Report: U.S. Attorney in Virginia has opened criminal investigation of Commanders

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As a buyout possible looms for Commanders owner Daniel Snyder, a perp walk remains theoretically possible.

Don Van Natta Jr. of reports that the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia has launched a criminal investigation regarding allegations that the team engaged in financial improprieties. The probe centers on several issues, and it was sparked by the letter sent in April by the House Oversight Committee to the Federal Trade Commission regarding allegedly deceptive business practices.

“It is not surprising that ESPN is publishing more falsehoods based solely on anonymous sources — given today’s announcement,” Commanders outside counsel John Brownlee said in a statement issued to ESPN. “We are confident that, after these agencies have had a chance to review the documents and complete their work, they will come to the same conclusion as the team’s internal review — that these allegations are simply untrue.”

In an interview last Thursday with #PFTPM, Brownlee didn’t rule out potential litigation against ESPN regarding the contents of a lengthy report from 20 days ago suggesting, among other things, that Snyder has gathered “dirt” on other owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell as a shield against being forced to sell the team.

The Oversight Committee accused the Commanders of withholding ticket revenue from the NFL’s visiting-team pool, and of failing to refund security deposits made by season-ticket holders.

Currently, the Commanders and Snyder are being investigated by the league, the Oversight Committee, multiple state attorneys general, and now the federal prosecutor in Eastern Virginia. It’s unclear whether there’s fire at the bottom of the smoke, but there’s plenty of smoke.

60 responses to “Report: U.S. Attorney in Virginia has opened criminal investigation of Commanders

  1. Don’t stop there. Go after Goodell to see why he’s bent over backwards to protect Snyder this entire time.

  2. Good to see a Virginia official, as an officer of court, stand up to Snyder and take a look. Virginia top politicians seem to look the other way and then coddle up to Snyder. Why is the Commonwealth of Virginia so eager to do business with someone with such poor Morales and Values? Sends a poor example to our youth.

  3. It’s amazing how many guilty people threaten litigation without ever filing. Nobody cares. Sue or don’t sue but don’t keep telling us how innocent you are. I don’t think, at this point in time, anyone is going to give Dan Snyder’s Commanders the benefit of the doubt.

  4. The fuel for the fire could be the trees Snyder illegally removed from a national park. Just like that incident, there’s no guarantee Snyder pays any price now… and the ranger in that park case, who pursued Snyder for the offense, lost his anonymity, got harassed, was put on trial, and lost his job.

  5. I wonder if Snyder dishes dirt on other owners to get lenient terms from the prosecutors. Lol.
    What a trash org NFL

  6. So it’s a coincidence the day after Dan hires a sales rep that it’s announced he’s under criminal investigation? I don’t think so. He got a heads up. Now he’s getting a head start. He’s gone.

  7. Looking forward to the Snyder burner accounts crying “isn’t there more important issues for the government to worry about!”

  8. The Feds involved are all regional to my area in Northern Virginia. The squeeze is coming from all sides now. Take an offer (not less than $6.1B, we do have standards in this fanbase) and get back out to international waters, we’ll all forget you in a year. But don’t come back.

  9. Please… politicians keep their jobs through election + elections are won with money = a multimillionaire has no fear of the law

  10. The full court press has begun and Beltbuckle Danny is running to the exits to collect his 4 billion. That’s his reward for destroying a proud franchise and it’s employees. The suspended owner was negotiating gambling licenses with state of md right until the end to drive up value of the team he destroyed for the fans.


  11. To whomever purchases the team, please change the name back to the Washington Football Team.

  12. “I will not change the team name!”…..

    *Changes team name*

    “I will not sell!”…..

    *In process of selling*

    “We are confident that they will come to the same conclusion as the team’s internal review — that these allegations are simply untrue.”…..

    Well, we know what happens next

  13. Snyder looks to be a bad guy who has done some bad things while owning the DC football team. That being said, federal criminal investigations are not supposed to be leaked to the press. Whoever leaked the information has some explaining to do and possible culpability as well.

  14. I stand with Danny.

    I just hope he digs up enough dirt on all the owners that will force them to sell the teams.

  15. So they made a statement to ESPN, complaining about ESPNs reporting?
    And then they said they investigated themselves and found that they did nothing wrong?
    It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so audacious.

  16. Haha, threatening a lawsuit to show how outraged and tough you are is quite a different matter from actually filing a lawsuit which, among other things, allows a defendant to engage in meaningful and wide ranging discovery. Something “Mr Snyder” most definitely wants to avoid. Too many snakes under too many rocks. This lawsuit will NEVER HAPPEN. Guaranteed!

  17. Hurry up and sell the team, then get back on the yacht and hang out in the Mediterranean for at least three years.

  18. I think it’s safe to assume the politicians going after the Commanders with such vigor were all recipients of political contributions from Jeff. If Jeff does in fact end up with that franchise, it’ll really smell bad of political corruption. It’ll prove, whatever the wealthiest want in this country, they get.

  19. You can take the cheerleaders passports until they escort on dates, you can treat fans like crap, run the franchise into the ground, but if you take from other billionaires, that is when they take action.

  20. Looks like Snyder wasn’t going along with the sale so the NFL is pulling out the big guns.

  21. The NFL needs to make it so that if you become an owner, you best be involved with the NFL and pro football, not just an outside interest, otherwise, be involved.

  22. Let’s see – sitting on my yacht in the south of France or a jail cell in Loudon County? I’m ready to sell Roger!!!

  23. When in doubt, point the finger elsewhere. Unfortunately ESPN could say anything they want, whether it’s the truth or not. Every person that writes on a site, tv show or podcast (the latter which everyone has now, including my grammy) can hide behind the “unnamed source” and there is nothing that could be done.

  24. US attorneys don’t usually waste time opening investigations unless they have something more to go on than a media report.

    And reporting an investigation is not a lie, it’s news. Too many people conflate anything they read that annoys them with media lies.

  25. Everyone is focused on Bezos as a buyer. I would not be surprised to see a UK buyer stepping in like James Dyson or Richard Branson and the team moving to the UK in a couple of years. This fits with the NFL and Roger’s global expansion plans.

  26. The new owner of the Commanders may not want the baggage and stink that comes from being in Washington, D.C. or having to compete for market share with perennial winning franchises in Baltimore (60 miles away) and Philadelphia (120 miles away). A clean break with a new market might be the only way to fill seats.

  27. So why has the NFL protected this schmuck for the last 3 years? Y that’s the real question.

  28. My congratulations to the Washington fan base. You’ve been through many very unnecessary ordeals with this ownership period. Let’s hope the team stays in its current city/location. Being a long time Eagles fan, I lived through a couple of so-so owners (60’s and late 80’s). But nothing like your tribulations with this guy.
    The NFC East just got better, welcome back! (Yeah, I know, the door hasn’t hit him in the butt yet, fingers crossed). See you at the new RFK when the Eagles come to town.

  29. theoriginalsurferbob says:
    November 3, 2022 at 12:01 am
    I think it’s safe to assume the politicians going after the Commanders with such vigor were all recipients of political contributions from Jeff.

    United States Attorneys are not politicians. They are not elected and they do not accept contributions.

  30. Well, you’re probably getting what you wanted. Jeff Bezos WILL own this team guaranteed. Good Luck

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