Jerry Jones: There’s no argument, Cowboys’ offense goes where Ezekiel Elliott goes

Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys
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With Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott out today nursing a knee injury, backup Troy Pollard ran wild, carrying 14 times for 131 yards and three touchdowns. So does that mean the Cowboys’ offense doesn’t actually need Elliott?

Not according to Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones, who insisted after the game that you can’t even make the case that Pollard should be the starting running back in Dallas.

“There’s no argument,” Jones said. Z”eke’s ability to punish, Zeke’s ability to deliver, Zeke’s ability, what he does for us in pass protection, and, frankly, Zake’s ability to make big plays are there, and we’re going to go where Zeke goes. He’s that integral to our success.”

The reality is, Jones will never admit that Pollard is more than capable of handling the running back job in Dallas, because if Jones admitted that he would be admitting that the enormous contract he gave to Elliott was a mistake. The Cowboys have made Elliott the highest-paid running back in the NFL, at the expense of using all that salary cap space elsewhere, and so Jones will continue to insist that the Cowboys’ offense goes where Elliott goes. Even on a day when the Cowboys’ offense went very far without Elliott.

23 responses to “Jerry Jones: There’s no argument, Cowboys’ offense goes where Ezekiel Elliott goes

  1. Pass protection is invaluable in the Cowboys’ system. Not acknowledging that fact is disingenuous, probably to justify “the narrative.”

  2. All these years, and you act like you don’t know that Jerry Jones has favorites. If you’r eone, he’ll overpay for you and keep you way past your sell by date. He’ll find a way to keep Ellit in the fold next year because no one else wants him.

  3. Delusional old fool Jerry Jones. Jerry thinks just cause he’s paying Zeke so much more money
    he’s just got to be better.

  4. Couldn’t care less about the cowboys, from an unbiased fan – play Pollard. It’s a no brainer.

  5. You are right Jerry. Our offense has been just above average with Zeke. We need better than that and got it today. Don’t try to justify your bad decision and investment on Zeke.

  6. He always stands up for his players in public. I don’t think Elliott will be on the team next season.

  7. Jerry needs to just be quiet. I know he loves his team, and is a Billionaire, but just try not speak to much. Somebody will eventually pay a large ransom from Zeke or Tony.

  8. Sure Jerrah.

    I guess that’s why you gave him the huge contract and he’s not performed.

  9. More delusional drunk rambling. We’ll never win another SB as long as Jerry is alive. Because he will NEVER give up control.

  10. It’s Zeke last season in Dallas regardless. They’ll save $10 Mil and he’ll count $5Mil against the cap.

  11. What does everyone expect Jerry to say?
    Fact is Zeke served a valuable role in Dak’s early development.
    When Dak was thrust into the starter role after Romo’s injury it was Zeke taking the pressure off Dak’s shoulders.
    Zeke will get cut before next season crying all the way to the bank with his millions of dollars.

  12. You hire the Jones family to run your oil business. You do not hire them to run your football team.

  13. Pollard: 81 carries for 506 yards, 6.2 average. 5 TDs.
    Elliott: 109 carries for 443 yards, 4.1 average. 4 TDs.

    Pollard is a much more dynamic player. Zeke is a slightly better blocker.

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