Broncos win ugly as Trevor Lawrence interception seals Jaguars’ fate

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It wasn’t pretty today in London, but the Broncos got the win they so desperately needed, and the Jaguars lost yet another close game.

In the end, the Broncos used a long drive on offense that culminated in a Latavius Murray touchdown run to take a 21-17 lead late in the fourth quarter, then sealed their win with K'Waun Williams intercepting Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Williams has torn ligaments in his elbow that require him to wear a bulky cast over his arm, but that didn’t stop him from making the play of the game for the Broncos’ defense.

Lawrence is not where he should be in Year Two as the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft. He makes too many big mistakes, including that interception by Williams and an earlier interception that he threw into heavy traffic in the end zone. His failure to develop is a big reason the Jaguars are 2-6.

Also not playing well enough is Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, who struggled throughout the first half. But to Wilson’s credit, he turned things around in the second half and ended up with a decent day, completing 18 of 30 passes for 252 yards.

A bright spot for the Broncos’ offense was Murray, who spent six months of this year as a free agent just hoping some team would call him and is now playing well for Denver.

The Broncos at 3-5 aren’t as good as they should be, but the win likely saved Nathaniel Hackett’s job, and sets up the Broncos to perhaps go on a run over the second half of the season.

22 responses to “Broncos win ugly as Trevor Lawrence interception seals Jaguars’ fate

  1. Let’s be honest Trevor Lawrence is not a starting NFL quarterback he’s awful especially when it counts….

  2. My Jags are really screwing the pooch. I’m not quick to give up on guys but Josh Allen is a no show most weeks. Walker and Lawrence aren’t living up to draft status. Etienne is the line bright spot…

  3. Trevor Lawrence hasn’t had any consistency with the coaching staff at this point in his career. Having said that, he’s making some bad throws that have nothing to do with coaching. He better start making better decisions and better throws to avoid the “Bust” label. One more year to do it.

  4. Still should trade Chubb. A weak win vs a 2-5 team doesn’t make them a contender, and he will be gone next year anyway.

  5. In college Lawrence looked like the next big thing in the NFL. Even with protection and a run game, he looks like he can’t see the field.

    That interception on the 1 yard line on early downs was one of worst ints of the year.

  6. Trevor gets a pass for last year with Urban Meyer.
    Urban is gone, and Trevor isn’t doing well this year.
    IF by the end of 2023 he hasn’t improved a lot I’d draft a new QB and let them compete.

  7. Both teams have new head coaches, so that means everyone on offense and on defense is learning new schemes. Every coach is still learning what each of his players are capable of doing. If you were expecting beauty immediately, perhaps you had false expectations. Both teams will continue to iron out wrinkles. It’s already looking better than it did a couple weeks ago. It never happens overnight. At least these two teams have elite QB’s so that’s 90% of it. Just like Buffalo a couple years ago when they had a new coach and a new QB. Lots of impatience. Lots of criticism. Nobody’s complaining in Buffalo today. It took about 2 1/2 years in Buffalo. Philadelphia stayed the course, too. It’s paying off. Change for the sake of change is just dumb. It takes time, but if you have a QB in this league, you’ll be fine.

  8. I consider Lawrence a rookie, having to endure last year with Urban Meyer. No/horrible coaching. I give him more time to see how he develops with actual coaching.

  9. Trevor Lawrence isn’t going to make it. They won’t go anywhere until they move on.

  10. I was hoping the Denver Broncos would lose,so ownership could go ahead and pull the plug on the Nathaniel Hackett experiment. Why delay the inevitable? Start preparing for next season.

  11. Receiver being defend by a one armed man yet Trevor still finds a way to get picked off.

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