Jim Irsay disagrees with the NFL’s handling of Daniel Snyder, to date

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As it turns out, Jim Irsay is all of us.

The Colts owner, who either deliberately or inadvertently has seized an opportunity to alter his NFL legacy, continues to talk openly about the league’s past and looming handling of Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. It’s now clear that Irsay’s concerns extend beyond Snyder to the manner in which the league office has dealt with him.

To summarize, the league imposed vague sanctions on Snyder based on an investigation conducted by attorney Beth Wilkinson. Currently, the league is awaiting the outcome of a follow-up investigation conducted by attorney Mary Jo White. (As Commanders outside counsel John Brownlee told #PFTPM on Thursday, White has not yet interviewed Snyder as part of her review.)

“I’m not sure how [the White] report’s going to come out,” Irsay told the Washington Post. “But what already has come out is extremely disturbing, and I disagree with the process. And I most likely disagree that we haven’t discussed something more severe such as him being removed as owner. As I said, it’s not something that I’m saying we should do. I’m saying it’s something that has to be given serious consideration.”

Irsay has a clear problem with the manner in which the league office determined the punishment of Snyder based on the Wilkinson report. Irsay said that the issue never came up among the full membership.

“It’s not just what was handed down, the $10 million fine and this so-called suspension that I still don’t really understand,” Irsay said, “because I told [Commissioner] Roger [Goodell] and spoke about it at our meeting, that: ‘Look, I’ve been in the league 52 years. I wasn’t even asked about this, not consulted one time.'”

Per the Post, Irsay referred to Snyder’s “so-called suspension” on several occasions. It’s an appropriate term, given rampant inconsistencies and disagreements regarding whether it is still in place, and whether it was even a suspension in the first place. On October 18, for example, Goodell said Snyder’s status hasn’t changed. On Thursday, Brownlee said that Snyder became free to return to all club duties on November 1. Of last year.

Irsay also pointed out that he has no personal animosity for Snyder.

“It has to do with the toxic environment that was in that workplace for such a long period of time,” Irsay said. “And owners are expected to oversee everything that’s going on below them and that’s an assumed responsibility. . . . And I also don’t believe you can say, ‘Well, I didn’t know this. I didn’t know that.’ I don’t buy that at all. . . .

“Like I said, I think there’s merit to consider removal. But I’m not ready to cast my vote until I hear the last report, until we discuss it as a group. But you have to be able to discuss things as a group. . . . I’m into transparency, and I’m into the owners running the league. That’s what it’s about. It’s our league. . . . Owners have to be directly involved and be very active and involved in massive decisions like this.”

The problem that owners who think like Irsay may face is that the White report could lack the meat to merit removal. The Wilkinson report (which never was even created because, apparently. the league office didn’t want her thoughts reduced to writing) may have been the one with the goods on Snyder — especially since it’s been reported by 106.7 The Fan in D.C., and confirmed by PFT, that if Wilkinson had been asked for a written recommendation regarding Snyder’s status as owner, she would have recommended that he be required to sell.

Regardless of how it plays out, Irsay is taking a stand for what he believes is right. In a roomful of oligarchs, it’s good to see that one of them gets it. The question becomes whether 23 more eventually will, too.

29 responses to “Jim Irsay disagrees with the NFL’s handling of Daniel Snyder, to date

  1. The problem that owners who think like Snyder may think his behavior is ultimately permissible.

  2. Irsay working extra hard to take the heat off of him for openly tanking. He should be investigated next.

  3. It never gets mentioned – so i’ll mention it – to be clear, these accusations and opinions are coming from the one owner who ACTUALLY has a record.

    Irsay was charged with 4 DWI felonies, arrested with an extraordinary amount of pills on him AND $29k in cash. It’s all on the record.

    Why anyone is giving this guy a platform when he’s regarded as the guy in the room that doesn’t belong – is beyond me.

    it’s laughable

  4. I think it’s reasonable to assume Goodell is in league with Snyder. ESPN has said as much, though they made it seem like Goodell didn’t have much choice. Either way the NFL is a mess and Goodell keeps strutting around like the cat that ate the canary.

  5. Irsay is all about Irsay. The reason he’s speaking out is because he got his feelings hurt.

    “‘Look, I’ve been in the league 52 years. I wasn’t even asked about this, not consulted one time.’” -Irsay

    If the owners began forcing each other out for misconduct a long time ago, Irsay would’ve been the first one out the door.

  6. Irsay and the Colts even had a slogan for them losing on purpose, ‘Suck for Luck.’

    But when Miami did it to get Tua they got draft picks taken away. Now Irsay is doing it AGAIN benching Ryan to save cash, to only give up a third round pick for the Ryan trade because Ryan doesn’t play 70% of the snaps, and finish the season with a losing record so he can finally draft a QB.
    Him questioning anyone else’s morals is a joke.

  7. It is absurd that Jim Irsay is the owner saying such things. Jimmy Haslam has now been passed over as owner most hated by other owners. Every time I see Jim speak he looks and sounds like he’s drunk or on drugs, and we know he’s been convicted of both. I’ll repeat myself, no way Dan will lose his team but it’s now very likely Jim does. Jim Irsay is not admirable man defending the honor of the shield. He’s a full blown train wreck.

  8. NFL is such a hot mess. They are tearing into each other. Most of these guys are old and think of their business like their personal playpen to do whatever they want without regard to workplace laws.

    Hope it comes crashing down.

  9. Please, don’t confuse a win/loss record.. or tanking.. as a systemicly toxic environment. Win/Loss records.. tanking.. etc.. shouldn’t even be in the conversation.

    We’re talking about using/abusing people within their organization. Mostly women from what I’ve read, but if you’re taking naked pics of your employees to sell box seats.. nothing’s out of play.

    I’ve been highly critical of Mr. Irsay about how his situation was handled by the overly zealous, anti-drug Indiana police, but he’s the perfect person to run with this.

    He doesn’t have any of the “skeletons”. His transgressions have been more than public. It’s all in the open. We know what he’s done and subsequently been through.

  10. jim irsay is 63 yrs old.
    how can he say he has been in the nfl 52 years.
    he was in nfl as a 6th grader??
    thats just not even clode to true.
    as always
    consider the source

  11. As one who has been in the DC area since 1986 and watched Snyder ruin a pretty good (aka Super Bowl winner) team, I’ve gotta say that all this trashing of Irsay is fine, but let’s not lose sight of the point here–Snyder’s mismanagement of what was a great franchise and the people who tried to manage it.

    When I got here there was a decades-long wait list for season tickets. Now, you can buy one any time. Whole sections of seats have been cordoned off in the decrepit FEDEX field, so TV audiences wouldn’t see how few fans want to pay to see the fools in person.

    Why, how, and to what end will be debated for decades, but most local fans are totally fed up with this narcissistic, lying, selfish little twit and Goodell’s enabling of his act.

    Think that’s unfounded? Think about this. While Snyder has run his franchise into the ground, another owner with a massive ego and billions to spend has consistently invested in the facilities, players, and coaches to win, all the while mentoring Snyder. Jerry Jones, for all his faults cares about winning. Snyder cares about being Snyder. IMHO.

  12. Laughable. Jim Irsay is a drug-addled moron with zero legitimacy in this discussion. Plenty of NFL owners would like to see him removed.

  13. “Oligarchs” only believe in two things: $$Money$$ and unchallenged Power. The nfl oligarchy will sweep this matter under the rug as quickly as their own ‘laws’ allow.

  14. Irsay has no room to lecture ANYONE on ANY subject. Also, he’s 💯% correct.

  15. Jim is right. Right now Jon Gruden is the guy who has paid the most for the Snyder mess. There’s something wrong with that picture.

  16. abnotthatab says:
    October 29, 2022 at 8:30 pm
    jim irsay is 63 yrs old.
    how can he say he has been in the nfl 52 years. he was in nfl as a 6th grader??
    thats just not even clode to true. as always consider the source

    52 years might not be correct but 50 years could be. His father purchased the Rams in 1972 and then proceeded to swap franchises with Carroll Rosenbloom. From Jim’s perspective it might feel like he’s been involved with the NFL since the very beginning.

  17. abnotthatab says:

    jim irsay is 63 yrs old.
    how can he say he has been in the nfl 52 years.
    he was in nfl as a 6th grader??


    Actually, close. His father purchased the Rams, then swapped franchises with Carroll Rosenbloom in 1972, when Jim was 12. He was ball boy, Assistant equipment manager, all of those “son of coach/owner” positions. After graduating college, he joined the Colts full time in 1982. Long before Snyder made his first million.

    And yes, he is an addict. Once was, always will be. But he has kept his demons at bay for 8 years. He is very involved in charity organizations in Indiana. Pat McAfee often tells a story of a lineman on the team plane grabbing the intercom and rapping some lyrics about having two women at the same time, at the same time. Irsay’s daughter was on the plane. The player was cut the next day.

    What, exactly, has Dan Snyder done in the past 20+ years to merit owning a franchise? He’s alienated sponsors, fans, iconic former players. Hid money from the league. Filmed cheerleaders, and more. His partners bailed on the cash cow that is NFL ownership. His teams, to put it mildly, stink. His stadium is in full disrepair, because he won’t pony up a dollar unless the taxpayers build him a shiny new stadium of luxury suites.

    This comment likely won’t get posted, but to compare Jim Irsay and Dan Snyder is asinine.

  18. It’s about money. Portions of it are shared. Washington went from #2 revenue producer in the late 90s to literally the worst. They can’t sell merch. Stadium is always half empty. I’d be mad too as an owner to see another owner destroy an entire market single handedly.

  19. ^^ Yeah, Jim Irsay totally cut a player for foul language… and also had a woman OD in his home. And accidentally tweeted out a nude woman. So yeah, he’s a great guy LOL

  20. Relying on Pat McAfees account of Jim Irsay is like relying on a bishop to vouch for the pope.

  21. Irsay has no skeletons in his closet…the skeletons have all been exposed long ago. He simply speaks the truth, and he can cause he fears no “dirt” from Punky Danster.

    You might disagree how Irsay runs the Colts, but it doesn’t include 20 years of sexual assault and intimidation. Also, I doubt the Colts are tanking when they can’t even achieve a winning record with a 37-year old non-mobile QB…don’t trash Sam Ehlinger just yet, when he hasn’t even won or lost a game.

    Jim Irsay grew up as a young child around the Colts, so yes he probably was around the NFL since the 6th grade. And the Colts didn’t make some slogan called “Suck for Luck”…don’t have an absurd take. The fans invented it because the Colts sucked that year and it rhymed.

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