Rams reportedly offered 2024, 2025 first-round picks for Brian Burns

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
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The Rams are willing to keep effing them picks.

Albert Breer of SI.com recently reported that the Rams offered their first-round picks in 2024 and 2025 to the Panthers for pass rusher Brian Burns. The Panthers declined.

Nine days ago, Adam Schefter of ESPN.com reported than an unnamed team had offered two first-round picks for Burns. Schefter said that the Panthers regard Burns and three other players (Jaycee Horn, DJ Moore, and Derrick Brown) as untouchable in trade.

That’s obviously baloney. Those four players aren’t untradeable at any offer.

As to Burns, the fact that the picks don’t come until 2024 surely is a factor, especially if G.M. Scott Fitterer fears that he’s either on or approaching the hot seat.

It makes sense, over the next four hours, to watch both the Rams and Burns. If L.A. already has its vault of future picks open, the Rams could try to get someone else, like perhaps Bradley Chubb from the Broncos.

And maybe someone will make the Panthers an offer they won’t refuse for one or more of their skilled young players.

37 responses to “Rams reportedly offered 2024, 2025 first-round picks for Brian Burns

  1. Brian Burns? LOL

    Solid player, but good lord is LA dumb and desperate as is Carolina for that matter. My goodness, when I read stuff like this I feel blessed to root fror the team I do root for.

  2. They want to win now, which is cool for the fans, but it is stupid for the future of the team to crap on draft picks

  3. I thought that teams were only allowed to trade draft picks from the next two drafts. but 2025 is 3 drafts hence.

  4. I wanted the Packers to draft Burns when he was available. I think a very good player who could be great next to AD there in the Rams but he isn’t worth 2 1sts. Not even ones down the road. Panthers GM is definitely feeling the heat here. If he thought he was going to be around in 2024 he would pull the trigger.

    If true I have no idea what the Rams are thinking. You are sunk for the future as it is with one of the worse OL in football and little resources to fill those void. I wonder if their GM plans on being around much longer.

  5. That GM should be fired for not making that trade! GM’s are responsible for doing what’s best for the team,not themselves! Those first round picks could have been tuned into a ton of other picks. See Miami!

  6. Panthers, come on man. This dude will request a trade eventually during the rebuild so may as well strike while he’s at his highest value


    Secondly, ya right, on both accounts.

    No way Rams offered that and no way the Panthers declined.

    Panthers deserve to never find a QB if they turned down that offer for a guy who’s never had double digit sacks.

  8. Maybe they should offer The Chiefs for Maholmes future 2028,2029,2030,2031,2032,2033,2034,2035,2036,2037,2038,2029,2030 and 2042 1st round picks as well , They are the football version of the lakers. Look how that’s working out for them.

  9. Rams strategy of trading draft picks for players won them a super bowl, so more power to them, but the strategy is not sustainable, as they are discovering this year. In fact, their future does not look too rosy.

  10. I have trouble believing the Panthers turned that down. Granted the Panthers are in trouble at the moment but if you assume they are planning to tear down and rebuild now they would be a couple years into it by the time those picks come up. Meanwhile LA is selling its future to win now so those future picks might be pretty near the top and nice to have by 2024 and 2025. Two firsts for Burns should have been a grab the deal and run type thing.

  11. The year of the picks is of zero consequence. A 1st rounder is a 1st rounder no matter what year.

  12. If the Broncos trade Chubb they are incredibly dumb. Don’t break up that defense.

  13. If those picks were in 2023 + 2024 he’s in a Rams uniform today. Especially with the Rams being a mediocre team the pick might be decent. I think the Panthers should consider it anyway, they need help everywhere.

  14. Two first round picks for Burns? I suppose it’s possible, but I also understand why Fitterer would turn it down. Those picks wouldn’t occur for another year and a half to two and a half years from now. If Fitterer doesn’t turn things around by the end of next year, those first round picks would go to his replacement,

  15. Rams will continue to decline as punishment for going all in last year. If they lose to the Bucs I may laugh myself to death.

  16. For Brian Burns? Dallas can probably get Rams to offer their first round picks for the next 10 years for Micah.

  17. footlongfullyloaded says:
    November 1, 2022 at 11:42 am
    They want to win now, which is cool for the fans, but it is stupid for the future of the team to crap on draft picks
    They’ve already got 1 SB win and another appearance from this strategy. Any fan of a losing team should take that trade.

  18. Weird that it was turned down because by the 2024 and 2025 season, the Rams will almost surely be picking near at the top of those drafts. Going all in last year made sense and paid off for LA.
    But doing this now? Madness.
    They’re not one elite pass rusher away for contending for a championship, and they’re already showing major deficiencies in talent across so many critical roster areas. If anything the Rams should be sellers, trying to restock their draft picks by trading away big name/high return veterans like Aaron Donald or Jalen Ramsay.

  19. i don’t know if it’d make a difference for the Rams at this point. They look rough. They’re not scoring. And now Kupp is a bit banged up. They have no run game. Stafford looks like he’s regressed. And the defense isn’t holding teams like they used to. No Von Miller makes a big difference. Think it might be desperation time.

  20. Rams ownership needs to step in. The coach,the QB and GM are going to leave this team and the Rams are going to stink and have no picks for a decade.

  21. Q:Is anyone in the NFC West ever going to make a draft pick again? A: 1st place Seattle has a load of picks…and did last year too. Rams strategy has a shelf-life. This will all come back to bite them.

  22. 2023 and 2024 1sts and he would have been moved, almost no doubt, but the Panthers must feel like they are a QB away from contending and trading a cornerstone defender with no way to readily replace him sets the team back even further. Though it’s hard to walk away from what would be the best return on investment you could imagine for Burns.

  23. If it’s true, a totally ridiculous offer by the Rams. Even more ridiculous that the Panthers would turn it down.

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