Court documents show Britt Reid was drinking at Chiefs facility before DUI incident

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The NFL generally has tried to keep a lid on the fact that former Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid had been drinking at the team facility prior to an automobile crash that left a young girl seriously and permanently injured in February 2020. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports reports that court documents show Reid had been drinking at work.

The evidence came from Reid himself, in responses to questions from his lawyer last month that eliminate the possibility he had left the facility and consumed alcohol elsewhere. The sentencing memorandum, filed by Reid’s lawyer last Friday, makes it even more clear that the accident happened shortly after he left the facility, with no stops in between.

Those facts are irrelevant to the crime for which Reid will be sentenced on Friday. But they are highly pertinent to the question of what others knew and when they knew it about Reid violating league rules regarding the presence and consumption of alcohol on team premises.

Wetzel lists the various questions that haven’t been, and may never be, answered by the NFL or the Chiefs: “What was happening that day at the facility? Was Reid drinking alone? With others? Did he hide it? Was it out in the open? Did anyone worry about a life-long abuser using alcohol? Is drinking on the job prevalent there?”

It’s a tragic situation for all involved. But it possibly could have been prevented. Britt Reid, the son of head coach Andy Reid, had a history of substance abuse. The timing of the incident underscores the significance of an issue that surely created a very real distraction for the Chiefs, only three nights before Super Bowl LV.

Because of the pandemic, the Chiefs didn’t travel to Tampa for the Super Bowl until the Friday before the game. The crash happened on Thursday night.

Will the Chiefs or the NFL ever provide public answers to these questions? Last November, the Chiefs reached an agreement to provide the family of Ariel Young, who was five years old at the time, “with world-class medical care and long-term financial stability.” Those terms undoubtedly were the subject of a settlement as to any claims that could have been made against the Chiefs.

Without a lawsuit that would have played out in open court, there’s no mechanism for getting to the truth. The NFL and the Chiefs have no reason to disclose the actual facts, or to answer the tough questions.

As Wetzel writes, “The story will likely drift off into history. That’s how the NFL wants it.”

That’s not the way it should be. But there’s simply no way to change the way things are, on this specific issue.

28 responses to “Court documents show Britt Reid was drinking at Chiefs facility before DUI incident

  1. I hope the child fully recovers, physically and cognitively. If NOT , no amount of money will make her whole and Brett needs to do some serious time in jail.

  2. I think about this every time I see his dad in one of those State Farm commercials for insurance.

  3. That little girl and her family would be living normal lives if someone had been babysitting Reid. Who served a known alcoholic and substance abuser at the Chief’s facilty? We’ll never know. Sweep it under the rug and it never happened.

  4. This is a major reach. Unless it was a team event he was drinking at then the team has nothing to do with it. Adults are responsible for their own actions, It is really ruining society that we now act like they are children and everyone else is responsible for their actions.

  5. Andy Reid is the greatest offensive mind in NFL history, and every member of the Chiefs, especially Mahomes, is a massive beneficiary of his scheming. His morals and commitment as a father, however, are highly questionable at best. This is really disturbing. The idea that he, as a member of the Chiefs, enabled his own son as a substance abuser to use more alcohol AT a Chiefs facility, leading to permanent brain damage to a child, especially in the context of what has happened to his other son…really disturbing.

  6. Why should the NFL be responsible for the selfish acts of one idiot who happened to be employed by them? Nonsense.

  7. The story only drifts off into history if the sports journalists and personalities ignore it bc they’re scared of getting their credentials revoked.

  8. I know this isn’t a popular opinion (because people love Andy Reid) but when he didn’t retire years ago to spend time with his sons (who had struggled for a long time) I lost a lot of respect for him.
    Yes he’s a great football coach, but he’s a lousy father

  9. Substance abuse is an illness and those impacted by it need to seek the proper help. It appears here the Chiefs, and Reid, enabled Britt’s behaviour. Steps could have, and should have, been taken to prevent the outcome. The Chiefs should be transparent about the modifications they’ve made to prevent this from happening again… but they’ve likely done nothing.

  10. “Drift off into history”, that is what the NFL does with all of their issues. The mandate/rule that league issues go to arbitration as opposed to a court of law is a great way to keep things under their control.

  11. The Chiefs should be held accountable. And put Britt Reid in jail and throw away the key.

  12. “That’s not the way it should be. But there’s simply no way to change the way things are, on this specific issue.”

    Yes it is, as its the victims that get to decide how they want things played out, in public or to remain private and that decision should be honored.

  13. It’s a sad story regardless of where he drank. Coaches work long hours and a lot of them drink. A lot of us out here drink every night after a hard and long day at the office. Alcohol is legal in America, and sales have always been very good. A lot of us drive home when we are over the legal limit. We live in a personal responsibility society. We have a lot of freedoms. We enjoy those freedoms. Our troops fight for those freedoms. This is an accident that was 100% Britt Reid’s fault. Not his dad’s. Not the Chiefs. Not the league. What goes on in Kansas City, likely goes on in 31 other facilities, too. It was a tragic accident. Today I’d Friday. Do you have any idea how many Americans are going to drink at work before hitting the road? It’s in the millions.

  14. I can’t believe his father would have let his alcoholic son leave the facility inebriated. That said, this little girl’s life will never be the same because of this drunk. Andy Reid thought it would be best to keep his son close to him so he can keep an eye on him, so he gives him a job that he didn’t deserve, how did that work out?

  15. The only thing I want to know now is how long this loser will be behind bars for ruining that little girl’s life.

  16. The complicity of the Reid/Chiefs in enabling Britt Reid is disgusting. It’s one thing to be protective of a troubled son, but this is allowing criminality and consequently having innocents harmed.
    The league should punish the team, but they won’t because both organizations lack a conscience.

  17. Ya know what won’t ever “drift off into history?” The young female’s trauma and handicaps. Money and health care doesn’t fix the mental instability and PTSD she and her family will endure for decades to come.

    This whole story is beyond shady. The power brokers are creeps.

  18. It’s a good thing we have a free and independent press to bring these facts to light.

  19. I feel terrible for the family. I also feel sorry for Andy Reid as his children have struggled with addiction throughout their lives. I have no idea how he raised them and understand that there is a limit to the level of control you hold over your children, but Andy has to have some accountability in all this as well. It’s a sad situation for all involved.

  20. Unless Andy and/or the Chiefs forced him to drink, how in the world are they responsible? Is he not an adult? Ideally, someone in his family or in the facility would keep a closer eye on him if they know there is alcohol around. But, they are NOT responsible for his actions. The Chiefs came to a settlement agreement with the family. As a Chiefs fan I would like to think that they did it for honorable and noble reasons because they are a classy organization. As a realist, I know that the reason they did it is to limit the amount of money they will pay out. It was a business decision. My guess is that he will not do as much jail time as most people think he should, because of his family name and money. He deserves absolutely everything that is given to him at sentencing, and most likely more.

  21. There’s a lot of drinking at the chiefs facility every time there’s a football game.

  22. Britt Reid Pled guilty and got a plea deal with a maximum four-year sentence. He could serve less. The family of the little girl is outraged he’s getting off so easily. He gets sentenced this week. He should serve the maximum allowed under his deal.

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