Ravens agree to trade for Roquan Smith

Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys
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Linebacker Roquan Smith was emotional about the Bears’ decision to trade Robert Quinn last week and he’s now on his way to a new team.

According to multiple reports, the Ravens have agreed to acquire Smith in a trade. The Bears will add 2023 second- and fifth-round picks to the fourth-round selection they got in the Quinn deal.

The NFL’s trade deadline is Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m. ET.

Smith requested a trade this offseason and sat out of practices at training camp before ultimately agreeing to play out the final year of his rookie contract in Chicago. He has started every game for the Bears and has 83 tackles, 2.5 sacks, and two interceptions on the year.

Smith will join Patrick Queen, Josh Bynes, A.J. Klein, Malik Harrison, Del'Shawn Phillips, and Kristian Welch at linebacker in Baltimore.

63 responses to “Ravens agree to trade for Roquan Smith

  1. Well, this is a pretty serious rebuild. Get what you can. Get younger and fix a lot of spots. A LB who doesn’t rush the passer 80% of the time, even a good one like Smith, will be seen as replacable.

  2. Roquan was never happy here in Chicago, or at least it always seemed that way. It started with some silly holdout when he was drafted. He is a good player but he thought he always was better than he really was and wanted to be the highest paid at his position. The Ravens can have him and his contract situation.

  3. Wow. Not completely unexpected, but wow. I really thought the Bears would tag him. A second and fifth pick seems fair.

    Good luck to Baltimore to get him signed. They still have Jackson to deal with.

    More holes to fill next year!

  4. Near zero percent chance that the Ravens made this trade without an extension in place. Hard to believe they would trade a 2nd and a 5th for a half season rental.

  5. Ravens will have a fun time convincing Smith he shouldn’t be the highest paid defender in the NFL

  6. Bears have a lot of money to play with next year and now they are stock-piling draft picks. If they can do this right, I like the direction they are headed.

  7. CJ Stroud will be starting next year and Justin Fields will come in after he also proves to be ineffectual. OSU can’t make QBs

  8. I’d say that’s a good trade for the Ravens….but what Smith is asking in a new contract may make your regret the trade.

  9. Yeah good luck paying smith with a long term deal next year Baltimore. Keep in mind you still have to franchise tag your rb, I mean qb.

  10. Well, it looks like the tanking has officially begun. Wonder if Jackson is next. Seems like not enough compensation but McCaffrey didn’t draw first round compensation either. You don’t know what goes in the locker room but maybe he was going to be a malcontent no matter what.

  11. The Draft capital is nice for the rebuild but he will be missed in the LB room for sure.

  12. A 2nd and 5th seems cheap, until you realize Smith wants a new deal at 20+ million per season.

  13. Good trade for all around. He’ll definitely elevate the Ravens D and the picks will help the Bears accomplish their long standing record of squandering quality draft picks.

  14. Saw this coming since holding out in training camp he had to know he was next after Quinn was traded. Good player but didn’t do anything against the cowboys they ran all over him

  15. Ravens vs Seahawks in the SB. Two best teams in the NFL.


    I’ll have what he’s having.

  16. Good trade for both sides.
    He wanted a new deal, Ravens need starter next to Queen.
    Bears want draft picks to reload.

    He’s playing Sam here though unlike in Chicago. Queen is the Will and a good one, Queen can’t play strong side to save his life.

  17. Roquan can be invisible for weeks at a time, and they are getting gashed in the run game this year. Take a look at how out of position he was on those Pollard runs yesterday.

  18. Roquan Smith coming to Baltimore! Ray Lewis will make sure he knows the standard at MLB in this city! Great deal for both teams.

  19. On the positive side, a 2nd and 5th round pick is a decent return for Roquan.
    On the downside, I don’t know of anyone on their roster capable of filling in and doing a half-decent job in the middle of their D, in which the MLB is at the center of the scheme. Their D, which was struggling, is now likely to completely collapse.
    Additionally by trading the best player on their roster, regardless of position, the management is sending a loud and clear message to both the players and fans that they are shamelessly tanking this season.
    As a fan, I hate this on multiple levels; not the least of which is the fact Smith fit this scheme like a glove and was a good, young player you could build around. Crying shame they couldn’t work out a deal to keep him long-term.

  20. Isn’t he due a new deal? How can they tag Lamar Jackson and pay this guy?

    He now has the leverage as does Lamar Jackson. Yikes!

  21. Like this trade, you don’t improve as a team by paying above average players elite player money. Especially a none pass rushing linebacker. I think Roquan completely disappearing against the Cowboys made this an easy decision.

  22. There’s no way they can keep Lamar after this year if he doesn’t show championship caliber play and win it all

  23. Not a bad trade even though the Bears had zero intention to sign him at what he thinks he is worth and the tag and cap for the Ravens. I kind of looks like the Ravens are either going to have pay Lamar his $50 million plus a Year (5 year $250 full guaranteed) or pay Roquan his $20 million or so a year or this a rest of the year rental for a lot of picks for a not very good team since they won’t be able to tag both next year and puts at least one into a superior bargaining position (unless they have already decided to let Lamar walk).

  24. If I was a Bears fan I would be royalty annoyed your giving up on the 2022 season and it’s only week 8!

  25. I don’t know Baltimore salary cap situation. Have the Ravens already agreed to a new contract with Lamar but just haven’t announced it yet? Roquan is more than likely going to get paid a whole lot. Can they afford both players?

  26. Worse case scenario is that even if he turns into a one year rental he will still add to the compensatory pick formula and probably turn into a 3rd rounder. Best case scenario he signs a 2nd contract with the team and the LB tandem is taken care of for the next several years.

  27. Roquan was hopefully paying attention during the Dallas game. Micah Parsons is a big money LB.

  28. The Ravens want to win now and are addressing a need. Great move for a second and 5th if it’s accurate. Players in the 5th are usually a flier or development type so only giving one premium pick for a very good linebacker is a great deal.

  29. I wish they had someone else to play that position. It seems they’re creating more holes then one off-season can fill. Teams full of rookies don’t usually compete either. I’m thinking this team is gearing up for 2024 now. Not 2023. Poor Ro went to a team that won’t pay their agent-less QB. I wouldn’t buy a house Ro. Thanks for being a good player in Chicago

  30. I call this a shrewd move by the Bears. They are going nowhere. Smith wasn’t going to be a Bear next year. Get some value. One day left… who else gets traded?

  31. Looks like a great move for the Purple. I read that the guy has missed four games in his career, which of course means he’ll get to Owings Mills, blow out his ACL, and be done for a year….

  32. Roquon probably thinking he’s worth a lot more as an off the ball LB that doesn’t get sacks. Poles proabably doesn’t want to bid against himself.

  33. Would have been a great
    Move by the Commander to pick this guy up.
    Oh well the saga continues..

  34. That’s a steal for the Ravens. Wish the Pats made that deal. Dude is a game changer.

  35. Great for Roquan. Chicago’s rebuild was never going to allow the world to see how great he is in his prime. Now, he can play on the big stage and upgrade a defense that has talent but was missing a superstar in the middle. Good luck to him in Baltimore.

  36. pg33 says:
    October 31, 2022 at 4:47 pm
    I call this a shrewd move by the Bears. They are going nowhere. Smith wasn’t going to be a Bear next year. Get some value. One day left… who else gets traded?


    This guy gets it.

    When your roster is so depleted of talent, last thing you want to do is pay any vet big money. Bears already have a ton of cap space next year that they can roll over for a years.

    Until they hit on some draft picks, Bears need to stay conservative looking for guys 26 and under to sign bargain deals. They need quantity more than quality.

    Save that cash for 2024 off season.

  37. Smith is good but I wish they use that pick to get Jackson a weapon. The WR1, RB1,Left tackle and TE1 are all injured.

  38. bobhk says:
    October 31, 2022 at 3:41 pm
    Bears got ripped off. He’s worth at least a 1st.
    Provided Baltimore can sign him…
    and Lamar and…

  39. Am I crazy for wondering if Fields sticks through the deadline?

    It’s been questioned, if not suggested, that Ryan Poles and the Bears may not be all-in on Fields. He even got questioned on the subject by reporters. That’s exhibit A. Exhibit B is not as obvious, but hear me out. A team like the Panthers might be wise to consider trading for Fields now. Coaches get hired after the regular season ends. Meaning, the Panthers won’t have a QB for the future when it’s time to hire a coach. Nor are they guaranteed to be one of the first teams drafting (somehow competitive). Are they going to attract an elite level coach with no QB (either present or promised)? I don’t think so. Would it help to attract a coach if Fields is there (on a rookie deal, no less)? In such a hypothetical, what would compensation be like?

  40. That’s a really good return for what Roquan Smith is in 2022.

    For the Ravens it’s a lot to give up for a guy for a guy that’s had more bad tape than good since Vic Fangio left, but he is still something of an upgrade at a position of need. If you think Lamar might not be back (or you will be hamstrung by what it takes to bring him back), then there’s no sense in worrying about overpaying. Might as well employ the old “f them picks” strategy.

  41. “supercharger says:
    October 31, 2022 at 3:41 pm

    Ravens vs Seahawks in the SB. Two best teams in the NFL.”


    It’s Halloween, not April Fools Day.

  42. The Ravens are just the Bears of the American League a traditional defense-first organization just better managed. All Roquan is changing is zip codes on a new team that stacks defensive talent where he wants to reset the market. He is going to find out for the second time no matter what a team’s fans think of defense they are going to pay their QB first

  43. Hmmmm. A 2nd and a fifth. Half a year rental, let Roquan walk and take the 3rd round comp pick. Ravens get help in the middle to go after a SB. Don’t see how it isn’t a win-win no matter how it plays out.

  44. This is a 1 yr op for Baltimore, but they still don’t have enough offensive weapons. KC & Buffalo are still in a different stratosphere. And for the guy who pix Balt- Seattle Super Bowl? Perhaps he had spiked Halloween candy?

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