Tyreek Hill is on pace for 2,042 receiving yards

Miami Dolphins v Detroit Lions
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In the first season of 17 games, the single-season receiving yardage record was in danger. This year, it could be in grave danger.

Through eight games, Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill has 961 receiving yards. He added 188 on 12 catches against the Lions on Sunday.

That’s an average of 120.125 receiving yards per game. It projects to a 17-game total of 2,042 yards.

Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson set the single-season record a decade ago, with 1,964 yards. Last year, Rams receiver Cooper Kupp came within 17 yards of tying the record in 2021, the first year of 17 games.

Per the NFL, Hill’s 961 receiving yards are the third highest in league history through eight games. Hill passed Wes Welker, who had 960 in the first eight games of 2011 with the Patriots. Hill only trailed Torry Holt (978 yards in 2003) and Marvin Harrison (962 yards in 2000).

With his ninth career game of 10 or more catches and 150 or more receiving yards, Hill is tied with Tim Brown for fifth all time and one behind the four-way tie for most ever. Antonio Brown, Andre Johnson, Julio Jones, and Jerry Rice each have 10.

19 responses to “Tyreek Hill is on pace for 2,042 receiving yards

  1. If Tua wouldn’t under throw him repeatedly EVERY game Hill might just shatter it. I’m not sure of Tua’s deep ball mechanics as it seems he just loads up & chucks it as hard as he can to a spot and STILL cannot get it there with any velocity.
    I like the kid because he’s a competitor but his QB Coach needs to work on that arm strength & deep ball mechanics in the off-season.

  2. But I thought everyone said he was gonna throw a fit when Tua couldn’t get him the ball? That Mahomes “made” him? Doesn’t look like any of that is true.

  3. Mahomes ha better than Tua.

    Tua is better than most.

    Hill is the focal point of the offense, which in turn makes Waddle lethal.

    Still need to add that complete TE and stabilize the OL a bit.

    Dolphins are strong candidates to move up for Michael Mayer come draft day.

  4. I’m tired of the people criticizing Tua even though I don’t like the Dolphins. People are calling balls underthrown when they are not, and acting like no one else underthrows balls. Heck, Mahomes PATENTED the Tyreek down there comeback underthrow. Most of the time, Tua throws it to a soft spot in coverage to have Tyreek come back, where throwing it deeper would have it picked by the safety over the top. I feel like all the Tua haters are actually Mahomes apologists who want to tear down Tua in order to build up Mahomes. It’s pretty unbecoming. Meanwhile, as good as Mahomes can be, he’s currently throwing nothing but 2 yd screens all day for 50 yd YAC with the best o-line, about 8 speedsters who run 4.4 or less, and the best offensive head coach in the game, with people exclaiming HOW CAN HE DO THAT…NO ONE CAN DO WHAT HE DOES!!!

  5. Hill and Mahomes are elite players who made each other better.

    Brady is elite and belichick is a leech who was immediately exposed as a terrible GM and coach living off Brady, whose team immediately became terrible without Brady, who immediately won a Super Bowl without belichick sucking his blood.

    The saddest thing is watching Goodell desperately try to prop up that last place joke team with nonsense penalties when mac baby noodle jones throws his patented pick 6s.

  6. Wonder if Tyrek be mad that he only got 2 TD’s all season while Kelce has 7, CEH has 6 and Hardman have 5 TD’s already for the Chiefs? Guess Mahomes isn’t missing Tyrek that much is he now?

  7. Waddle could come close to breaking it too. They’re insane to try to cover. No wonder Brady wanted to go there…and still might

  8. Some real Numbskulls here, It’s Tua’s first year with Tyreek and he is about to destroy the single season record for yards. Tua eventually will develop the timing as he has done with Waddle who he hit dead in stride on that first TD deep.

    I’m just glad all these guys deciding for Tua, that he should retire are all the sudden quiet.We all live and die but not everyone gets their shot at greatness that will live on forever, I respect Tua’s decision to not lose his shot out of fear of the unknown

  9. Most of these ‘under-thrown’ balls are actually just thrown late. Why? Why would a QB need to scramble before making a throw? During some plays the poor kid is still running for his life behind an OL that needs improvement/depth?

    It still beats starting 1-7.

  10. @ knowyourenemy50 – Tyreek Hill is not outrunning Tua’s deep ball because he’s always coming back or slowing down for it! YES Tua is under throwing them because he doesn’t have a rocket arm like some QB’s in the league. I like Tua don’t get me wrong but he’s not a pure deep ball threat because he’s lucky if he can throw with any velocity past 35-40 yards!

  11. 29 completions for 36 attempts and 386 yads. 3 TD’s and zero int’s with a passer rating of 138.7. If there were any QB’s that put up better #’s yesterday, there weren’t many.

  12. I can’t help but to wonder just how much the Kansas City Chiefs miss this guy. He’s a beast!

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