Eagles aren’t trying to trade for Alvin Kamara

New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals
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As the trade deadline approaches, plenty of rumors and speculation will be flying about deals that could be done. There’s currently a rumor making the rounds on social media that the Eagles are trying to trade for Saints running back Alvin Kamara.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, that’s not the case.

It’s unclear how or why this rumor emerged. It’s possible that Kamara’s camp was looking for a way to get the word out that the player is in play, in the hopes that he can move (as James Robinson and Christian McCaffrey did recently) from a losing team to a potential contender.

Still, Kamara is 27. He’s got wear and tear. He’s missed two games this year due to injury. And he’s facing an eventual (likely in 2023) suspension for a brawl that left a man in Las Vegas with allegedly serious injuries.

It’s not clear what the Saints would want for Kamara. Whoever acquires him would inherit a contract with three years remaining, at compensation levels of $11 million in 2023, $11.8 million in 2024, $25 million in 2025. (That final year was added for one reason only — to drive up the total average.)

Will someone make a move for Kamara? Crazier things have happened this year. This month. This week. But if there’s a move to be made, it won’t be the Eagles who end up with Kamara.

7 responses to “Eagles aren’t trying to trade for Alvin Kamara

  1. Howie’s waaaaaaay too smart for this. Eagles already own Saints #1 pick – why take on their damaged RB?

  2. If the Philadelphia Eagles can land Alvin Kamara he could provide the Darren Sproles/Brian Westbrook role for Jalen Hurts. The offensive scheming possibilities would be limitless.

  3. “… $25 million in 2025. (That final year was added for one reason only — to drive up the total average.)”

    Wrong. Lazy assumption. That final year salary was added at Kamara’s request to assure he gets cut and not franchised. He’ll be a free agent in his prime.

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