Joe Burrow: We were the best offense last week; now everyone thinks we’ll miss the playoffs

NFL: OCT 23 Falcons at Bengals
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The Bengals had one of their worst offensive performances of the season in Monday night’s loss to the Browns, scoring just 13 points.

Quarterback Joe Burrow completed 25-of-35 passes for 232 yards with two touchdowns, an interception, and a lost fumble. He was sacked five times — the most since the Week Two loss to Dallas, when he was brought down six times.

“We didn’t do anything on the offensive side of the ball well enough to win,” Burrow said in his Wednesday press conference.

But at 4-4, the Bengals are in second place behind the Ravens in the AFC North. But they’re currently the No. 9 seed in the conference.

In his third year, Burrow said he’s learned to ride the waves of how things go during the season.

“It’s part of the job and it’s something you adapt to,” Burrow said. “It’s tough at the beginning, but as you play more football and you have more experience under your belt, you learn how to handle it.

“Just like last week, we were the best offense in the league and now all of a sudden we stink and everyone thinks we’re going to miss the playoffs and we’re going to lose all these games. So, it’s such a roller coaster each week. And I think part of being a quarterback is staying even-keeled throughout the season, throughout games because everything is so up and down. You kind of need that voice and that level-headed mindset on the team, and that’s part of your job as a quarterback.”

Burrow has completed 69.2 percent of his passes for a league-leading 2,329 yards. He’s thrown for 17 touchdowns and six interceptions this year. He’ll have to continue navigating the ups and downs of the season without key receiver Ja’Marr Chase for at least the next couple of weeks as the receiver deals with a hip injury.

11 responses to “Joe Burrow: We were the best offense last week; now everyone thinks we’ll miss the playoffs

  1. Things will work out just fine, Joe. As Paul Brown would say, “Say little when you lose and less when you win.”

  2. And the Rams were the best team last year, but will likely miss the playoffs this year. Your point?

  3. What are you going to do against the Bills..KC…even the dolphins.
    Cincinnati…they were what we thought they were..

  4. You had a sound victory over the falcons and a miracle comeback against the injury depleted saints. I didn’t need a loss to the browns to form an opinion; I was already unimpressed.

  5. What are you worried about, Joe? You’ll be back in the Super Bowl again with no problem, right?

  6. Take the time back a year and you will find the same rhetoric about Burrow. You may put Joe down but keeping him down is a whole different animal. They will be getting some key players back after the bye. I would advise that you to not bury Burrow until he is dead and he ain’t dead yet.

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