Josh Allen on Nyheim Hines: “Holy crap, this guy is fast”

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It didn’t take Bills running back Nyheim Hines long to impress his new teammates.

Hines practiced with the Bills for the first time yesterday after arriving in a trade with the Colts, and Bills quarterback Josh Allen said he and wide receiver Stefon Diggs were both immediately taken aback by Hines’ speed.

“One play, me and Stef looked at each other like, ‘Holy crap, this guy is fast,'” Allen said. “He’s smart, he’s already learning some of the plays and our system is not easy to learn. There’s still a lot of work there, but as far as what he can give this offense, it’s fun to have a piece like that.”

Although he’s a running back, Hines actually has more receiving yards than rushing yards in his five-year NFL career in Indianapolis, and he’s likely to play a significant role in the passing game in Buffalo as well. Allen is glad to have him.

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  1. Hines is a WR and not a RB. I hope the Bills figure out what Frank Reich could not. Hines is a weapon/has the wheels/is durable, and was not used even close to properly in Indy. I’m glad he got to a good team finally. Good luck Nyheim!

  2. Lol. I just finished an article ripping Belichick for not making a move, but what would have been the point if he had? No way are they going to beat this Bills team. Better to just concede the year to the Bills (with a smile) and maintain the building strategy, which overall is going quite well so why mess with it? A wish of “Go Bills” from Pats nation.

  3. It’s always good to make a mid season roster change to keep the team excited.
    This guy will take a ton of pressure off of Josh Allen with a quick check down option. Linebackers will also be occupied with Hine’s speed threat.

  4. I’d like to see Hines get a few touches against the Jets on Sunday. I’d even like to see him score.

  5. I like how everyone pretends like the playbooks nowadays require learning. they’re basically the madden playbook.

  6. I feel bad for Singletary. He is a good running back but they don’t use him enough and have been trying to replace him going on 2 years.

    I think Hines skill set fits exactly what Buffalo wants to do. Essentially 5 receivers on the field at once and screw the traditional running game. I am surprised that they haven’t used Cooks receiving skills more as Cooks and Hines skill sets are similar.

  7. Please let this fantasy bench player become something startable near the Great Lakes. Moss got tossed…Singletary(I mean Ezekiel elliot) gonna get Tony Pollard!

  8. For 3 yrs I’ve believed the only thing keeping Buff getting over the top is a solid RB to convert the 3rd & 2’s. So Allen doesn’t keep taking unnecessary hits. Singletary is not that guy, neither is Hines.

  9. Josh Allen gets hurt….the Bills are the only money thing coming in the future…demands for more and Buffalo has an empty pocket!

  10. The Bills managed only 3 points against a depleted Packers defense in the second half. The blueprint is out.

  11. gjv001 says:
    November 3, 2022 at 6:46 am
    Can you imagine if the Bills get a RB that opposing defenses will have to game plan for?


    Hines could be used much more like James White was used in NE when Brady was there. It gives Allen a safety net that can find the open space and get positive yardage. If he gets that 0 blitz approach that KC implements that kind of stops Allen from running he can find Hines and punish the defense badly.

    If it works it could make the Bills offense, even more undefendable and slightly less dependent on Allen playing his best every game.

  12. While I agree w/ some of the sentiments that the Bills were more in need of a 3rd or 4th & short back, I’m really excited to see what Hines brings to the team. Cook is starting to take off, and Singletary is already having a great season. Hines adds something to the mix and gives them great depth there.

    I hope Moss does well w/ the Colts. I always felt like he had more potential, and never really got a shot in Buffalo. Best of luck to him.

  13. A five foot nine, and one hundred ninety-six pound running back.
    The Bills already have an abundance of receiving talent, what they don’t have is a physical runner who get you the tough yards whose name isn’t Josh Allen.
    Considering he’s already missed time this season due to a concussion, this doesn’t address that glaring need.

  14. They should’ve traded for Alexander Mattison to get those 3rd and 1s or 3rd and 2s.

    Another speedy RB/WR is good, but still doesn’t solve their running game issues.

    If not for Allen’s athleticism running the ball, they would have a HORRIBLE conversion percentage.

  15. atsfan4lifedynasty says:
    November 3, 2022 at 10:56 am
    The Bills managed only 3 points against a depleted Packers defense in the second half. The blueprint is out.


    If you could explain the “blueprint” that would be great. Sometimes players just make mistakes and turn the ball over. The Packers really didn’t do anything different except bring a safety down near the line at times to stop the run a bit more. If turnovers is your version of a blueprint, well every D in the NFL has that as something they want to do.

  16. Something the Bills really lack is any type of screen game or a home run hitter in the backfield. Likely see him in empty sets that they have not used as often compared to the the Daboll version of this offense

  17. So much for Cook. That’s exactly why they drafted him. Waste of a 2nd-rounder.

    Welcome Hines!!

  18. You don’t get many runs into the line when you play behind Johnathon Taylor. Now when there’s a crease in the line, a bullet flys by. Bills needed this running back more than they need another defensive back.

  19. ja17ownsafce says:
    November 3, 2022 at 1:26 pm
    Oh no! The Blueprint is out! Darn, I guess the Bills are done for… that’s so sad.


    I’m calling Vegas and demanding my money back. This isn’t fair.

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