain point he needs to prioritize the health his body, and his brain. His biggest issue is addiction to the rush of competing in the NFL and the comradery of the locker room. He needs his friends and his family to give him the courage to walk away.

  51. A man that has a wife and children, and has no need for additional money, should not put football before his family. Brady has missed his kids growing up… plays, homework, sports,holidays…..all missed.

    I don’t blame Gisele. She’s tired of Tom putting his career before his her and their children……and he has absolutely no need for the money. Plus, he gave her false hope last year, by retiring…then going back to the NFL.

  52. Tom just needs to find a 25 year old who doesn’t care how long he plays.
    Gisele is over the hill anyway. Let her walk. Help her pack.

  53. There is no bigger Brady fan than me.

    I couldn’t possibly care less about his personal life.

  54. Marries football player, tells him to stop playing football. He’s going to quit when he wants to quit. It’s been his life, at a really high level for more than 30 years.

    This is like people that move next door to an auto racing facility then starts complaining about the noise.

  55. I think the funny thing was the BB always kept his ego in check, until Tom got sick of it and didn’t want to have it checked anymore. The Id was unleashed and it was great at first. Now left unchecked, it is wreaking havoc on his life. You always need someone who can check your ego and keep you grounded. Even if you are the greatest QB evah, kid!

  56. touchback6 says:
    October 27, 2022 at 3:27 pm
    This is just mortifying to watch.

    Why BB walked.

    They’d just had enough of this in Foxborough.
    He walked? It was reported everywhere that the Pats offered him a one year deal for less money. Yeah, let’s let Brady leave and bring in Cam Newton!

  57. Is this newsworthy? Seems like a foundation being laid for a soft landing if they get eliminated which is a long way off. News would be an actual announcement that Gabbert or Trask is starting.

  58. I mean football won’t be around forever so not sure why this is so hard for him to decide.
    It’s your family man.

  59. This makes it sound like she believes there’s a pretty good chance he plans to play beyond this year. Watching him recently I’d hate to imagine what he’d look like in a couple more seasons.

  60. She’s wasting her time. Tom is already involved with another woman. This year is showing that without a first rate OL he’s just another QB.

  61. I always felt this was a warning shot. Tom had better take heed. He looks miserable and is obviously missing them. Happy wife, happy life dude!

  62. For the record, the NFL has a lot more in common with the WWE than fans would admit. Watch Brady win an eighth ring this season and then retire.

    I’d rather watch paint dry.

  63. There are the normal few on here that hate Brady so much who would not say no to him if he came knocking.

  64. October 27, 2022 at 3:27 pm
    This is just mortifying to watch.

    Why BB walked.

    They’d just had enough of this in Foxborough

    Yeah, New England had enough of winning all those Super Bowls.

    Belichek has never come close to winning a SB as a HC without Brady

  65. Ultimatums do not ever work. All they do is breed resentment. If Tom Brady retires today, he will still have the concussion problems later in life and it’s clear she’s not going to stick around for any of that. It’d be great if they could remain a happy family, but it is clear to me that they are heading for a breakup.

  66. He will be gone more and work more holidays as a broadcaster. Finish the season Tom and call it good.

  67. How many pain pills does it take to get Tom Brady out of bed in the morning at this point? Sure he may have never eaten a strawberry but I bet he has a team of doctors and pharmacist keeping him upright. Got to hard on a spouse especially when Brady has literally nothing left to play for.

  68. Dude. Getting old happens to all of us. There is no shame in it. Settle down and love the Queen.

  69. Truth be told even with the obe SB he won in TB, he should of stayed in NE and finished his career there. The Bucs will be lucky to make the playoffs this year and he will once again retire too late.
    Should of at the very least retired after the last SB he won and left on top.

  70. I wonder what is the odds of Tampa Bay winning the Super Bowl in Vegas, I can him turning this around the second half of the season.

  71. Everyone always said he was the perfect team mate. It’s a no brainer and not even close. Team wife and kids Tom. Go be the perfect team mate on the most important team in your life.

  72. If they’ve both hired divorce lawyers, then the writing is on the wall. And I want Gisele to know I’m here if she wants a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. 🙂

  73. touchback6 says:
    October 27, 2022 at 3:27 pm
    This is just mortifying to watch.

    Why BB walked.

    They’d just had enough of this in Foxborough.

    133405Rate This
    From one NE fan to another, no one except insiders know why the romance ended, just that it did.

  74. Also ,I don’t think It’s football or family to G. It’s hard on his health. If he was doing anything else as detrimental to his health and life span as football the narrative would be a lot different. To her it’s probably spend time with her and family or continue to make unhealthy decisions. If it was alcohol or drugs no one would be saying “keep using she’s selfish”. And she just wants him around. To be with him. To spend time with him. Why would anyone get as defensive as they are in comments over someone that loves you wanting to spend time with you. Football players don’t live into their 80’s either.

  75. Tom now holds the record for being sacked the most times passing Big Ben. He should listen to his wife while still can.

  76. Why BB walked.

    They’d just had enough of this in Foxborough


    Apparently they had enough of the winning as well.

  77. Let’s seen now. Tom has 7 Super Bowl wins, more than any player ever in the NFL. He owns most of the records for being a QB. He has a Super Model for a wife, and is rich beyond belief. He has 3 kids growing up and want their Daddy to witness their “activities”. He is 45 years old, which means he has outlasted all of his contemporaries. Why couldn’t that have been me, instead of him. I would have gladly retired with no reservations. Remember, there’s always the chance in the NFL, that one injury could ruin the rest of your life, even if it comes later. (Think CTE).

  78. Marriage is a vow…a covenant. You don’t make that type of commitment to a franchise. I feel sorry for the best QB to ever play in the NFL. He is flushing his life and family down the toilet… A trophy or ring can’t comfort you when the world is against you. A wife however is beyond value and once gone will leave a life long scar that will never heal. Book it.

  79. Right now it looks like Baltimore has her back on on this one, they are making a strong case for retirement right now.

  80. I recently watched Brady’s complete first start on YouTube. It was a joy. He’s provided lots of entertainment. I’d really dislike it if his legacy included how he sacrificed his marriage for football. For his sake, I hope he realizes what’s truly important. TB12 should expand beyond the physical and strike a real balance in life. Might sound cheesy I don’t know. She just sounds amazing and she’s really held down the fort in their family life. It’s time. Maybe past time he puts down that football and sees what’s next.

  81. American culture has created our observation of an ultra-competitive millionaire male athlete unable to let go of game he plays – and the celebrity status it gives him – at the cost of splintering his family. Why does this need to change?

  82. allthingshudson says:
    October 27, 2022 at 3:37 pm
    If true, that marriage is doomed anyhow. She doesn’t get to tell the GOAT when to call it quits –


    She never once told Otto Graham to call it quits, sorry.

  83. phinheads says:
    October 27, 2022 at 11:03 pm
    Some marriages survive much worse things. This can’t be all over football?
    And you know this how?
    -If at the age of 45 he’s still putting football ahead of his Family then of course it can. And it doesn’t have to be Football per say, it’s the obsession of continuously putting “something” ahead of his Wife and Kids. For some people who do this, it’s their business or career that takes priority over their Marriage/Family for others it can be something else. Sometimes we get our priorities confused.

  84. onewarriornation says:
    October 27, 2022 at 11:34 pm
    allthingshudson says:
    October 27, 2022 at 3:37 pm
    If true, that marriage is doomed anyhow. She doesn’t get to tell the GOAT when to call it quits –


    She never once told Otto Graham to call it quits, sorry


    Yeah, but hes talking about Unitas.

  85. Has any other NFL player or coach got divorced while still being active? People act like it’s the first time it’s ever happened.

  86. Like any other marriage, they both probably have contributed to this – but I put it more on him – especially if he told her that he was done.

    Children – hardest hit…

  87. Sometimes you can do everything in your power to keep your family together and it is not enough. So whether Tom did or did not do all he could is only for him to judge. From appearances, this was initiated by Giselle. It takes two to tango.

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