Stadium effort may have forced Daniel Snyder’s hand

Wednesday’s surprising news regarding a potential sale of the Washington Commanders will spark speculation as to the reason for the decision to try to sell the team.

Maybe someone finally persuaded Daniel Snyder that it’s in his own best interests and the best interests of the league for him to sell. Maybe someone in Snyder’s family (his wife and/or his kids) made it clear to him that the only thing better than being rich and famous is being rich.

Here’s one theory, from someone who routinely moves in league circles. A new owner will likely be handed the site of RFK Stadium for the construction of a state-of-the-art facility in D.C. Snyder, on the other hand, has no chance of getting anything done. No public official, from either side of the aisle, will want to deal with him.

There likely will be more than a few suitors. From Jeff Bezos (who didn’t try to buy the Broncos) to Josh Harris (who did, and who would have paid $5 billion for it) to Matt Ishbia (who also did) to various private equity/hedge fund billionaires who aren’t widely known. (Remember, private equity/hedge fund billionaires, the only thing better than being rich and famous is being rich.)

Regardless, and as the source said, there will be “no shortage” of bidders for the Commanders. That’s very good news for Commanders fans who very much want there to be a shortage of Snyders, as soon as possible.